Best places to rent office space in Manhattan

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    Every business owner wants only the best for their company. For that reason, business owners need to consider many aspects of running their business. One of the crucial things that affect business success is the location of your company and the offices. Whether you already have an office within New York City or looking for one for the first time, you will not make a mistake if you opt for Manhattan. Many thriving and world-famous companies have their branch offices right here in Manhattan. If you finally did get a chance to start or continue running your business in the center of the world, you will want to know what are the best places to rent office space in Manhattan. And our reputable Manhattan Movers NYC will remind you of the most attractive places for having an office in a famous Manhattan. Stay with us and consider top options!

    Upper East Side is one of the best places to rent office space in Manhattan

    With so many magnificent neighborhoods in Manhattan, it is challenging to pick the one where you will rent an office space. But one thing is for sure, your final decision will depend on the amount of money you are ready to invest in office space. Also, you will want a perfect location for conducting your business operations. So, you will need to create a list of your priorities and compare it with available office spaces in the market. Our Upper East Side movers know it is not easy for you to determine all your business needs. To make this easier for you, we will remind you of common reasons why you should actually consider this neighborhood of Manhattan.

    Cars on the road between high rise buildings
    Upper East Side is one of the best places to rent office space in Manhattan.

    Here are some of the reasons why our customers rent their offices on the Upper East Side:

    • in this neighborhood you can find affordable office spaces, both large and small ones;
    • your company will be close to tourists attractions, but far enough from hustle and bustle of the vibrant Financial District;
    • having an office in an upscale neighborhood such as the Upper East Side often means more clients and more income;
    • both for your employees and coworkers ( and clients too), from here you will enjoy good transit connections.

    Look for an office in Gramercy

    This amazing Manhattan neighborhood is considered a prime location with a tranquil atmosphere. It is not surprising why so many companies are attracted to office spaces in Gramercy. Many creatives are attracted by the unique and vibrant vibe of this neighborhood. Financial management and business companies can serve wealthy residents in the Gramercy area. This will be an ideal place for you if your job is about medical services or product services, too. You and your employees will have an array of housing options near your Gramercy office, from luxury condos to many modern buildings. Also, you will truly enjoy your surroundings once you find an office here and move to your new office with our Gramercy movers. Get ready for many dining and entertainment options, as well as the picturesque landscaping.

    Soho is one of the top places to rent an office in Manhattan

    This is one more area of NYC well-known for its fashion-forward vibe and elegant architecture. If you rent an office in this area of New York City, you will be close to trendsetting restaurants, too. Soho is easily accessible by subway, which is important for your potential employees. Regardless of the size of your business, Soho offers plenty of office space solutions. This place is a heaven for fashion companies, digital marketing, and technology.

    A person thinking about the best places to rent office space in Manhattan while looking at concrete buildings in Soho.
    Soho has many buildings where you can find an office that you are looking for.

    This is not a traditional business district and for that reason, Soho offers creative energy and a cool vibe. For that reason, here you will find many different companies and talented entrepreneurs. When it comes you the logistics aspect of your office move, you should not worry about anything at all. We have some of the finest movers who operate across this neighborhood, too. Once you decide to hire Soho movers and move into your new office, you can count on plenty of transportation options. Sono is one of the most desirable places to rent office space in Manhattan. Although office spaces here are not cheap, it is worth it. For sure you will not regret your decision.

    Consider finding an office space in Chinatown

    If you dream about having an office in Lower Manhattan, it is time to explore Chinatown. This unique neighborhood has a perfect location and it is simultaneously residential and commercial. Here you will find hundreds of Asian restaurants, markets, and small family businesses. For all these things Chinatown is a distinct cultural enclave that attracts both business owners and residents. Our Chinatown movers guarantee you will not regret renting office space here. The main reasons why you should opt for this neighborhood are affordable offices and excellent location. Overall, this place has a vibrant community and a strong cultural identity. This is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in NYC and also has many transportation options. You, your employees, coworkers, and clients will not have to struggle with traffic in this area.

    People on the streets of Chinatown, NYC
    Having an office in Chinatown is an excellent choice.

    Opt for the neighborhood that you like the most and start searching for an office space that works for you

    Starting or running your business in the most famous city on the globe is not a joke. Until you find the office space that suits your needs you could feel a lot of pressure. We know how important it for you is to find an affordable office. Also, you need to be careful about the location that you choose. For these reasons, we did create an article that includes the best places to rent office space in Manhattan. We truly hope this article helped you find an office you are dreaming of. Wish you smooth relocation and a lot of business success!


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