Best NYC neighborhoods for artists

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    The population of artists in NYC is much larger than you would expect. And NYC was always a center for artistic norm-shakers and radical thinkers. So, if you are one of those pursuing your dream, the affordable moving companies NYC will make it come true. However, before the move, you need to know which NYC neighborhood is best for you. So, we’ve prepared this overview that will help you to find the best NYC neighborhoods for artists. Also, keep in mind that art is ever-evolving. And what trends come and go. This artistic fluidity is not stopping at trends changing. It is applicable to artistic neighborhoods changing too. And there are always the neighborhoods that art enthusiasts favor over others.

    NYC is giving the young artists the full freedom of expression

    In small cities, you will rarely feel free to express your full creativity. And in NYC you have the full freedom of expression. This is the reason why so many artists love NYC. And you will also understand this one you rich this never-sleeping city.

    woman performing in one of NYC neighborhoods for artists
    In NYC you have full freedom of expression.

    After finding the best NYC neighborhoods for artists, it is up to you to organize your lifestyle

    This is yet another advantage of NYC. How you are going to organize your life is solely your decision. Before coming to “Big Apple”, you’ve probably heard many stories about living there. Some of those stories were scary. Some of them were bright and stimulating. NYC has an unusual impact on people. They either love it or hate it. Our advice is to forget the stories and live your life. Also, when coming to NYC with East Village movers, concentrate on your art and your goals. And concentrate on things that NYC can offer to you:

    • You will have a lot of opportunities for your work
    • At all times you will be surrounded by other artists
    • There are many interesting people
    • You will be able to share and discuss your projects with them
    • You will be able to work together with colleagues on some projects
    • Use all the chances that the city has to offer
    • You will decide if you better like to work during the day or night
    • Enjoy the historic and modern ambiance and incorporate it into your art
    • The NYC will bust your creativity and will always bring you new and fresh ideas

    Which NYC neighborhood is best for you?

    If you already have friends living in NYC, you can join them for a while. That will give you time to find a suitable place for yourself. However, before you contact the real estate agencies, you can visit some artistic neighborhoods. That way, you will feel the area and decide how much you like it. Once you make a decision, local movers Manhattan, will easily move you.

    Also, in many areas, the city management is giving the old and abandoned buildings to artists. They are converting them to studios that you can also use. So, either you need to prepare for an audition for actors, or you need space to weld your new sculpture, check if you can get a space.

    A night scene of a NYC street with cars, yellow cabs and buildings covered with illuminated advertisements.
    NYC is a never-sleeping city especially if you get to enjoy one of NYC neighborhoods for artists

    Here are the most appealing NYC neighborhoods for artists

    To help you find the best place for yourself, we are giving here the list of the neighborhoods that the NYC artist love the most:

    Sunset Park

    Sunset Park used to be a middle-class settlement, filled up with factories. Today, the area is quickly transforming into the garment industry. It also attracted various creative communities, due to the proximity of Manhattan and its interesting waterfront location. The neighboring industrial complex has about 400 companies. Rental prices for furnished apartments range from  $1.500 upward.

    Red Hook

    The area is full of warehouses and shipyards, that can easily be converted into artistic spaces. Besides, this artistic community has an incredible view of the Statue of Liberty. The Red Hook is located between the Buttermilk Channel, the Gowanus Bay, and the Gowanus Canal. It doesn’t have a direct subway connection to the center. However, it has a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere, which is good for many creatives. It is also considered one of the very supportive areas for emerging artists. So, to move in there, it is enough to hire moving services Manhattan NY and start enjoying this friendly community.

    Crown Heights

    This NYC neighborhood is in the heart of Brooklyn. Although the rents are rising, the artists remain in the area. Moreover, they stay very active in the community. And they are organizing numerous events that citizens like and visit regularly. The average monthly rent in Crown Heights is $2,000.

    A man in white short is standing in front of the wall and painting.
    Street art – the Bushwick Collective event in Bushwick.


    As the rental prices in Williamsburg went up, a lot of artists migrated to Bushwick/Ridgewood. So, these neighborhoods become the hotspots for the creative crowd. There are many galleries in the area. However, the area is most known for the Bushwick Collective. This outdoor gallery, where artists are painting the outside walls, become a world-known attraction. The average rent in the area is about $2,700.

    Navy Yard

    This is a waterfront community. It is known for the old shipyards and refurbished warehouses. The most popular place in the neighborhood is the Marco Sea’s New Lab. It is an amazing space, designed to inspire innovative work. If you wish to work there, you have to pass the application process. However, public events are regularly organized, so you can visit them. The median rent is about $3,400. If you decide that the place suits you, you may need help to move your fine arts. So, in that case, talk to fine art movers NYC who will know how to handle your collection.

    East Harlem

    This famed Latin neighborhood is located between East 96th and East 142nd Streets. It attracts many new-coming artists due to affordable housing units. The prevailing artistic style in East Harlem is a rich mix of immigrant communities. This neighborhood is close to Central Park, Manhattan waterfront, and Randall’s Island. The median rent in East Harlem is about $2,200.

    Few more NYC neighborhoods that are welcoming for artists

    Besides the already mentioned, NYC has a few more neighborhoods that are attractive to artists. These are:

    • Washington Heights
    • Mott Haven/South Bronx
    • Jersey City
    • Newark

    We hope this will help you to choose among the best NYC neighborhoods for artists. Whatever neighborhood you choose, we are sure you will like it. There are many reasons why NYC is a perfect city for creatives. So we hope that living in NYC will be a never-ending inspiration for you.


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