Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan

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    Did you just get a new job in Manhattan? Well done, great for you! But you decide to move and live in Brooklin and work in Manhattan. Besides moving, you will have to decide between best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan. To make your commute easier, we will talk about all the benefits of living in Brooklyn. We recommend the help of the best local movers NYC and highest quality storage, packing and specialty services. The best local movers NYC will make your move a positive experience. They will satisfy all your needs during the relocation process.

    Before you make any decision, choose wisely

    The Brooklyn neighborhoods closest to Manhattan are very pricey. As relocation is not an easy job, also prepare your budget for hiring residential movers NYC. For sure it will bring costs, but importantly, they can make your move easier and less stressful. Before you decide, contemplate crucial things:

    • location;
    • price
    • and size.

    Particularly, you should include other priorities that are high on your list of expectations. For example, don’t forget about:  safety,  family-friendly neighborhood, business district. Be wise and choose your best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan accordingly to your character and interests. As many residents have no car over here, be sure that you like your new neighborhood.

    What are the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan?

    Almost everyone agrees with the opinion that New York is the best city in the world. But the most commonly asked question is:” Which part of New York is the best?”.

    Brooklyn architecture
    Each Brooklyn neighborhood has its distinctions and characteristics.

    Without a doubt, you will find that there are many reasons to move to one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods. Many of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are great for family life. Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan attract writers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

    Brooklyn Heights

    Firstly, it’s a great choice if you’re considering daily commutes to Manhattan. This neighborhood is south of the Brooklyn Bridge and just across the river from Lower Manhattan.

    Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan
    Many celebrities have chosen Brooklyn Heights for their homes.

    Nevertheless, as you have probably assumed it is a very pricey location. The accessibility is excellent and the city views are magnificent. If you can afford it, it will be hard to resist this place.


    Probably, you are still wondered what the name means. It stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Dumbo is in between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. To be precise, just next to the Brooklyn Heights. A high concentration of shops, bars, restaurants, art spaces, cobbled streets, technology firms. It is also well- known as home to so many tech startups. If your job demands to commute every day, then this is a great place to be. Especially if you are looking for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for Commuting to Manhattan.


    It is a lively and artistic community, art and nightlife are very vibrant here. Bushwick is a great place to shop books, go to a brewery, enjoy some tasty food, have a drink or visit a gallery. The city is recognizable because of its vast of street-art murals, loft parties, and warehouse gallery spaces. If you are an art lover, this will be your dream neighborhood.

    Red Hook

    Red Hook is a neighborhood in northwestern Brooklyn. You can still see that it was once very industrial. Red Hook is currently growing, but it is a small neighborhood and you only need half a day to experience it.  In case you work downtown and commuting to Manhattan, there is great way. Particularly if you looking for the best Brooklyn neighborhoods, this is a perfect option. You will need to take a train and a bus. But don’t worry, with the right spot to settle down,  it won’t take longer than 40 minutes commuting. Red Hooks is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for commuting to Manhattan.


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