Moving from Texas to Manhattan – how to prepare?

Somebody once said that after living in New York City no other place will ever be good enough. And we believe that the real New Yorkers will agree. There is just something about the NYC that makes most of the people fall in love with it instantly. The city has a unique vibe and each of its boroughs has its own culture and landmarks. It is true that NYC is fun, busy and never sleeping. However, organizing a daily routine and managing to feel like at home might take some adjusting and compromising. Moving from Texas to Manhattan will be a life-changing adventure. And, there are plenty of tips for newcomers in New York – we are about to distribute some of them! Continue reading “Moving from Texas to Manhattan – how to prepare?”

Advantages of Living on the NYC Riverside

You’ve made a decision. New York is the city of your dreams! You have the budget at hand, you are close to finishing packing and you’ve made all the arrangements. The moving and insurance companies have been hired, and now the only remaining thing to do is to choose the right accommodation in NYC. Will you move somewhere close to the city center? Perhaps closer to Central Park? Maybe the suburbs sound more appealing. If so – will you settle closer to the river? Here in this article, we will cover some advantages of living on the NYC riverside.

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Tips for newcomers in NYC

There are actually written guides for newcomers in NYC. Everybody has probably heard stories about New York. The most expensive city to live in, closet-sized apartments, phenomenal people and unforgettable city vibe. A lot of it is true. Continue reading “Tips for newcomers in NYC”

Where to find discounts on moving services?

Relocation is never easy or cheap. In fact, it can be very expensive. Still, it isn’t always the case. When you know where to look, you can find great discounts on moving services. In order to save some money on the move, you just need to open your eyes and to find out how can you get good discounts. Continue reading “Where to find discounts on moving services?”

What to expect when moving from Queens to Manhattan

Moving from Queens to Manhattan can be full of challenges. But nothing that is unsolvable, especially to a NewYorker. Manhattan is something new that is for sure. And it is very different from Queens even though we are talking about the same city. While living in Queens you were bound to go to Manhattan at some point, but even if you didn’t, once you move there you will see all the charm that New York has to offer. Continue reading “What to expect when moving from Queens to Manhattan”

Decorate your Manhattan apartment – tips and tricks

So, you did it. You moved to Manhattan! You found affordable housing in Manhattan to suit you, and you’ve lined up a job. As well as a swanky apartment, possibly with roommates. …Okay, well, it is New York, almost definitely with roommates. That’s it, right? Wrong. There’s one thing left to do to mark this new chapter in your life, other than celebrate by visiting some of the best coffee shops in New York: decorate your Manhattan apartment! Continue reading “Decorate your Manhattan apartment – tips and tricks”

Moving to New York from a small town

You are finally here! You left your small town home nest and decided that you will try your luck in New York. Moving to New York seems like a no-brainer since big cities offer so much. Better jobs, more opportunities, better education and much much better nightlife. Big cities seem to have it all. New York seems to have it all. When you think about it, making a decision about moving to New York was really easy, since you are trying to create the best possible life for you. All in all, there are many good sides of moving to Manhattan, for examples. But we must be honest,  although there are some good things, bad things might appear as well when you move to NYC from a small town in the adjustment period. And we are here to help you go through them. Continue reading “Moving to New York from a small town”

Moving your business to Manhattan – pros and cons

When the available market in the area is unfavorable, then it’s time for a business relocation. And, any business owner knows that New York has always had a budding field of opportunities. Hence, moving your business to Manhattan is always a good idea in the long run. Hence, we have a few suggestions for you. First, you should let professional movers from Manhattan help you with this relocation. They will be able to give you a hand with anything you need during this time. Our job today, though, is to give you the pros and cons of relocating your business to Manhattan. Continue reading “Moving your business to Manhattan – pros and cons”

Best Manhattan neighborhoods for millennials

Are you looking forward to living in Manhattan? Did you think that you can’t afford to live in any of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for millennials? Well, this article might help you change your mind. Before you hire reliable moving professionals in Manhattan to help you relocate, let’s find out more information about living here. Continue reading “Best Manhattan neighborhoods for millennials”

How to adjust as an expat in Manhattan?

Living in New York City is thrilling and exciting experience, especially when it comes to living in the central of New York – Manhattan. If you like challenges, crowds and hustle and bustle of the city, Manhattan is the right place for you. But, before conducting a long distance move to New York make sure you learn more about Big Apple and its center of events. Remember to adjust as an expat in Manhattan you have to be very patient, because like in any other big city, people are cautious when talking to strangers, so it will take you time to gain the confidence of your neighbors.

If you are expat in Manhattan: Try to fit in
To adjust as an expat – you need to understand all the sides of Manhattan when settling in.

Living as an expat in Manhattan

Manhattan is the place mixed of different nationalities and religions. So, you need to understand all the sides of Manhattan when settling in. This is a great place for single expats in their 20s and 30s and you can meet other young people in many famous bars and restaurants in Manhattan. Also, in the center of Big Apple, you can find great neighborhoods to live with your family because Manhattan offers you endless activities for your children. If you never been in Manhattan before, make sure to remember all our tips about living as an expat in Manhattan.

Get Comfortable with NYC Transportation

Manhattan’s public transportation offers you many transportation types: taxis, buses, and subway. If you have a car our tip is to store it, because it is too expensive to drive and park your car in Manhattan.

Manhattan's public transportation offers you many transportation types
Get Comfortable with NYC Transportation

Think about your Budget

When moving to Manhattan remember that cost of living in the center of New York City is expensive. So, you need to think about your budget and expenses you’ll have in this part of the world. You need to be smart and clever and to manage your money in a most efficient way. If you want to rent an apartment in Manhattan you will need to pay about $4,000. So, be prepared for high standard and expensive lifestyle in Manhattan.

Downsize Your Belongings

Like we mentioned, Manhattan is an expensive part of New York City. So, you want to save money on square footage. How to do it? Downsize your belongings before you visit to hire professional movers for packing and moving to Manhattan. Try to clean out your closets and to ditch or store all the items you won’t use in Manhattan. Storing your belongings is a cheaper solution than renting a bigger apartment in the center of Big Apple.

Downsize your belongings before moving into small Manhattan apartment
Manhattan apartments are small

Get to know the city before relocation

The most important tip for expats who want to live in Manhattan: try to learn as much as you can about Manhattan lifestyle, culture, habits, job opportunities, cost of living, etc. Explore Manhattan and its neighborhoods to find a comfortable and affordable place for living and try to socialize and meet new neighbors.