4 reasons to consider when moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

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    Magnificent New York is one of the most fascinating cities where you can live. However, moving to Big Apple for the first time will bring a lot of doubts. One of them is what part of the city to choose? Otherwise, if you live in Manhattan and it seems to don’t like this urban lifestyle anymore, you may look for a new area to move. If you are planning to move from Manhattan, take advice from Manhattan Movers NYC. There are few areas you might overlook that are right in front of you. Besides, you will be surprised by ample reasons to move to Staten Island, many of which are related to the outdoor attractions the Island offers. Moreover, this part of the city has a lot to offer and you should consider moving from Manhattan to Staten Island.

    Moving from Manhattan to Staten Island

    What brought you to Manhattan? This is New York’s neighborhood well known for its fast and urban lifestyle. Many people enjoy this active and loud lifestyle and for them, this is a perfect place to live. On the other hand, this kind of od lifestyle is not for many people. Some of you just want to live a more quiet and suburban life.

    Staten Island Ferry
    Ferry rides could be relaxing.

    From urban to a suburban area – finally a quiet lifestyle

    So, if you are among these people, you should consider the reasons for moving from Manhattan to Staten Island. Furthermore, if a quiet and suburban life reasons enough for moving, don’t hesitate anymore. Contact trustworthy local movers NYC to get a free estimate. You could start packing and you won’t regret the decision to move to Staten Island.

    Family-friendly area

    Additionally, if you want to start or raise a family, this could be the right place for you. Living in a small studio apartment in the busiest part of the city is not so brilliant. Especially for families, this could be too stressful. But Staten Island is rated as one of the best places to raise a family in New York. Nevertheless, there are many parts of Staten Island that offer an urban feel that New York is well known for, but you have the option of a more suburban lifestyle here, too.

    You can be a car owner again

    Forget about using subways, buses, cabs like in Manhattan. Here in Staten Island, car ownership is much more common. Forget about a tough time parking and driving, too. Driving and owning a car is much more important in Staten Island. If you are among people who love cars, you will see it as a giant advantage. You will have to use free  Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan. Enjoy ride a ferry and enjoy the view on the Statue of Liberty, the beauty of lower Manhattan.

    moving from Manhattan to Staten Island
    Enjoy owning a car again.

    Staten Island is cheaper than Manhattan

    Manhattan is a great place where you can enjoy Broadway, sports, bars, iconic public parks, great food, shopping, and moderate weather. All these things increase the prices in this famous neighborhood. But also the home prices and the rent is very high. If you want a decent apartment without spending a fortune monthly, moving from Manhattan to Staten Island will be your budget savior. Moreover, it will be easy to get a bigger apartment in Staten Island for the same or lower price you pay for a smaller place in Manhattan. 


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