Best Manhattan Neighborhoods for Seniors

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    It’s time for your next move! You are retiring, and it’s time for new changes and new decisions in your life. This is the time when you can finally dedicate yourself only to yourself after so much time. So, have you thought about where you will start your retired life? Whatever move you make and whatever decision you make, our Manhattan Movers NYC is here to help. Manhattan seems like a good option. So, what do you think about taking a look at the options that Manhattan offers you? Because not all places have the same opportunities available to seniors. Also, at this moment when you are choosing the right place to live, we are here to help you. We will introduce you to some of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for seniors that may be the perfect choice for you. Well, let’s get started!

    Is Manhattan the right place for seniors?

    With its diverse population of 1,669,127 residents, Manhattan is a great place to live for all generations. When we talk about the diversity of the population in Manhattan, we mean age. The largest percentage of the population, according to NICHE data, is the group of young people aged 25 to 34, namely 22%. At the same time, the second largest group consists of seniors aged 65+, 17%. So, we can say that Manhattan is also one of the favorite places of the population that is in its golden years. Manhattan offers seniors many options for living. First of all, there are numerous communities for the elderly, old people’s homes, and resorts for retirees, but also several excellent settlements.

    A busy Manhattan street
    Manhattan is one of the more urban parts of New York, but it is also one of the best neighborhoods for seniors.

    There are about 611 nursing homes in NYC, the best of which are The Dunes Rehab located on the Upper East Side, and Assisted Living New York NY – Elder Care in Murray Hill, NY. What is important for you to know is that whatever option you choose, you can always count on moving services Manhattan NY. Our movers will provide the best services to seniors, but also be their support in these moments.

    What are the best Manhattan neighborhoods for seniors?

    If you have decided to spend your golden years in Manhattan, then you must be familiar with some basic things. For example, did you know that according to data from RentCcafe, the cost of living in Manhattan is 64% higher than the average in NY and 154% higher than the national average? Real estate prices are also above average, and according to NICHE data, the average house price will start at around $1,008,500. Also, 75% of the population rents their homes, because rental prices are a little more affordable and average around $1,800.

    So, if these huge living expenses don’t prevent you from living in Manhattan before you hire Manhattan movers, take a look and get to know some of the best neighborhoods for seniors.

    • Murray Hill
    • Hell’s Kitchen
    • Upper East Side
    • Chelsea

    Murray Hill

    As a senior, you want safety and the best healthcare facilities in your new environment. And Murray Hill is a place that can give you just that. If you need anything in the entire city, it’s good to know that Murray Hill is well-connected to the most important places in New York. And even our long distance movers can help you with your move to Murray Hill. What is most important is that this neighborhood is clean and affordable, so it’s a very good choice of location for the elderly.

    A view of NYC
    There are many places in Manhattan where you can enjoy yourself as a senior.

    This place has only 23,158 inhabitants, but regardless it’s one of the best neighborhoods for seniors. If you are looking for a luxury neighborhood, this could be a good choice. Murray Hill is known for several cultural institutions, such as the Morgan Library and Museum. During the day, the streets of this neighborhood are very quiet, but at night, it becomes a lively part of Manhattan. Especially because of the large number of bars, restaurants, and several nightclubs. But what is ideal for seniors is a large selection of well-known libraries. Therefore, you can spend your free time on Library Road and walk around the library, or visit the Sniffen Court Historic District and John V. Lindsay East River Park.

    Hell’s Kitchen – One of the┬ábest Manhattan neighborhoods for seniors

    One of the most important factors, when you pick a place to live after retirement, is the cost. It’s not just the cost of living, but also the fact that everything an elderly person needs, is near them makes a big difference. For example, rent prices are so high, about $2,398 according to NICHE data. But in addition, some of the advantages that this neighborhood offers are easy access to the subway, train, local shops, and other places in the territory of the entire neighborhood. So, our residential movers have so much work in the area, but if you decide to move here, call them! Also, a Senior Center is in the neighborhood, and several gyms and beautiful parks like Hell’s Kitchen Park, Balsley Park, and DeWitt Clinton Park.

    Upper East Side

    If you like elite and luxurious things in life, then the Upper East Side will be the right place for you. But, know that this is one of the most expensive, wealthiest, and most luxurious neighborhoods in NY. And this is confirmed by data from, which say that the cost of living index is 231.2, which is much higher than the average. It’s located in one of the best locations in Manhattan, but one bad news is that the crime rate has increased by 22% as of December 2022. Also, if you choose this neighborhood, our local movers can help you make the relocation far easier than you think.

    Upper East Side, one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for seniors
    The Upper East Side is among the best Manhattan neighborhoods for seniors.

    What to do in retired life, except have fun? Nothing! Moving to the Upper East Side affords you endless possibilities for enjoyment. And the Upper East Side movers will certainly confirm that after the move. So, this neighborhood is a place of good museums, restaurants, and shopping. Some of the museums worth visiting are The Met, Guggenheim, Frick, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Mount Vernon Hotel Museum, and many others. When you’re done visiting the museum, go to some of the best restaurants for dinner. And when you get tired of that, go shopping. And the best places for shopping are 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, 69th and 70th Street.

    Chelsea is ranked at the top of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods

    If you love open spaces and art then Chelsea is the right place for you. Above all, there are a lot of senior centers, quality hospitals, and medical institutions in the area. You won’t find many better places in the city of New York to spend your retirement and your senior years overall. You won’t regret checking out the lifestyle available in Chelsea.

    Seniors in one of Manhattan's best neighborhoods
    Chelsea is one of the neighborhoods with the best opportunities for recreation for seniors.

    Chelsea is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Manhattan. However, the living costs are considerably higher. The cost index is 201.9/100, which is a little cheaper than previous Manhattan neighborhoods. Real estate prices are also high, but you can always find a good housing option. And don’t worry about additional space, because you have storage units NYC at your disposal. Chelsea is known for its many attractions such as Little Island and Chelsea market. The best thing about this neighborhood are parks like Chelsea Park, Chelsea Green, and Chelsea Waterside Park, which provide endless recreational opportunities for seniors.

    Are you moving to Manhattan?

    Wherever you move, as a senior you need to have the best conditions for life. You need to search for safety, peace, and quiet, and to have health facilities it’s up to you. So, Manhattan can offer you all you need. Taking a look at the best Manhattan neighborhoods for seniors needs to be your first step. Choose the one that fits your needs the most and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.



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