3 reasons for moving to Upper East Side this year

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    Living in a famous New York City makes many people want to explore new neighborhoods. If you are already living in the Manhattan borough, maybe you should consider Upper East Side if planning to move home this year. Also, if you are living in Brooklyn, Queens, or any other borough, maybe you are ready for a fresh start in Upper East Side. However, it is not that easy to leave your current apartment and choose a new neighborhood to move to. Since you don’t want to make a mistake, you should stay with our New York movers. Today we will reveal three main reasons for moving to Upper East Side. So, you will consider your needs and things Upper East Side has to offer and find out are you ready to find a new home here. Let’s see why Upper East Side is so magical!

    Plenty of opportunities are reasons for moving to Upper East Side this year

    Whether you will rent or purchase an apartment, you want to know who lives in your new neighborhood. The answer to this question will help you know will you adjust quickly, make some new friends, and have a lifestyle that you desire. Luckily, our Upper East Side movers remind you that this place is great for all generations. Here you will meet young families, professionals, students, seniors, artists, etc. This neighborhood is family-oriented and truly offers a lot to families. Another important thing you should know is a specific vibe here in Upper East Side. Its energy and diverse vibe will make you will excellent no matter how busy and tired you are. Here you will get that taste of the life of rich and famous because of many reasons and many artists who did make this place even more famous.

    A person thinking about reasons for moving to Upper East Side while looking at the street in this neighborhood.
    Good schools and safety are reasons for moving to Upper East Side.

    Before you decide what moving service NYC you will hire, you will need to find a new apartment in Upper East Side. And we have excellent news again. Although housing options in Manhattan are expensive, here you can find an affordable home for you and your family. Even if you think it is almost impossible to find something suitable for your budget in this tastefully placid community, you will make it. According to recent statistics, the median home value in Upper East Side is about  $1,230,000 while the median rent is $2,100. Although family homes here are higher than average, it is worth it. With top-rated schools, excellent health care, and many other amenities, Upper East Side is one of the most attractive places in Manhattan. However, the demand for homes here is always high, so start your search for a home on time.

    This neighborhood is perfectly located

    Whether you need to go to your work, school, or any other part of the city, everything is close when you are living in Upper East Side. This neighborhood is home to many companies, parks, cultural attractions, top-rated schools, and low crime rates. Many parents are glad about moving to this neighborhood because of the safety of their kids. Here you can choose from many transportation options. Also, many amenities are just 10 minutes away from your home. Excellent location is why many people decide on moving to Manhattan. Once you move to Upper East Side, you will probably stop thinking about anywhere else for a long time. Whether you are a young person or a senior couple, here you will find all things you need.

    A chance for an amazing lifestyle is one of the reasons for relocation to the Upper East Side

    If you are wondering what makes this neighborhood different than many others in Manahatta, spend some time in Upper East Side. And it will not take too long to notice many amazing restaurants here but also a huge number of families around. Some of the best New York restaurants are located on the Upper East Side. For sure you will have a lot of fun and joy trying them out. Here you can enjoy dishes from all across the globe, from Thai to Italian food.

    A people inside the restaurant.
    Here you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in the Big Apple.

    Another important thing about this neighborhood is its proximity to Central Park. Long walks in the park, a lot of lush and leafy places to find will give you a chance to stay active. Also, this place has a lot of excellent gyms and fitness clubs. All in all, having a quality life is one of the reasons for moving with our local movers in NYC to the Upper East Side in 2022.

    Cultural attractions and entertainment is why you should consider this neighborhood

    Maybe you did not know, but Upper East Side is more conservative than some of the other Manhattan neighborhoods. Nevertheless, it is not conservative as some of the other cities in the country. If you like spending weekends with your family by visiting cultural attractions, this neighborhood is a phenomenal choice for you. One of the first places you should visit is Museum Mile. It presents a magnificent collection of some of the world’s greatest museums like the Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum of Art. Also, remember not to miss the annual Museum Mile Festival in June, museum admission is free. Here you can expect troubadours, bands, other street performers, and children’s activities. If you are a nightlife lover, visit Second Avenue and enjoy an unforgettable time.

    Guggenheim museum view
    Spend a day exploring the Guggenheim museum.

    Good job opportunities

    Although this is a mostly residential area, just 20 minutes away from your home there are a lot of thriving companies. For sure you have some of your new neighbors who already work there. Living in Upper East Side means having an opportunity to talk with a lot of successful people. If you are looking for a job in IT or finances, a perfect opportunity will arise soon. Although the costs of living in this neighborhood are high, getting your dream job is maybe one of the most important reasons for moving to Upper East Side. We hope you will have a smooth relocation to this amazing place in Manhattan!


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