Best NYC neighborhoods for retirees

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    Moving to another city for retirement and enjoying your golden years should be the best time of your life. And what better city to choose than New York? Whether you have family in this city or you are in love with the charm of the Big Apple, moving here will be the right choice. If you already made the decision to move to NYC, you should choose one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees. Not every neighborhood in New York is affordable and safe to live in.

    However, there are some of them which can be perfect for a life after retirement. Keep in mind that you should consider all the factors before choosing to move to New York. This city, as beautiful as it is, can be pretty crowded and noisy. In order to find a place in NYC to call home, keep reading this article. We’ll take a closer look at some of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees.

    How to prepare for moving to NYC as a senior?

    If you are thinking about moving to NYC as a retiree, you might be making the best decision in your life. You can live in New York for years and still have so many things to explore. However, you should prepare well for moving long distance to NYC. If you plan to retire in NYC, there are things to consider before moving to another state. First of all, you should consider finding one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees where you can buy your new home. Not every area of the city is affordable to live in, but some of them are better suited for seniors than others.

    If you plan to move to NYC, make sure to find a good neighborhood near your family.

    In order to prepare for moving to NYC as a senior, these are the things you should keep in mind:

    • Hiring a good moving company
    • Sorting out your belongings and deciding what to move
    • Sorting out all of the documents
    • Finding one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees
    • Buying a new housing in New York City

    After making a good moving plan, it’s time to consider some of the neighborhoods where you can find your new home. Most importantly, you should try to find a safe neighborhood where you will enjoy your golden years.  Take a look at some of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees and choose the one that’s the best for you.

    Murray Hill

    If you are looking for a safe neighborhood in NYC, consider moving to Murray Hill. This is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees, and probably one of the safest ones. If you love walking and having everything nearby, this is the place to call a home. Everything from shopping centers, green areas, The Stein Senior Center and so much more is located in Murray Hill. In case you need a good medical center, you won’t be far away from the best care possible.


    Inwood is also one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees. It’s also a very safe place to live in. Moreover, if you are moving on a budget to New York, this neighborhood might be a good one for buying a new home. The housing prices in Inwood are very affordable and the crime rate is very low. The best part of living in Inwood is the outdoor surroundings. If you like spending time outside, taking long walks and having parks around your home, consider moving to Inwood.

    Broadway sign
    Living in New York has many pros. If you like going to concerts, choose your neighborhood wisely!

    Hell’s Kitchen

    Hell’s Kitchen is another neighborhood with good and affordable homes to live in as a retiree. This neighborhood is perfect for seniors who love attending different cultural events like theater and music concerts. The famous Broadway Theater is close by, and so is Carnegie Hall. If you have the money to afford the tickets for these events, Hell’s Kitchen might be a perfect neighborhood for you.

    Benson Hurst and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

    Benson Hurst and Sheepshead in Brooklyn are also ones of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees. Affordable homes and beautiful buildings make it perfectly convenient for seniors. In Benson Hurst, you can find a home for under $360,000 and still live in a very low-crime neighborhood. Also, downtown Manhattan is pretty close by, and so are some of the best public libraries in NYC.

    senior outdoors
    If you love fishing and sailing, consider moving to Sheepshead Bay.

    When it comes to Sheepshead Bay, this neighborhood has even lower housing prices than in Benson Hurst. Brooklyn is known for affordable homes, and these two neighborhoods are not an exception. In Sheepshead Bay, you can find a one bedroom apartment for around $300,000. And the best part is the location itself! If you love fishing and sailing, consider moving to Sheepshead Bay.

    Find the best moving company in New York City

    In order to move to NYC without any complications, you should consider hiring a good moving company. If you are looking for affordable and reliable movers, Manhattan Movers NYC can help you find someone to pack and relocate all of your belongings to the Big Apple. Whether you are moving from another state or another country, you should consider hiring professional movers for many reasons. Besides taking care of your moving boxes, movers can organize your moving day and save your time and energy.

    One of the best ways to find a good moving company is to get a recommendation. If your family members have moved recently, ask them to recommend a good moving company to you. After choosing one of the best NYC neighborhoods for retirees and buying your new home, let professionals do their job and enjoy your moving day!


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