Benefits of Moving to East Village

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    For many people, life in New York can be more than amazing. Although many people can’t imagine living in a concrete jungle, others what it so much. If you ask any New Yorker for a recommendation, they will tell you that this is the greatest city on the planet. Famous for its food, brilliant entertainment, and job opportunities, New York is rated the best place in the world. But if you are a newcomer in NYC, it will take some time to get used to life here. Especially if you didn’t even visit it. If you are searching for a perfect neighborhood, you are at the right place! One of them is East Village. So, we and Manhattan Movers NYC will reveal to you all benefits of moving to East Village. Continue reading and find many interesting things!

    All you need to know before your move to East Village

    The East Village is a neighborhood on the East Side of Manhattan, within Lower Manhattan. It is roughly defined as the area east of Bowery and Third Avenue, between 14th Street on the north and Houston Street on the south. Many years ago it was a bohemian, funky neighborhood of artists and hippies. As years go by, the East Village has followed the general upward trend of lower Manhattan. Nowadays, this area features luxury condos and upscale eateries. East Village vibe can’t be compared to many other Manhattan areas.

    East Village neighborhood in NYC
    Take time and meet this incredible neighborhood.

    It is a unique and incredibly vibrant neighborhood. According to NICHE data in this neighborhood live about 57,469  inhabitants. And also, this neighborhood is a perfect place to live, a very safe, and culturally diverse place. If you visit it, you will probably start searching for the best movers in Manhattan right after. Our Manhattan Movers NYC can provide you with an affordable and safe move. So don’t waste your time and contact us as soon as possible.

    What are the benefits of moving to East Village?

    This neighborhood is famous for the excellent nightlife it offers to its residents and visitors. East Village today represents one of the main neighborhoods in New York City. This place is said to be the fun capital of New York, a paradise for artists, and a peaceful oasis, but also a place where you can go on a fun night out. So, regardless of whether you live in the East Village or another neighborhood in NYC, the best local movers in NYC will help you move to this this place if you want to really have fun. As you can see, entertainment is one of the biggest advantages, but not the only one.

    East Village
    Whatever you are looking for in East Village, you will find it!

    Benefits of moving to East Village:

    • Safe place
    • A lot of fun
    • Excellent housing options

    After you move in, you will see for yourself that this is a fantastic place.

    East Village is one of the safest places in NYC

    What makes this neighborhood one of the best places to be is its safety. So, you will feel safe in this part of NYC. And for this reason, this is often considered as the best place for families. Compared to the past, today’s East Village parks are cleaner and the streets are safer. Also, today, this place is adapted to the life of families with children. With your kids in the East Village, you can visit the Strand bookstore, or go to NYC Parks where you can find great free activities for kids.

    After moving to East Village you will really enjoy it!

    You will find many young professionals here just starting out their careers. Because of its endless dining and nightlife options, this is a popular spot for many professionals. On the other hand, here you will find a vast green space and pets galore at Tompkins Square Park. And then the diverse food from all around the world. Here is the highest concentration of bars you will find in the entire of New York. Shopping that ranges from chain stores in Union Square to small, quirky boutiques on side streets. Rare book shops, theaters, music venues, and movie theaters. Does it sound like heaven to you? The East Village literally has it all. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

    Bar where you can enjoy after moving to East Village
    Get ready for amazing places in East Village.

    Here you will find excellent housing options

    Considering that this place is located near NYC and Manhattan, it can be said that it is in an excellent location. And when we talk about housing, here you can rent an apartment in one of the high skyscrapers and really enjoy the view from every side. And East Village movers revealed to us that the architects who designed these skyscrapers had exactly that in mind. So, if you are thinking of buying an apartment or house in the East Village, keep in mind that real estate prices from range from $335K to $10M. While, according to NICHE data, the rental price is $1,816, and for this very reason, 84% of residents rent their homes. So, you have many housing options available to you.

    Are you ready for this vibrant neighborhood?

    Unfortunately, if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, we are afraid this is probably not the best place for you. This neighborhood is not quiet, but it is one of the safest and most fun! So, consider all your needs and find the best neighborhood for your family. As we mention, here you can find hundreds of bars, restaurants, several theaters (cinema, stage, and live music), and unique stores. Not only that a move to East Village can be suitable for you but also can be your best decision ever. So, start your move and enjoy all the benefits of moving to East Village. And remember, our movers are at your disposal!



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