7 steps to transferring utilities seamlessly before you move

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    Moving requires a lot of planning and there is a lot of work to be done. Aside from hiring a moving company and packing your belongings, you need to take care of your utilities. It’s a chore, but it’s something that needs to be done. You need to be prepared for everything to be ready as soon as you arrive. Transferring utilities seamlessly before you move will minimize your bills in your old home. And provide you with everything you need once you move in. You don’t want to be spending your first night without electricity. Or to be paying internet for your old home once you’ve moved out. And here are seven steps on how to do it.

    Step 1: Make a list for transferring utilities seamlessly before you move

    Before you look for moving professionals in Chapel Hill you need to take care of your utilities. So, make a list of every utility you are using. Familiarize yourself with all of your current utility service providers. Utilities usually include cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, trash, and phone. Make a list of every bill, subscription, and service you are paying in your old apartment. Write down the phone numbers for every company that provides them. That way you will be able to quickly go through all of them and start transferring utilities seamlessly before you move as soon as possible. That way you will avoid mistakes. And also make sure that everything is up and running as soon as you move into your new home. You will ensure that your first night won’t be without internet or cable. And you will avoid having to deal with bills for subscriptions you are no longer using.

    phone for calling utility companies
    Call all the utility and service providers to transfer everything to your new address

    Step 2: Call all the providers in advance

    Once you’ve organized all of your utility information, you’ll need to start contacting each provider separately to let them know that you’re moving. It’s best that you contact them at least a few weeks in advance. That will give them enough time to prepare and transfer everything over. When it comes to transferring utilities that require installation, it’s best to call more than a month in advance. Those are usually your cable and internet subscriptions. These things take time and you don’t want to end up without internet and cable in your new apartment. When scheduling your disconnect and connect dates for gas and electric, consider making the disconnect date a day or two after you move. This way the lights will still be working, just in case, you need to get back inside your former home to pick up anything left behind. If you have a reliable moving company, like Moving Kings NC, you can schedule it on the day of your arrival. And take care of everything on the same day. But if you are not sure if your moving date might be moved, it’s best to schedule installations before you arrive.

    transferring utilities seamlessly before you move by installing internet in advance
    transferring utilities seamlessly before you move includes transferring you internet at least a month in advance

    Step 3: Check what you can transfer and what you can’t

    Garner might be the perfect spot for you, but your internet provider might not be available there. That’s why it’s important to call utility companies in advance and check what you can transfer. And what you can’t. That way you will have enough time to research new internet and cable providers in that area. And to pick the best ones for you. You also need to inform yourself of any fees and penalties that you might have to pay. But, people move often. And so, many moving companies have rules regarding cancelations due to relocation. With that information, you can start transferring utilities seamlessly before you move.

    Step 4: Update your address

    When calling the utility service providers, be sure to give them with your new address. That way, you’ll be sure to receive any future bills. They won’t end up tossed at your old address. And you won’t end up with overdue fees. Or even bills for utilities you are no longer using. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to change your mailing address with USPS. You can do this either by going to your local post office. Or by visiting the USPS website and making the change there. All the mail intended for your all address will be forwarded and you won’t miss out on something important.

    Step 5: Make sure you pay all your bills before moving

    Part of transferring utilities seamlessly before you move is paying overdue bills. There might be some bills that you forgot to pay. So, when calling the utility service providers, ask them whether or not you currently owe anything. If you do, make sure you pay off all outstanding balances before moving. If you don’t it can hurt your credit score. And those late fees can pile up quickly. By paying all your previous bills you will truly have a clean and fresh start in your new home. And you won’t have to worry about old utilities and services.

    gas meter that shows how much you've used
    Check gas and electricity meters and write down the numbers

    Step 6: Check the meters before you move

    Before you leave your old place, check the meters. Write down the readings. In case there is a billing discrepancy, you’ll want to have that information on you. That will make transferring utilities seamlessly before you move much safer for you. You will avoid having to pay something you haven’t used. And you will have a good case in case an irregular bill arrives. So, write down your gas meter count. As well as electricity.

    Step 7: Check if your new neighborhood is covered by HOA

    Moving to a community with an HOA (homeowners’ association)? If so, your HOA fees may cover some basic utilities including water and sewer, gas and trash pickup. Paying one monthly bill to the HOA, instead of 5 separate bills to various utility companies, will certainly make paying monthly bills an easier and more seamless experience.


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