5 Features in Self Storage Facilities

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    Looking for the best storage facilities Manhattan has? In case you are looking for a storage unit for the first time, you may be confused. But with our Manhattan experts by your side, there is no need for worries. As a reliable moving company, we know what are the traits of good and safe storage facilities. So here it is, a proven way to find and rent a remarkable storage unit in New York is to contact our self storage Manhattan service. Whether you are moving your home or looking for storage to get some extra space, we are at your disposal. Let’s together consider features in self storage facilities you should look for before you rent a needed storage unit. 

    Must-have Features in Self Storage Facilities

    Before you opt for any service or purchase any product, think twice. You should make sure that you have checked everything so that you will not regret where your money goes. The same principle applies when you are looking for a self-storage unit to rent. For that reason, our Manhattan moving and storage experts want to remind you of the 5 main features in self storage facilities. Keep reading this short article, because we compiled 5 main characteristics of self storage facilities.

    Video Surveillance is an important feature in self storage facilities

    When searching for decent and reliable storage facilities, the security of your belongings is what you need.  At first,  start looking for and asking about video surveillance. Are there enough cameras? Are they always on? For how long do they record video? Don’t be satisfied with just ‘video surveillance’, especially when it comes to storing your valuables. Cameras provide storage with identifying any suspicious activities. Therefore, surveillance cameras fitted in important areas of self storage facilities are what you need. Sometimes even recorded 24-hr video surveillance is necessary.

    Security camera
    Security cameras are the main features in self storage facilities.

    Intruder Alarms

    The alarm system is an important feature of a safe storage facility. These measures limit facility access to employees and tenants. So that means reducing theft and unwanted visitors.


    When choosing storage unit, the right size of the unit is what really matters. Nonetheless, one of the main features in self storage facilities is well lighting. Ample indoor and outdoor lighting is a must. A self storage facility shouldn’t be trying to save electricity. Security should be its top priority instead of reduced light bills.

    Features in Self Storage Facilities
    Good lighting is what you should look for.

    Secure access to storage

    Want to get something out of your self storage unit? How does the self storage facility allow you to access your storage unit? Unquestionably, accessing your unit should be convenient yet secure. Simple locks are convenient, but still not secure enough. For example, coded keypads are much safer. The main gate to the self storage facility should definitely have a coded keypad. But also should be monitored by video surveillance as we mention. If you are storing items that you think you will need access to quite frequently, make sure to check the storage access and operation hours of your self-storage unit provider. Ideally, you should have 24-hour access to your item or your units. But remember, you may have to pay extra for this kind of service. So consider your needs and budget and opt for what suits you in the best way.


    Although it may seem like you are renting premium quality storage, you have to check the reputation of the certain companies you are dealing with. So check companies’ insurance and registration at FMCSA.  Above all, you want to see if you think that the self-storage unit provider is trustworthy. Reliability is one of the most important features in self storage facilities. 


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