7 hacks to ensure an easy move to Manhattan

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    It’s easy to get lost in the sea of tips and tricks for the best move. That’s why we at Manhattan Movers NYC compiled these 7 hacks to ensure an easy move to Manhattan in this unique guide. By following them, you will have a well-organized and stress-free relocation experience. In addition, hiring us will remove the moving burden and unnecessary worries. As one of the reputable full service movers NYC has on the market, we won’t make your relocation an exception. Therefore, be sure that your moving journey will be executed professionally from packing to unpacking.

    Follow these 7 hacks for the best moving journey to Manhattan

    Moving to Manhattan can be easily turned into a smooth, stress-free endeavor. All you need to do is apply the tips we provide in this article. The secret to a well-organized move is in details you never knew would make such a difference.

    happy woman playing with boxes
    There are helpful hacks to ensure an easy move to Manhattan.

    #1 Organize your move months in advance

    In addition to finding top-quality moving services Manhattan NY has on the market, a good plan is crucial to every successfully executed move. In order to avoid getting scattered, it’s necessary to schedule your upcoming preparation for the move. All you need is a pen and paper (or a computer) and come up with a realistic moving strategy. Decide what time of the day is best for moving endeavors. Organization is especially important when you have to juggle a multitude of duties, so make sure to make room for rest in between the moving tasks.

    #2 Decluttering is a proven hack to ensure an easy move to Manhattan

    The first thing you must do before you even begin packing for the move is decluttering. We can’t emphasize stress enough how important it is to get rid of everything that is nothing but a burden. All items that don’t serve a purpose nor hold a personal value shouldn’t occupy space in your new home.

    #3 Moving apps come in handy

    Nowadays you can put your phone to good use and make your moving journey less complicated. The following apps help you manage your moving expenses and deal with your belongings much easier:

    • Mint is a simple app with an easy-to-use interface. It has many features that can make tracking your moving expenses easy and less dull.
    • Whenever you need extra pair of helping hands during your move, Task Rabbit is the app to go with.
    • Thanks to Sortly, you can sort your belongings when decluttering straight from your smartphone.

    #4 Move in the morning to avoid traffic crowds

    Mornings are best for the move for several reasons:

    • More time and energy to relocate and unpack your new home.
    • You will avoid getting stuck in traffic.
    • The temperature in the morning is the most optimal, especially during summer days.

    #5 Protect bulky items and keep clutter away while preparing for the move to Manhattan

    Heavy loads are better to leave to movers in Manhattan NYC who know how to handle them. However, make sure to protect furniture, electronic equipment, and other complex and heavy items until the movers arrive. Use protective sheets to cover all of them to keep the dirt away. Also, make sure to keep the area around them clean.

    #6 Color-coding makes it easy to manage your items

    Once you pack all the items for the move, write immediately what’s inside the boxes. Before that, assign the color to each room you’re planning to move. For example, yellow may refer to kitchen appliances, blue to bedroom furniture, etc.

    a person labeling cardboard box
    Label and color-code your moving boxes.

    #7 Try this hack in order to find the best movers to relocate you to Manhattan

    Opt for some of the best long distance movers Manhattan has on offer. Finding a good moving company that will handle all the tasks for you is crucial in order to have a stress-free relocation. The best way to do it is to filter the moving companies until you get to the best one for you:

    1. Pick licensed movers that offer all services necessary for your Manhattan move and a free estimate. Make sure they are available at the time you plan to relocate.
    2. Check the reviews about those companies.
    3. Reduce the number of listed movers to those who seem to provide better customer service.
    4. Make a few phone calls, ensure there aren’t additional fees, and don’t hesitate to ask anything moving-related that interests you.
    5. Book several moving quotes, wait for the companies to do their work, and then compare the estimates.

    Why do people move to Manhattan so often?

    Manhattan is NYC’s business and cultural center. If you are the one looking forward to moving there – congratulations! You will get to experience a vibrant and exciting lifestyle. People of Manhattan are always on the go and never stop. Considering there’s so much to do and see in Manhattan, this doesn’t seem surprising. Once you are done dining at some of the best restaurants, you can visit The Vessel – one of the most mesmerizing art installations in the entire New York City. Central Park is another place where you may enjoy the scenic view of NYC, do sports, or have a picnic with a family. The list of reasons why Manhattan is so awesome never ends.

    NYC buildings and streets
    Life in Manhattan is never boring.

    Moving to Manhattan is worth the effort

    With these hacks to ensure an easy move to Manhattan, rest assured you’ll find yourself in a new place of residence sooner than you think. Your new life in Manhattan is just around the corner! With the above-mentioned hacks and a skilled moving crew at your disposal, you will get a perfectly executed relocation from start to finish. You can always come to us at Manhattan Movers NYC to help you organize and execute the entire endeavor. Our contact information is there for you whenever you are ready.


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