Best places to raise a family in New York

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    Have you decided to move to New York with your family? If so, you have come to the right place. Here we will try and mention some of the best places to raise a family in New York. New York or more popular The Big Apple. This is a big city. Options are enormous. Before we even start, make sure that you have everything you need for your move to this great city. Know how to pack and how to hire a good moving company, make sure to safely transport your fine art, know where and how to get good packing material and etc. Now that you finished that let’s go back talking about New York. This city has five boroughs as you already know and you can always make a choice between them. However, here we will mention those best places to raise a family in this giant city.  Are you ready? Let’s choose.

    Any of the five boroughs can be one of the best places to raise a family
    There are five boroughs for you to choose when it comes to New York

    One of the best places to raise a family – Brooklyn

    Despite the bad reputation that Brooklyn, we will have to use past tense here, had, nowadays Brooklyn is becoming more and more eligible to raise a family in this fine borough. Old Brooklyn was well known for its drive-by shootings and what not, but all of that has changed. Some people wouldn’t recognize it now if they lived here in the older days. Everything is calm, there are so many great schools, kindergartens, not to mention the number of restaurants that are serving homemade food just like the one you were eating when you were a kid.

    Now, Brooklyn is definitely one of the best places to raise a family in New York. An interesting fact is, that even though this borough has become so popular among young families, there are still great apartments that you can rent under reasonable price. You just have to arm yourself with patience. Think positive, at least when it comes to your move there you are safe with Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC. With their help, your relocation will go smooth and you won’t have to worry much because this company has a long experience and hundreds of satisfied customers.


    When it comes to Manhattan, one of the most desirable places in the world places that people from all over the world come to visit or want to move. However, in this context when we are talking about places to raise a family in New York, Manhattan can be a bit tricky. Manhattan is great, and there are huge reasons why so many people are coming here to try to find their lucky star, and that’s just it.

    Manhattan is more for made for single people that are looking success in their careers or that are looking for that significant other. This doesn’t mean that Manhattan is out of the race for the best place to raise a family, people are doing just that. But, the matter of fact is that there are better places for raising a family in New York City.

    Staten Island

    We came to Staten Island. Such a lovely borough. It cannot be bad when you have to use a ferry to come to it. It is a great place to raise a family. It has it all, and you are just a ferry ride to Manhattan, and it is way cheaper to live in Staten Island then in Manhattan, especially if you have a family. So many great places on Staten Island for you and your family:

    • Oakwood Beach
    • Todt Hill
    • Huguenot
    • Great Kills
    • Livingston
    • New Dorp

    These places have everything that you need. Good schools, parks, diverse culture, stores, restaurants, numerous sports venues and gyms to help you stay in shape after the move, absolutely everything. New Dorp, for example, is a neighborhood that is very multicultural and therefore your kids from a young age can be familiar with different cultures.

    Ferry traveling to Staten Island
    Traveling to Staten Island is fun

    Let’s check Queens

    Queens is a great borough. Similar to Brooklyn, Queens changes its ways during the past few years. It became a safer and happier place to live in and raising a family. One of the neighborhoods that families who already live there have only good words is Ridgewood. This neighborhood is a place to raise a family without any fears. Like all the other places, we mentioned so far, Ridgewood will provide you and your family with the best that it has. Schools, recreational centers, parks, anything you want and need. Anyone who watched the TV show “Ugly Betty” knows that Queens in fact just like in that show can be a great haven for your family.


    Fun fact about the Bronx is that in the last couple of years a higher number of families are moving there than in the other four boroughs. There has to be a reason for that. The main reason is that with the money you are paying for a small apartment in Manhattan you can buy a house in the Bronx. Not just any house but a really nice house. Since you will be living with your family, a house is always a better choice. The Bronx has great real-estate opportunities to offer. Since more and more families are moving there, Bronx is truly becoming a family place. Therefore, if thinking about buying a nice house with a white fence where each of your kids can have a room of their own, go for it. If you are moving to NYC on a budget, The Bronx can be the right choice.

    Building in Bronx
    The Bronx is really nice to raise a family and budget friendly

    New York is a great city. Anyone who lives or lived there, or even just visited New York will tell you that. People from all over the world are coming to see this beautiful city, and if you are that lucky that you can live here and raise your family in NYC you are very lucky. Pick one of these boroughs and neighborhoods and start a new and great life in this awesome city. And with some useful advice, your adjusting to the style of living in New York will be even easier.


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