Being single and living alone in Manhattan

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    New York City is one of the most iconic US cities. Many people dream of relocating there, some because of economic reasons, others because of its famous nightlife, culture, and access to everything. However, NYC is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Finding a roommate to share costs isn’t always simple. For whatever reason, you might have no other choice but to live there by yourself. So we at Manhattan Movers NYC offer you a guide on being single and living alone in Manhattan. Let’s get straight to the point.

    The ultimate guide on being single and living alone in Manhattan

    Living alone in New York City is the same as living alone in any other city. It can be easier with friends and family around you. But if you can handle your own company, earn enough money and like going out, you’ll do just fine. Here’s our list of the main topics:

    • some pros and cons about living alone
    • ways to mitigate costs of living
    • what to expect of your apartment
    • what transportation options are at your disposal
    • where to get more advice when single and living alone in Manhattan
    One of many busy streets of Manhattan, New York.
    Manhattan has many streets filled with crowds of people.

    Pros and cons

    When compared to living with roommates, there’s an equal amount of advantages and disadvantages that living alone offers. In the end, it all depends on your personality traits. Some people thrive when having some company during everyday activities, while others are more productive and relaxed when alone, and that’s perfectly fine. Let’s consider the positives and negatives.

    Personal space is plenty when you are single and living by yourself in Manhattan

    If you like liberty above all else, living alone might be perfect for you. You don’t have to take anyone’s schedule into account, walking through the apartment naked, staying up late, inviting someone over if you’re bored, are all great benefits. If you feel like it, you can throw a party without anyone caring.

    You get to choose what your apartment looks like

    If you love to constantly decorate your place, living alone will give you complete freedom to make it your work of art. On the other hand, if you’re not feeling like washing the dishes or cleaning up, no one will be there to complain. Keeping everything clean is easier too, as well as keeping tabs on groceries, hygiene products, etc.

    You alone carry the burden of responsibility

    Paying bills, taxes, rent, food and everything else is your responsibility. There is no one to remind you, help you do it, or support you during the process. While not impossible, taking care of everything can be stressful. However, if you’re a very independent person or you’re already used to it, it might not be such a big deal. You’ll be glad to hear that services of movers NYC cost less than you’d expect.

    Keys in the lock, renting is harder when single and living alone in Manhattan.
    Finding a perfect place is not as easy when single and living alone in Manhattan

    Meeting new people can be hard in Manhattan

    You would not expect to be lonely in the center of the city of eight million people, but New Yorkers are known to be a bit harder to get to know than your average people. Despite that, they usually are very friendly. The sheer amount of humans might be scary at first, but after a while connecting with a few of them comes naturally. Forming friendships and relationships takes time, but it will come inevitably after hours of partying and enjoying the rich nightlife of New York City.

    How to cut down costs when single and living without roommates in Manhattan

    When living alone the financial burden is only yours. Therefore, finding a way to reduce some of the costs could benefit you. The best way to save some cash is to order food and eat out less often. It might not seem like a big deal, but cooking your food can save tens or hundreds of dollars. Buying coffee every day in New York’s many coffee shops isn’t cheap, so making it at home is another great way to reduce costs. There are many meal planning guides on the internet that will help you stay healthy and save up.

    A way to make the most of your apartment space

    The most important tip when moving to Manhattan is to have realistic expectations for your apartment. Depending on your budget, it’s possible that you won’t find a place with everything you want. Since square footage is at a premium in Manhattan, odds are your apartment wont be too big either. A clever way to get around that is to be disciplined with the number of your belongings, as you won’t have much room for hoarding.

    New York City has many transportation options for those who are single and living alone in Manhattan

    Another great tip when single and living by yourself in Manhattan is to make use of New York’s excellent public transportation system. If you need to get from point A to point B taxis, buses and the subway are all at your disposal. Driving a car in Manhattan, however, is very difficult and expensive. Parking spots will cost you, there are plenty of pedestrians to care about and traffic jams aren’t that rare. After all, public transport is popular for a reason.

    Hire a moving company if you’re moving alone

    Moving is rarely easy, but it’s much harder when you’re living alone. Not having an extra pair of hands to help you carry bulky furniture, lift heavy boxes and transport everything means that hiring movers is the best solution. Moving professionals will offer you a service tailored to your needs, and might be cheaper than you think.

    A moving professional makes an inventory list.
    Hiring a moving company can be a great way to relocate when you’re on your own.

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    Even though being single and living alone in Manhattan doesn’t come cheap, it’s still possible and offers some benefits. For additional information regarding relocating to Manhattan, contact us for tips on the best moving services NYC. Our experienced movers will make sure your relocation goes smoothly for an affordable price.


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