Advantages of Living on the NYC Riverside

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    You’ve made a decision. New York is the city of your dreams! You have the budget at hand, you are close to finishing packing and you’ve made all the arrangements. The moving and insurance companies have been hired, and now the only remaining thing to do is to choose the right accommodation in NYC. Will you move somewhere close to the city center? Perhaps closer to Central Park? Maybe the suburbs sound more appealing. If so – will you settle closer to the river? Here in this article, we will cover some advantages of living on the NYC riverside.

    Choosing the Right Neighborhood

    view of rivers and a boat while you are thinking advantages of living on the nyc riverside
    Rivers are excellent for sailing

    New York is permeated by two major rivers. The Hudson and the East River. With the huge area that it covers, New York offers a vast array of different neighborhoods that have access to at least one of these rivers. This way – you can choose one of just many parts of the city where you can go to the riverside by foot in just 10-15 minutes. Of course, some will be more expensive on average, while others will be much cheaper. One of the major factors affecting the accommodation buying or rental price is its distance from the city center. Another name for densely populated city centers is a metropolitan (or metro) area of the city.

    If you’re a Millennial, be sure to check out the best neighborhoods in Manhattan! Depending on the place you choose to settle in, it can make the advantages of living on the NYC riverside really stand out.

    Metro or the Non-Metro Area?

    Namely, the majority of offers for the metro area are, understandably, more expensive, purely due to location. Accessibility might prove to be another factor, as well as the proximity to the city’s famous points of interest. However, in some cases, a more “out-of-center”, rural areas of the city might prove to be significantly better. If you are a person that enjoys peace and quiet slightly more, you might choose the suburbs. Or simply the less densely populated areas. On the other hand, if you enjoy the company and are a bit of a socialite yourself, then you might want to settle somewhere more urban, like the Manhattan.

    In any case, whichever portion of New York you decide to relocate to, riverside parts of the city are what we will be covering.


    A black and white living room - white walls, black chair and sofa.
    Apartments in the metro area can be very costly

    As per what we’ve mentioned previously, the further you are away from the metro area, the cheaper the housing will be.

    For instance, the rents in the Whitestone district in New York, near the outer regions of the city, range anywhere between approximately $1400 and $3000+ a month. Sure, 3000 dollars might seem like a stretch, but fret not. The rent prices more “inland” are much higher. Having family in NY definitely helps, but if you can afford to spend more than a few bucks on a good place – then – why not?

    If you are in a situation where funds are not a problem, then – by all means – do not hesitate. Going more inward towards Manhattan, College Point offers slightly higher prices. Manhattan itself offers similar lower-bound prices at around $1300-$1400, while the upper bound ranges anywhere between $60000-$100000 a month.

    Advantages of Living On the NYC Riverside – The Why

    With the $3000-$6000 average monthly price tag, Manhattan riverside might prove to be an excellent choice. Not for everyone of course, but rather for those who enjoy the taste of the urban environment, with a bit of water scenery around.

    Beautiful views are just one of the many reasons to move to the banks of the river. With the Hudson River averaging around a kilometer in width, it most definitely provides a sight for the eyes, especially at sunset. Even though it may be lacking in beaches as we know them, urban Manhattan still has the beautiful promenades to walk on. Of course, there are a lot of other benefits of living in Manhattan!

    Besides, the housing on the riverside parts of Manhattan tends to be significantly cheaper than those that are not as close to the river.

    Houses near the river farther from Manhattan are a good option as well

    Low-Density Riverside Areas

    Living in the low-density riverside areas has the advantages of their own. Concretely, there is more space for your dog to run around. Of course, you can walk your dogs in many of the Manhattan dog-friendly parks. But there is nothing better than not having to worry when living in the more rural parts of NYC. In areas like these – you can let your dog go for a quick swim in the river. What’s more, you can take a dip in the river yourself! Way to cool off during summer and the hot days and some real advantages of living on the NYC riverside!

    Neighborhoods around the Manhattan island also provide a much easier way for other leisurely activities to be organized. Such as fishing, sailing or even swimming. Naturally, you can still do those on the Manhattan riverside… but the surrounding parts of New York have the rivers slightly more accessible. And more importantly – less crowded.

    Fun Activities By The River!

    It’s not like we haven’t mentioned this before. If you decide to live somewhere less crowded, you’ll worry less about your privacy. Regardless of the season – you can take your boat and go fishing,  swimming or sailing. Just make sure you fulfill the legal requirements for having a boat. This way it will be much less of a hassle than having to do the same in more metropolitan parts of NYC.

    A walking dog
    Taking your dog out for a walk is very relaxing

    Barbecue parties suddenly become much more interesting! If you buy or rent a property next to or close to a river, calling your friends for a BBQ party seems much more attractive. Among all the advantages of living on the NYC riverside, this one may seem more attractive to younger generations.

    Additionally, if you are paying for accommodation in a house, chances are high you can even walk barefoot during the hot summer days. Moreover, the river creates a much cooler “local climate”, with temperatures being much lower on the riverside.


    Ultimately, having a chance to stay on the New York Riverside is something truly special. Be it somewhere in Manhattan or farther away from where you are closer to untouched nature. No matter the choice you make, riverside neighborhoods provide excellent activity opportunities. Not only that but cheaper accommodation pricing as well, making these just a few of many advantages of living on the NYC riverside. Assuming you have hired reputable moving and insurance companies, the points you should keep in mind:

    • Analyze your budget – how much are you willing to spend per month?
    • Comb through the available NYC neighborhoods. Choose one according to your lifestyle/living preferences.
    • Search for accommodation near the river for better rent deals. Be sure to find the best option for your family.
    • Once you settle and if you have some money to spare – you can even buy a boat!


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