Best neighborhoods in Manhattan

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    What’s the first thing you think about when you hear someone mentioning New York? Why,  Manhattan, of course! This most famous New York borough has been an inspiration for a countless number of people for centuries. It’s a place where all diversities meet and form a unique way of living. If you find yourself in the middle of the bustling streets, you will soon realize how energized you’ve become. This island is one of the most glorious ones. The island that never stops moving never sleeps, and never ceases to amaze! Here, everybody has a place for themselves, for Manhattan embraces all. If you have decided to relocate to this part of New York, but you still haven’t decided where exactly, then take a look at what we think are the best neighborhoods in Manhattan.

    Moving tips

    It is important to make a good preparation

    Before you begin to search for the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, you first need to prepare yourself for this step. It’s a lot of work, and it requires a careful planning. Hiring a moving company that you trust, can truly ease the process.  With their help, you will have a chance to get yourself ready and be up to the task. One of the most important things to have on your mind is the budget. Set the budget, and stick to it. Keep in mind that the budget is not the wish list, but something that ought to remind you how you need to spend your money. Priorities first, remember that! What you can do is calculate how much money you need to spend on necessary things. Then, it’s important to be efficient and execute everything on time. So, make your own schedule and act according to it.

    On the other hand,  all of these wouldn’t be worth if you fail to do the packing part. Now, packing is a serious piece of a job, but it’s not most difficult one. The important thing is to be systematic, and know how to wrap your belongings in order to prevent them from breaking. Moving companies can also give you a hand regarding this and help you move your personal possessions and find you affordable storages.

    Best neighborhoods in Manhattan

    Now that you’ve settled everything, it’s time to take a look at some most attractive districts to reside in. This list is made based on several factors we included such as the quality of education, crime rate, a chance for employment, the overall cost of living, and accessibility to other parts of City.

    Hell’s Kitchen

    You can find a great variety of cuisines in Hell’s kitchen

    None of the neighborhoods in Manhattan have transformed that much like Hell’s Kitchen. It deserved the name way back in the 1880s during frequent riots. At some point, one of the police officers described the current situation by using this expression. And, so we have it even today. However, the situation has changed a lot. Today, this neighborhood has a low crime rate, and it offers its residents very affordable cost of living, good schools, amazing nightlife, and abundance high-quality restaurants and coffee shops, especially in the Ninth Avenue, we are sure you will enjoy your free time at.

    Also, the proximity to numerous Broadway theaters and Actors Studio is a great plus for those who wish to enjoy some of the best plays and musicals any theater in the world has to offer. Moreover, it turned out that this part of the island is very popular with young actors who want to try their luck. By the way, don’t you dare make even a petty crime, for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, is never off the duty. He’ll sense you, we promise you that.

    Murray Hill

    This midtown neighborhood in Manhattan has a large number of pre-war buildings and plenty nightlife locations. It is filled with people with a different ethnic background, but mostly with young post-graduates searching for job opportunities. Also, it’s been a recent trend that many young families with small children are relocating here. The neighborhood is well connected to the other areas of the city with the Grand Central Terminal at its service.

    Grand Central Terminal was used as the venue for many scenes in movies


    Beautiful architecture, not so dense traffic, an amazing offer of different types of restaurants, which are one of the best in the City, affordable housing, safe neighborhood, simple way to go around it, and to other areas, home to many celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Jay Z and Beyonce, etc. What more do you need to move to one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan? All the other things you need to raise the quality of life are also here such as galleris, shops, bars, good schools, and colleges. After the event at 9/11, the Tribeca Film Festival was founded as the response to it. In 2010, Tribeca is the safest neighborhood in NYC according to NYPD and CompStat statistics.


    Nolita is one of the neighborhoods in Manhattan that offers the best pastry and sweets

    From the very name you can guess it is north of Little Italy. Nolita combines historic and hip within the boundaries of this neighborhood. It is very trendy, with many sophisticated boutiques. The spirit of Italy is felt all across, and here you can taste authentic Italian pastries, as well as the best cupcakes in the City.  It is also important to mention that this area of New York is safe, and the crime rate is very low. This can be the perfect neighborhood for you if you enjoy in diversity, if you’re trendy, or want to become trendy. If we could explain this neighborhood with only one word, it would definitely be ‘fun’! Moreover, being trendy doesn’t mean spending fortune. It is not as expensive as a nearby Soho, for example, but it still offers similar atmosphere and experience.


    And there you go. Either of these neighborhoods can offer you safety, good affordable life, places to go out, fine restaurants, and much more that qualify them as one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan.


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