3 ways to spend the weekend in Manhattan

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    You finally finished your move to Manhattan and it’s time to enjoy it. Take some time off work and you will be able to see just how amazing this part of NYC can be. It’s always a good idea to celebrate and enjoy Manhattan. Especially when our packers and movers in New York have successfully completed your relocation. That’s why we want to suggest to you some great ways to spend your weekend in Manhattan.

    Enjoying the great outdoors will be one of the ways to spend the weekend in Manhattan

    We know that NYC isn’t maybe the first thing that comes to people who think about beautiful outdoor areas. However, Manhattan has some that will definitely make you fall in love with that part of the city. There are a lot of parks that you can truly enjoy. So when you finish moving furniture NYC and have some time, make sure to enjoy them. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of green and nature overall. So why not enjoy some of the more peaceful parts of Manhattan if you already can. Here are some outdoor areas that we definitely recommend:

    • Bryant Park
    • Fort Tryon Park
    • Governor’s Island
    Central park - one of the ways to spend the weekend in Manhattan
    Enjoy the nature where you can find it – in the parks of NYC.

    Pay a visit to the zoo during the weekend to see some beautiful animals

    The Central Park Zoo is one of the best places to visit if you want to learn about animals. And it’s located in Manhattan, so you definitely want to take time off your weekend to check it out. It has a lot to show and has many programs. Above all, it has a variety of animals that you can check out and enjoy. This is the perfect place to take your kids and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy every second of it. There’s no free addition, unfortunately, but the experience will be worth the price.

    Visit the museums and art in Manhattan to have some great fun and get your dose of culture

    You can’t enjoy NYC and Manhattan without soaking in some culture and art. There are a lot of them in the area and you will have days of entertainment to check everything out. For that reason, after you hired one of the affordable moving companies NYC and they finished the job, it’s time to get to know the culture of Manhattan and what it has to offer.  There are maybe too many for just one weekend, however here are just some of our favorites that you can visit:

    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Rubin Museum of Art
    • The National Museum of American Indian
    Art museum in Manhattan.
    Different types of museums offer many interesting ways to spend the weekend in Manhattan.

    The clubbing scene in Manhattan is great during the weekends

    In general, the NYC clubbing scene is amazing. And Manhattan can claim it’s one of the best places to have fun. There are a lot of clubs that you can enjoy with your friends. Above all, the party really never stops in Manhattan and it’s a beautiful sight to see. You can enjoy dancing with your friends and some drunks. The Manhattan clubbing scene is pretty hot right now and we suggest you take a night to explore your options. You definitely won’t regret it.

    Restaurants and bars are great ways to spend the weekend in Manhattan too

    Is there any better way to spend the weekend in Manhattan than looking up some great restaurants? Especially if you want to take your friends to a great place to eat and have some fun. After your move is done and even the pool table movers NYC have completed their last tasks, it’s time to unwind. And thankfully, Manhattan is the perfect place to do so. There are so many options from fancy restaurants to affordable places that are iconic. The choice is yours and we’re sure that whatever you choose, it won’t disappoint.

    …Or enjoy one of the many family-friendly ways to spend your weekend in Manhattan instead

    Manhattan is a place for the whole family and there’s no denying that. Especially if you consider that there are so many family-friendly things that you can do. Depending on the interests of your kids there are things you can enjoy from small school children to stuff you can do with even some of your older kids. The variety is amazing and there are some great options to have fun. From checking out the One World Trade Center Observatory to catch a view of NYC to the Sea Glass Carousel at Battery Park, you’ll have a lot of things that you can enjoy.

    A carousel in New York.
    You can easily find great things to do with children in Manhattan as well.

    You can expect some free ways to spend the weekend in Manhattan too

    You don’t really have a huge budget for having fun? Then don’t fear as we have some free suggestions. You can enjoy your weekend in Manhattan and not waste your money at the same time. Especially with such a huge and popular part of town like Manhattan, there’s a huge number of things. You can even check out some of the newest projects in the city for example. Little Islands is one of them that won’t cost you any money and you can enjoy it as a new opportunity in NYC to spend some quality time. On the other hand, you can always enjoy free yoga classes that are organized in one of Manhattan’s parks from time to time.

    Manhattan is definitely one of the places to be. And that’s why it’s important to enjoy it to the fullest. The weekends are the best time to do so as you’ll have some free time. There’s always something for somebody. above all, the City of New York is such a place that has always something to offer. Then Manhattan is the perfect representation of it. We hope our ways to spend the weekend in Manhattan will be helpful, as we gave you much more than the three we promised as it’s never dull in Manhattan.


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