Affordable vs cheap Manhattan moving services: what is the difference

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    We all want to try to save money, especially during moves. However, there is a difference between hiring affordable vs cheap Manhattan moving services. That slight difference isn’t just about how much you pay. It’s about the quality of service. So, to help you find the best moving companies NYC knowing the difference between cheap and affordable might save you a lot of trouble down the line.

    What is cheap and what is affordable

    First things first, let’s be clear. Affordable and cheap are most certainly not synonyms. People usually use those two words interchangeably, but they mean two very different things. Cheap is something that implies low cost and low quality. On the other hand, affordable can imply lower cost without lower quality. In your quest to find Manhattan moving services, knowing this simple difference between affordable vs cheap is crucial.

    A person holding money to pay for affordable vs cheap Manhattan moving services
    You get the service you pay for, so you should pay for quality

    Things to know about moving costs in NYC

    New York City has been one of the most expensive cities to live in for decades. A lot of Manhattanites have been moving from NYC for that reason. Relocations are no exception to high prices. However, as always, there are ways to make your relocation more budget-friendly by finding local movers Manhattan, who are affordable.

    On average, moves in general are expensive. The total cost, of course, depends on a few factors. The first is how much stuff you have to move. The second most important factor that will determine the cost of your NYC move is what type of service you are looking for. For example, if you are only renting a moving truck or van for a local move, you can expect to shell out as little as $135-$192. But if you are hiring movers, you would pay around $800 to $1,250. Again, all of this depends on a bunch of factors, but it’s wise to have some figure to know the difference between affordable vs. cheap Manhattan moving services.

    How to know the difference between affordable vs cheap Manhattan moving services

    Sometimes, it may feel like a deal is too good to pass up. When it comes to moves, that can raise a few red flags. The first thing you should have in mind, not only when it comes to hiring affordable moving companies NYC, but in life in general, is that if it seems too good to be true, then it usually is. Some of the main red flags you should be on the lookout for if a moving service seems too cheap are:

    • Their services cost way less than other offers you got
    • The company can’t provide you with the proper licenses they should have obtained.
    • They offer additional services for the same price, which companies do when they want to attract customers
    • Companies’ moving quotes aren’t binding, which means the total cost might change during and after your relocation

    Why you should avoid hiring cheap movers

    When hiring movers, you need to make sure you find professional moving companies. Often, when people are looking for cheap moving options, they fall into all sorts of pitfalls. First, the most common ones are fraudulent companies or straight-out scams. Companies like these are either fake companies or those that are known to put it mildly, to underperform. You might hire them for a specific service, but they do not deliver, metaphorically and literally. Some fake companies seem real but take people’s stuff hostage until they pay bigger sums of money to get them back.

    Tax form with word scam written over it
    To avoid potential scams, be wary of suspiciously cheap moving services

    As we said, cheap usually implies low quality. When it comes to moving companies, cheap relocations usually use low-quality packaging and inexperienced workers. Sometimes, they can even operate without proper licensing. Hiring such movers will cost you more by paying more for additional services or the damages made during low-quality moves.

    How to find affordable Manhattan moving services

    To be successful in hiring only the best local movers NYC, there are a couple of things you should have in mind. Firstly, knowing the difference between affordable vs cheap Manhattan moving services we mentioned is crucial. Being aware of all the red flags we described before will help you avoid cheap movers that might cost you more in the long run. However, finding affordable movers is different than avoiding cheap ones. For that reason, we gathered a couple of tips that will help you in your search.

    If you are moving from or to New York City, the crucial thing is time. You should start looking for movers the minute you are sure of your relocation. This can help you reduce costs and plan your budget. Secondly, never hire a mover without referrals or recommendations or at least great reviews. Reading through reviews might even help you compare people’s experiences and decide on specific moving services.

    Finding affordable but not cheap movers and getting a quote

    Moving quotes are a great way to help you decide between moving companies. However, there are many different types of quotes. Knowing the differences will help you know exactly what will be affordable. When asking for quotes, you should try to get a binding quote. As we mentioned earlier, those won’t change during or after your relocation.

    A hand holding a sale tag
    When deciding between affordable vs cheap Manhattan moving services, you should check with all potential companies if they offer any discounts

    The important thing is also to ask if there are any additional costs that may incur during a move. Simply put, ask your movers if there is anything they charge extra for that isn’t included in the quote. To get an accurate quote, you should provide them with exact information on your behalf, and they should provide you with all the information on their behalf. And remember to ask if there are any discounts available.

    So, is there a difference between cheap and affordable Manhattan moving services?

    The simple answer is, of course, there is. The main difference is the quality of service you get. Not only that but the difference is boiled down to avoiding scams and frauds as well. So, if you are deciding between affordable vs cheap Manhattan moving services, the choice is clear. If you have any doubts, you should always opt for quality.





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