Best Christmas things to do in NYC

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    After the last two Christmases have passed in the fight against the Covid-19 virus, we can now breathe a sigh of relief. The fun, life, and Christmas euphoria return to New York City. If you are planning to move to NYC, we advise you to hurry. Now is the ideal time to do it. And also you will have the opportunity to spend unforgettable holidays in NYC with your family. Manhattan Movers NYC is at your service and can move quickly and easily, giving you plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming holidays. NYC has always been known to have high living standards, good entertainment, and luxury life. So, in the continuation of the story about Christmas in New York City, we will reveal to you some of the best Christmas things to do in NYC. Hurry up, you only have a few days left until Christmas!

    Christmas in NYC

    Christmas in New York is something you definitely have to experience. Decorations, lights, and Christmas carols can be heard and seen in every city of NYC. Walking through the streets of this city, you will feel the tradition and enjoy the smell of Christmas cookies coming from the best bakeries in NYC. In addition, this is also the time for shopping. If you are looking for an ideal destination where you will spend your Christmas and New Year holidays, the best movers in Manhattan advise you to choose New York County. Whether you decide to move to this wonderful city or to be a tourist, NYC is the right choice.

    family Christmas dinner in NYC
    Wait for Christmas with your family or look for one of the best Christmas things to do in NYC.

    Also, when we talk about traditions and customs, NYC faithfully follows them all. Decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the yard, the town, and the shop window has already begun. One of the traditional places that always gets the most attention is the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. This is a place of Christmas tradition and you must visit it. Also, there is the inevitable Christmas family dinner. You will enjoy wonderful food, and cakes with your family. Know that these are precious moments that nothing can replace.

    Best Christmas things to do in NYC

    Christmas preparations are in full swing in NYC. Various events are being prepared in all municipalities, and the energy on the stage is incredible. Manhattan, Chinatown, and the Upper East Side are places where you will experience incredible fun this Christmas, and moments you will never forget. Many interesting things to do await you here. We’re sure you want to have fun, so, the first place on our list of best things to do in NYC this Christmas is a visit to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. Hurry up and buy your ticket in advance. This place is ideal for all generations.

    Girl walking around NYC during Christmas Eve
    Walking around town during Christmas Eve? Yeah, because NYC offers you an unforgettable Christmas Eve!

    There are also a few other things to do:

    • Skating in Central Park
    • Walking down Fifth Avenue
    • Enjoy hot cookies and hot chocolate at Gallow Green.
    • Visit Dicker Heights
    • Stroll the Union Square Holiday Market

    The places we recommend are some of the main events of 2022 that you should not miss if you plan to visit NYC. Also, if you plan to move permanently to this city, then you have much more time for Christmas adventures.

    Spend an unforgettable Christmas in Chinatown

    Chinatown is one of the special neighborhoods in NY, which can be a good place to live but to have fun at the same time. Here you can enjoy various dishes and try some of the specialties of Koine cuisine. And speaking of holidays, the most famous holiday in Chinatown is Chinese New Year. Here you can get to know a large number of other customs and traditions, but you will really enjoy it. Also, Chinese festivals are an event not to be missed. If you plan to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in a slightly calmer and more relaxed atmosphere, Chinatown movers advise you to consider one of the best restaurants in this New York district. Some of them are Xi’an Famous Food, Jing Fong, and Spicy Village.

    The Upper East Side is home to some of the best holiday things to do

    Just 6 miles away is another very popular New York City neighborhood. The Upper East Side can be a great place to live, but also one of the best places to have fun during Christmas days. Upper East Side is quite a place, and less crowded than when it comes to NYC. If you walk through the streets that date back to the 60s and 80s, you will be able to see beautiful holiday decorations and enjoy the New Year’s euphoria and find some of the best Christmas things to do in NYC.

    Upper East Side shops
    The Upper East Side is home to some of the best shops, and Christmas is the time for gifts!

    Speaking of interesting things to do, then you should visit Comic Strip Live, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Solomon R. Museum. Guggenheim. If you decide to walk the decorated streets of the Upper East Side, Upper East Side movers remind you not to forget the traditional Christmas drink – Hot Chocolate! Also, this area of ​​New York is full of highly-rated restaurants and shops.

    Let’s prepare for your Christmas move!

    By now, you’ve seen all the best Christmas things to do in NYC that await you after your move to NYC. And that’s another reason to start your winter moving preparations right away so that you have enough time to enjoy all the magic of Christmas in New York. Start with packing, and our movers are at your disposal and want to provide you with professional help and useful moving services during your move. With us, your Christmas move will be an experience you will remember. Merry Christmas!


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