How to cut NYC moving costs?

Moving can be expensive, especially if you are about to relocate to a big city. In this case, we are talking about New York City. For most of the people, relocating to NYC is a dream. However, there are people who can’t manage to move to this city. So, the important thing is to know how to cut NYC moving costs. We advise you to save money because you will need to start a new life in this city. Continue reading “How to cut NYC moving costs?”

How to Move a Pool Table Like a Pro

The origin of billiard tables is not so clear. The most common theory is that around the fifteenth century, tables were used in France and England for an indoor version of a lawn game similar to croquet. A ball was hit with a billart (French) through a wire. The six pockets around the edges of the table were still not a part of the game. Historically, the first billiard table was one sold to King Louis XI of France in 1470. Nowadays, people can order and install billiard tables in their home. Entertainment is endless with this game, and they even make luxurious dining tables. Moving house is never easy, but it is exceptionally tricky with such a bulky object. The process has a lot of steps, and our tips are here to help you move a pool table like a pro.

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Manhattan dreaming? Pros and cons of NYC

Manhattan is such a representative of the New York lifestyle that even locals refer to it as “the city.” If looking for a vibrant challenge, or simply Manhattan dreaming of all the romantic action you’ve seen in the movies, we have a reality check for you. Moving to NYC is not your average move. If you’ve never lived in the Big Apple before, make sure that you thoroughly read these tips. And take notes.

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7 steps to transferring utilities seamlessly before you move

Moving requires a lot of planning and there is a lot of work to be done. Aside from hiring a moving company and packing your belongings, you need to take care of your utilities. It’s a chore, but it’s something that needs to be done. You need to be prepared for everything to be ready as soon as you arrive. Transferring utilities seamlessly before you move will minimize your bills in your old home. And provide you with everything you need once you move in. You don’t want to be spending your first night without electricity. Or to be paying internet for your old home once you’ve moved out. And here are seven steps on how to do it.

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NYC moving 101

So you decided to move to NYC, and to be honest that might be one of the best decision you ever made. NYC is one of the best places in the world, and it has a lot of opportunities. Big Apple is a city where all the dreamers come and where almost all dreams come through. But before moving to New York, you need to think about some things and plan them ahead. You need to be sure that NYC is the place for you and that is why we have created this simple NYC moving 101 guide. You will learn all you need to know about moving here and about all the details of the move.

NYC is very diverse – basic thing from NYC moving 101

Yes, you probably already know this, but NYC is a very diverse city. On every step, you will see diversity and a lot of different people. You will be able to try some of the greatest kitchens in the world. You will be able to hear different languages and you will be able to make a lot of new friends from around the world. Also, that gives a special feeling about the cultural scene, since you will visit a lot of small bars, restaurants, and galleries that will feel like you entered a little museum. This will help you feel like at home no matter from where you are coming,

NYC cab as part of NYC moving 101
NYC is the very diverse place!

Meet NYC neighborhoods

Yes, this is the one thing you need to do before the move. You need to meet the neighborhoods and to be sure where you are moving. You can be coming from Texas, California or completely another part of the world, but you need to know where you will move. If you are coming from Texas, try to find some local movers that are doing long distance moves a swell. They will be able to give you a lot of advice since they have probably moved a lot of people to New York CityIf you are looking for moving specialist in San Marcos in Texas, be sure to ask them this question – in their opinion what is the best place for you to move in NYC? Of course, this depends a lot on your budget. The first rule that we are going to talk about in NYC moving 101 is budget!

Think about your budget

As you already know, living in New York City is expensive. Rent is very high, and all the prices as well. Groceries won’t have the same price as the groceries in Texas, or maybe Minnesota. Those are some of the main differences between NYC and Texas or any other state. The price will be definitely higher. So our honest advice is to save some money before the move and plan your budget. Make sure that you will have enough money after you relocate to New York City. That is the golden rule of NYC moving 101!

Money box
Plan your budget ahead

How you can save your budget?

As we mentioned, choose wisely in which neighborhood you are moving. Not all of them have the same price nor the same offer. The first thing that is going to help you with your budget is saving some money by hiring some moving specialists. They will cost you much less than moving on your own. Companies like Evolution Moving Company NB will make you pay less money for the move. They will provide you with the additional info, so you will be definitely saving money!

When moving your belongings, go through them. Make sure that you are taking only things that you actually need and use. Decluttering is also one of the important steps when moving to NYC. You can make a garage sale or something – but either way, you can save money and maybe earn some.

The third way to save money is by having roommates. It would be great if you can find someone that will move with you, or if you already have friends in NYC. Those are the things that will help you to save a lot on the rent. And you will possibly get a nicer apartment.

There are a lot of free things in NYC

Yes, if you want to use the most of it, you need to think about this too. Of course, you know the Central Park that is one of the most famous places in the world, not just NYC. This place can offer you different activities throughout the year and you will enjoy your time there. It is a favorite place to eat on their lunch break  – for a big number of NYC people. The other thing – museums. You can visit a lot of museums during a year and enjoy your time there. You can have free tickets and similar. And you will learn a lot. Thos are just some of the attractions of NYC. Also, one of the things that a lot of people forget is the beaches. You can actually go to the beach in NYC and enjoy yourself.

Central park
Central Park is the most popular attraction in NYC

Plan your apartment

Yes, this step is also a golden rule of NYC moving 101. It would be great if you would know how much space you have in your new apartment so you can decide what you will bring from your old place. When moving your household goods you need to take a lot of extra precautions and you need to be ready to face them. You will maybe pay extra to move some of them and in the end, you will not have any room left for them. So, make a trip to NYC and try to check your new apartment and make sure to plan all the layouts.

Be ready to commute

This is one of the most important things in NYC. A lot of people are commuting. And with this, be prepared for a lot of crowds. Subway will be really often very crowded and you will have to learn to live with that. So, make sure that you gather the information about the route you plan on taking to your new job and make sure that you always start the trip to your job a little bit earlier. NYC moving 101 is a guide that thinks about all the little details, so you should do the same!

Moving to Philly Guide

Philadelphia is an excellent choice to consider when relocating your family. It is a beautiful, historic city that can offer a lot of great things. Whether you are into sports, culture or food, you will find your place in this town. However, moving to Philly will require some preparation. You will need to decide how to move. If you are on a budget, it is always best to do most of the things on your own, but hiring a reputable moving company will save you a lot of time and trouble.

This short, but useful guide will cover all the little details you need. We will share with you all the secrets of The City of Brotherly Love, so stay tuned, more is to come!

How to find moving experts

When moving to Philly from afar, the best piece of advice we can give you is to find moving experts that can help you relocate to a distant place. Do not miss the opportunity to check out JP Urban Moving. Their moving experts will go the distance to provide all the help and quality service to relocate with ease.

They offer local and long-distance moving, business relocation, and storage service. If you are in need of professional packing services, they are here to deliver. With JP Urban Moving you will get all the advice and tips that will help you move from any destination.

Philadelphia city
Moving to Philly is becoming more and more popular

Big Apple to Philly made easy

It has become more and more popular to move to Philadelphia, and many residents of NYC found their new home there. There are a few things to know when moving from Big Apple to Philly. It is a known fact that most of the people are mainly moving to Philly for the job hunt. This might sound strange or even incorrect, but it is actually true. NYC is a larger city that offers more options, but JP Urban Moving discovers the secret of why are people looking for a job in Philadelphia.

Affordable life

If you picked your right moving company, you are one step closer to Philadelphia. One of the reasons why is moving to Philly so popular today is the cost of things. If you are looking monthly rental for one bedroom place in the City Center, it goes from $1,200. Outside of the City Center, it can go as low as $750. To purchase a house in the City Center, know that one square meter is around $3,166.45, while in the outside City it goes down to $1,090.89.

If you compare the housing prices with NYC, Philadelphia is 92.74% cheaper, while compared with Los Angeles it is 29.97% cheaper. Now it becomes clear why moving to Philly is such a great idea.

The cheesesteak to die for

One of the tasty things to try in Philadelphia is their famous cheesesteak. However, you should know to avoid tourist places, like Pat’s and Geno’s. Instead, visit  Jim’s Steaks on South Street. To sound like a true Philadelphian, order a “one whiz with”, and your sandwich will be full of Cheese Whiz and Onion rings.

cheese steak on a plate
Cheese-steak is the ultimate indulgence

If you like to dine out, the inexpensive restaurant meals go between $12 and $20. Bottle of Coke will cost you between $1.50 – $2.30, and the takeout coffee is $2.85 – $5.00. This is a perfect opportunity to check which is better, Philly or NYC coffee.

Restaurants are 30.31% cheaper than in NYC, and when shopping in groceries, you will save 20.71% more than in New York.

Transit in Philadelphia

Septa run the entire transportation system. Rapid transit trains, commuter trains, trolley buses, light rail vehicles, and buses are all under the same company. A single adult ticket is $2.25, and one day ticket on any transport costs $12.50. If you wish to ride for an entire month, a monthly ticket is $91. It has an unlimited number of rides, and you can use it on any form of transportation.

Moving to Philly? Use Septa transportation system
Septa runs the entire transportation system in Philadelphia

If you wish to save some money on transportation, buy a family Independence Pass. The price is $29, and it includes two adults and three children.

It is safe to say that you can add the transportation system as one of the reasons why moving to Philly is such a good idea.

A paradise for riding a bike

Philadelphia has 435 miles of dedicated bike lanes, and this is why it is considered to be the best place if you want to ride a bike. The ultimate way of saving money for transportation is to buy a bike and use it to move around the city. It may take a bit more time, so if you are in a hurry, you can use another form of transportation. Nonetheless, riding a bike is a perfect way to stay in shape and good health.

If you don’t have a place for your bike, do not worry. You can always find affordable storage, it really pays out in the long run.

BYOB is popular

Have you ever wanted to sit in a restaurant and drink your alcohol? Well, this is the perfect place for that. It is hard to get a liquor license in Philadephia, so most of their restaurants allow you to bring your alcohol. It is a fact that alcohol prices are way higher in restaurants than in groceries. Now you see why Philly is such an affordable place for living.

The schools are not great

We have to say that if you have kids, you might think twice about moving to Philly. The public school system is underdeveloped, and it’s a hot topic in city politics. However, Philadelphia is a big college town. Many universities offer higher education, so choose your pick.

Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia City Hall is a true jewel of the city

City income tax

Here is another controversial topic of discussion. If you live in Philadelphia, your earnings will be subject to a special city income tax of 3.9%, while non-residentials are subject to a tax of 3.47%. This tax has been chipped away every year, but it seems that it will not disappear for good.

Moving to Philly? Yes, please!

All in all, moving to Philly should be a great choice to consider. If we sum it up, what makes life great in Philadelphia is:

  • great food
  • affordable prices
  • it is a paradise for bike riders
  • the transportation system is exceptional

This is more than enough to give Philly a chance. We honestly hope that our guide helped you in making a decision.

Life in a small town after moving from New York City

The day has come when you don’t want to be a part of the fast and hectic life in New York anymore. Now, you need something calm and easy going in your life. You are done with public transportation, traffic jams, expensive coffees and food, and very high rents. Once you have experienced life in New York, you realize that you need something better and more relaxing. You need a life without having to be on a certain budget all the time. That is the life in a small town. Continue reading “Life in a small town after moving from New York City”

Top tips for moving house at Christmas

For one reason or another, you need to move house this Christmas. Now, this may not be your favorite thing to do. Let’s face it, no one’s too eager to do the heavy lifting when they can be relaxing at home. Instead of drinking eggnog and singing Christmas carols, you’re here scheduling and probably worrying yourself to death. However, there is no need to get stressed. It is a fact that holidays alone are usually stressful. Many people claim that their stress levels go through the roof during what is supposed to be “the jolliest time of the year.” You don’t want to add to it. With a few simple tips, you can make your Christmas move stress-free and as easy as possible. Here are some top tips for moving house at Christmas. Continue reading “Top tips for moving house at Christmas”

How to pack small appliances

There are many things we need to consider while moving to a new home. Relocation is a stressful process for everyone involved. Not only that we have to know how to pick the right moving service but also, we need to pack our home. Packing is very important and usually time-consuming. Especially when we consider all the small items that need special care. Relocating your clothes and furniture is straightforward, but what to do with gadgets and small appliances? With good preparation and organization, packing can be easier than you think. We bring you useful tips and advice on how to pack small appliances that will make the whole moving process smoother. Continue reading “How to pack small appliances”

Top states to start a business

Starting a business in today’s economy is a daring thing to do. There are many threats and competition already on the market. However, opportunities are great as well. This is, after all, the reason why people decide to break off their chains and try to make it on their own. As a matter of fact, competition plays a great role in starting a business today. We can see that there are many consultant companies emerging. Companies already on the market are doing their best to stay competitive. On the other hand, the new, young, companies are looking for all the help that they can get. Therefore, having a competitive advantage is a very important thing to invest in. Nevertheless, we see that the number of opened companies is not spread out evenly across the country. Let’s take a look at the top states to start a business in today. Continue reading “Top states to start a business”