Bad weather moving – A pro’s guide

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    Moving your household is not an easy thing to do. But luckily, you found a perfect match four you and your loved ones. The only thing that sticks out is the period of a year that you are currently in. You have no other choice than to move over autumn and winter. If there is a situation that you can’t wait for spring, do not despair. We have the solution for you. We bring you a pro guide for bad weather moving. Hopefully, it will give you the confidence you need to get through the tough times.

    When is your moving date?

    Sometimes we can’t influence our moving date. In the situation of a sudden move, you have to land on your feet and adapt. On the other hand, if you have enough time, you can prepare like a king and execute a well-organized move. But regardless of the situation, you have several bad months ahead, and you need to set a moving date. Consider that weather conditions are harsh and everything is delayed. That is why you need to act promptly. As soon as you know that you will relocate, start looking for help. Whether that would be a moving company, or your friends and family, everyone need to know ahead.

    Set your moving date on time, even if you are moving during a non-peak season

    Also, keep in mind that bad weather is not only over winter and autumn. Rainy days can fall upon you even during summer. And that is why you should keep an eye on a weather forecast. Be up to date on the weather during the week of your move. Key to a successful bad weather moving is to act on time. And to mention one more thing. Scheduling a moving company on time opens a window for negotiating the best price for your move. This will cut moving costs significantly.

    Schedule a moving company on time

    As we already mentioned. An early schedule will yield a better price. And when you add up the fact that you are moving in a non-season period, it can add up. Moving companies offer up to 30% discount if you are moving over fall and winter. That is because there is much less work for the moving industry and competition is still high. To attract their customers, moving companies will make incredible offers and you shouldn’t miss out. For example, an affordable and easy solution would be to check out 360 Déménager. They will take into consideration the situation you are in, and pair you with the most efficient moving company. To find professionals that can manage your move was never easier. Let someone else take care of the bad weather moving.

    The importance of downsizing for bad weather moving

    Bad weather moving is not the only time when you need to declutter. You should declutter while packing for any relocation, but especially on this one. Check out around the house and inspect the items you are about to move. Some of it might be old and unused. There are many ways on how to get rid of unwanted items. Some of them are to simply throw them away, or maybe to gift them to your friends and neighbors.

    Declutter your wardrobe before you start packing for a move

    Also, you can donate to a local shelter or make a garage sale a few days before moving. This way you can earn an extra buck in the process and expand your moving budget a bit. Lastly, if you are unsure what to do with the bulk you do not need anymore, we have a solution. Consider renting a storage unit to place the whole situation on hold. Later you can decide what to do with all those items. Besides, the fewer items you have to move, the better.

    Security of your load

    The packing process is a bit more complicated once you consider the snowy and watery environment. You need to secure your cargo properly. Most of the big items and furniture can be covered by a tarp or some sort of protective waterproof material. But what about boxes? You need to protect your boxes from leakage. Do this by securing the bottom of the box with extra layers of tape. Also, you can use paddings to strengthen the corners of your moving boxes. And be mindful of where you’ll put them. The floor of a moving vehicle needs to be protected with dry cardboard and blankets before you put your boxes down. Furthermore, be sure that the path from your house to the moving truck is clean and dry. You don’t want anyone to slip.

    To avoid injuries during bad weather moving, clean all your pathways
    Clean all pathways

    Things can go wrong even if you cover everything and you’re sure that your belongings and everyone involved are safe. That is why you should consider purchasing moving insurance for bad weather moving. Moving companies have the equipment and tools to perform their job under bad weather conditions. But in case someone is careless, you should be able to compensate for that. Think of it upfront if you want to make claims against movers in case you are damaged in any way.

    Your security is the most important when moving during bad weather conditions

    To secure your cargo is important, but much less than the safety and well-being of yourself and everyone involved. So, think upfront and raise the overall safety of your bad weather moving.

    • Supplies – If you can provide some protective clothing for your helpers, that would be good. Raincoats, hats, and gloves will be more than useful in this situation.
    Prepare gloves, raincoats, and hats for bad weather moving
    • Health – Make sure that everyone is well fed and hydrated. Bring out some snacks and offer hot beverages to maintain a good mood.
    • Environment – In case of heavy rains, try to pave the path from your house to the loading truck with cardboard. Also, in case of a snowstorm, clear the path from your house to the loading area. You do not want to see anyone slipping and hurting themselves.
    • Mental health – It would be good if you can catch a good night sleep at least a week before moving day. Eat healthily and drink enough fluids. It is important that as a host, you stay in shape during relocation. A moving day is exhausting and stressful and you need your batteries fully charged to get through.

    We covered basic things that will help you to handle bad weather moving like a pro. Hopefully, you will have a better insight and more experience after utilizing the knowledge we provided. Good luck, and we wish you the safest relocation possible.


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