Best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students

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    Being a university or college student is probably one of the best periods in your life. And when you plan on studying in the Manhattan area, it really gives it a special feel. For that reason, you want to pick one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students. Thankfully, New York movers are there to assist you with even the hardest moving challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting places for students in Manhattan.

    Location can be a big factor for you when you move as a student

    Before we start naming great places for you in Manhattan, it’s not a bad idea to talk about certain details that are important when picking the right place for you. Probably the most important one will be the location you live in the area. Certain parts are more affordable, while others are closer to your university. Will you need affordable moving companies NYC or is being in the center of Manhattan something that isn’t very important for you? Either way, pick the location that will fit your needs the best as a student. Whatever those subjectively are for you.

    a group of students lookign at a mpa of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students
    As always, location can be a crucial reason for picking a place to live as a student

    Cost of living and housing is very important when choosing among the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students

    As a student, you want to find the cheapest place possible. However, NYC and Manhattan can be very expensive overall. That’s why it will be important to find the best locations around. Of course, it also depends on just how much support you’ll get from your family. Either way, moving to Manhattan and settling into one of its many neighborhoods on a budget won’t be easy. But as you’ll be able to see further on, there will be options that are affordable for you in Manhattan.

    Your hobbies can help you decide what neighborhood of Manhattan to pick for you

    Being a student is much more than just studying. And in a place like Manhattan, it will be difficult to only think about books. That’s because it offers a lot of great and fun places you can enjoy. For that reason, many students pick a part of Manhattan that can fit their lifestyle. Thankfully, with the movers in Manhattan NY you will have the right assistance to move anywhere you need or want. Just remember that as a student you want to be in a part of the city that will be interesting for you.

    Morningside Heights is a neighborhood with a lot of students living there

    Probably one of the best places in Manhattan to live as a student will be Morningside Heights. It has a great community and many places you can enjoy. From amazing parks to the vicinity of colleges, there’s everything that is necessary for a student. We advise you to rent the storage units Manhattan NYC as you’ll have a lot of memories when you finish your education. As a student, you probably won’t have a big apartment, but storage can be a good and affordable solution for your belongings. On top of that, it’s a very safe neighborhood and has a lot of students living in it. Manhattan is usually very hectic, but Morningside Heights can offer you the calm and peaceful side of it.

    Washington Heights is surely among the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students

    Washington Heights is a neighborhood that attracts a lot of young people. From professionals to students you will be more than happy to know that there are a lot of younger generations relocating to the area. The one thing that will surely make you search for packing supplies NYC and start packing is the fact that it has two colleges nearby. Besides that, it’s also very entertaining as it has a plethora of great restaurants and other ways of entertainment. On top of that, its walkability score is very high for NYC. The only downside to this part of Manhattan is that it’s expensive to find housing.

    Two students takign a walk
    Among the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students is Morning Heights

    Upper East Side is both a premium and neighborhood that is interesting for students

    If you want to live in Manhattan, why not do it in style? And The Upper East Side will offer you just that. One of the negative sides of the neighborhood is that it’s very expensive and it’s considered among the premium parts of NYC and Manhattan. Ask any Upper East Side moving company and they will confirm our statements. It will also be very well-connected to other parts of Manhattan. For that reason, it will be very easy to get around as a student. If you can afford to live in this neighborhood, we strongly recommend it.

    Among the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students is Nolita

    Are you looking for an urban feel and being near all the important happenings while still not being far from your college? Then Nolita is the right place for you. It attracts a lot of young people as it’s considered one of the best places to live in NYC, but it’s not as expensive as other parts that will offer you the same. We’re sure that it’s worth calling the Nolita movers to help you out. You’ll have everything you need to be a good student, but also enjoy the entertainment options that you can appreciate.

    Inwood will ensure that you have great educational options nearby as well as quality entertainment

    When you’re in need of a welcoming and friendly community you want to consider Inwood as one of the places you want to move to as a student. However, it’s also important to mention that it offers housing that is affordable when it comes to budgets that are available for students. Having a friendly community and near places of education, you won’t have to face the stress of living in New York and Manhattan. Another bonus of Inwood is that you’ll get quality education and great entertainment at the same time.

    Harlem is among the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students as it’s among the most affordable ones

    If you’re looking for affordability, Harlem is the place for you. Of course, for any student, it’s important that you don’t waste too much money on housing and the overall costs of living. For that reason, it’s important that you keep Harlem as one of the places where you can enjoy Manhattan, but still don’t pay the premium price for it. Besides affordability, the fact that Harlem has a lot of beautiful outdoor areas is amazing and will attract a lot of younger people that want to live a healthy lifestyle. To top it all off, the educational centers that you need won’t be too far away from Harlem. So with a little adjustment, you will be able to enjoy Manhattan as a student here.

    Studetns talking with each other
    Find a place that fits your needs the most

    Chelsea will offer you the best of Manhattan

    As one of the top-rated places in NYC and Manhattan, Chelsea is one of the places that you don’t want to miss. Especially when you consider just how many students and young professionals are already living in it. Besides being a very important center in the Manhattan area, it’s also an area that ensures that you’ll have some amazing bars, restaurants, and entertainment options in Chelsea. On top of that, it has a lot of greenery and places you can walk around. Being that mix of an urban and outdoor area, it is perfect for a student. 

    Soho is a place that everyone can enjoy

    If you want to be in one of the premium parts of Manhattan, but do not want to pay a premium price, Soho is a perfect choice. It’s very suitable for younger generations, and it’s not strange that a lot of the population of Soho are students. Its location will allow you to be near a lot of colleges and places to enjoy. It will be worth it to call the Soho movers to help you move anywhere in the area. On top of that, Soho is also a great place to kickstart your career after college.

    West Village can be the right choice for you when moving as a student

    West Village can offer you a plethora of benefits that other parts of Manhattan just can’t. From start to finish, you’ll have everything that is necessary for a quality student life. Be it the proximity to colleges to offering you some bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, West Village is the right place for you. It will be difficult for you not to enjoy everything that this part of Manhattan has to offer. As one of the places that are highly rated among students, West Village is the right spot for you to find your home as a student.

    Hell’s Kitchen is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Manhattan

    When you’re thinking of a great all-around place in NYC, Hell’s Kitchen is surely one of them. It has a high level of walkability and public transport which is always important for getting around in the area. With more than a dozen schools around, it will be a great place to live as a student. It’s not a surprise it’s rated as one of New York City’s top-rated areas. One of the downsides, like many other areas of Manhattan, is that the rent prices are really high. For that reason, moving in with a roommate can be a good option for you.

    Students having fun in a hall
    Pick the best place for you to live as a student

    Little Italy deserves a mention among the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students

    As one of the places in Manhattan that offers a lot of benefits, Little Italy needs to be on the list of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students. Especially as it’s one of the more affordable ones on the list. On top of that, it will be one of the best places to enjoy when not having too many things to do. Some of the best restaurants and bars in NYC are located in Little Italy. That’s why we’re sure you’ll have a plethora to check out after you relocate to the neighborhood.

    You won’t make a mistake when it moving as a student if you choose Noho

    Studying in Manhattan is probably one of the best experiences you’ll have. However, if you pick Noho as your home, we’re sure that you’ll feel even better about it. It’s also a very urban part of Manhattan that isn’t among the most expensive parts of the city. This makes it perfect for students and their needs. Having the right mix of student needs and enjoying your free time will be what you’re going to be able to find in Noho. You won’t regret picking it as your preferred place to live as it will ensure you have everything you need. 

    The best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students include Greenwich Village

    Greenwich Village is one of the places that you’ll be able to enjoy on so many levels. It’s more at the expensive end when it comes to Manhattan, however, every cent is worth it. For that reason, it isn’t a surprise that many students pick it as their new home. With a lot of benefits that come with living in the area, it will make your experience more enjoyable. And when being a student, that’s one of the most important factors of picking where you live. If you can afford it, living in Greenwich Village is the perfect place for students.

    a student holding a textbook in one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students
    Enjoy the great education and entertainment options you have available in Manhattan

    Picking the best place for you to live will always be a very hard task. When you’re a student without a lot of money, it can be even harder. But when you have the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for students to choose from, it won’t be a big problem. Whatever your needs might be, we’re sure you’ll meet them in some of the places. When having all those benefits available, it will be easy to enjoy student life.


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