Best practice tips for storing bulky items

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    Do you have a lot of large pieces of furniture that serve no purpose? Is your home full of large house décor that’s just sitting there collecting dust? Maybe you have a bike in your living room, that’s just taking up too much space. At any rate, it sounds like you need to learn how to organize the space in your home better. And we’re here to help. We can offer you some useful practice tips for storing bulky items in your home. Furthermore, we can also help you by providing some of the best storage units for your belongings. As one of the best moving companies NYC has to offer, we are here to help in any way we can. Whether you’re relocating, in need of storage units or simply looking for tips to get rid of the clutter in your home, you can count on our help.

    The first of many tips for storing bulky items to follow

    The first rule of storing large and bulky items is the simple one. You just need to ask yourself whether you truly need the items that you plan on storing. If you’re planning to relocate, then your best bet would be to get rid of anything you don’t need. Not only will you have fewer things to transport, but your new home might look better without all the unnecessary clutter blocking the way. Therefore, you should think about all the factors that could influence the appearance of your new home, as well as its practicality. Of course, relying on Manhattan moving and storage services is always an option. Your movers can take care of everything. Professional moving companies offer a variety of services that can make your relocation easier. Therefore, you should ask the movers you hired to help you store your belongings somewhere out of the way.

    movers who know all the tips for storing bulky items carrying a sofa
    Large and bulky items that clutter your space can be a real bother. Therefore, you should hear out our tips for storing bulky items to make your home a neat place.

    Make good use of the ever-growing moving industry and rent a storage unit

    Of course, if you’re hiring professionals, you might as well get in touch with moving companies that also have their own storage units. Ask around for movers that offer storage NYC residents usually use. Furthermore, you can do that even if you’re not relocating. Putting away your large and bulky items could be the best solution you could possibly come up with. That way, you’ll know your belongings will be in a safe and monitored space, and, most importantly, they’ll be out of your way. Furthermore, you’ll be giving yourself more time to think about what to do with them in the end. You won’t have to decide right away. Simply put your large items in a storage unit and come and pick them up once you’re ready to deal with them. In the meantime, you can enjoy the perks of having a nice and tidy home with no clutter.

    movers packing boxes
    Your movers can help you with all sorts of problems. If you have too many bulky items in your home, you can count on them to help you.

    Maybe you just need to get some moving supplies

    In case you don’t have the option to rent a storage unit near you, it can also be helpful to pack your bulky items into boxes. After you do that, you can arrange the boxes in one place in your home until you figure out what your next move is. You can leave them there until you need them again, or you can arrange to have those boxes transported somewhere out of the way. If such is the case that this seems like the most logical option, you can always order moving boxes and solve your problem for the time being. You just need to remember to buy the boxes that are the right size! It would be a bad investment on your part to get the ones that serve no purpose to your problem. Therefore, not just any moving boxes Manhattan residents use will do, be extra careful.

    Find creative new ways to solve the problem of clutter in your home

    Apart from the standard solutions moving companies offer, you can also think outside of the box, figuratively speaking. Trends within the moving companies are evolving and you can always count on new and creative solutions. For example, one of the services people are choosing more and more these days is self storage. This is one of the best solutions for storing large items you don’t have room for in your home. All you need to do is to find the best self storage Manhattan has to offer. You can often find these kinds of services if you contact moving companies that also have their own storage units. The way self storage works are that the service providers deliver containers right to your doorstep. You then put your belongings there, and they are transported out of your home. Once you want them back, simply ask and you’ll get them pronto.

    You need to use your creativity and rely on tips for storing bulky items

    Of course, if you’re not moving, but are simply in need of some home rearrangement, there are even more creative ways still you can take. Following the current trends of interior design is always a smart idea. DIY videos and other online content can also be a fruitful source of ideas. How you will solve your problem depends mostly on the kinds of items you’re planning to store. Storing large pieces of art can be rather different than storing exercise equipment. Furthermore, it depends on the space you have available in your home. If you have rooms like basements, pantries, or attics, you can easily put your belongings there. This also goes for any kind of spare room, like the guest bedrooms for example. However, if you live in a small flat and don’t have much room, then this is going to require some creativity. We’re here to help!

    an attic
    If you have an attic or a basement, you’re in luck! Simply put all of your belongings there. However, if you don’t have that much room in your home, then you’ll need some creative tips for storing bulky items.

    The general idea is to make the item appear as small as it can

    There are a few general tips and guidelines you should follow when storing your large and bulky items. Whatever the item in question is, it’s great if you managed to save the original box it arrived in. That way you’ll be able to minimize the space it’s occupying and make sure that you don’t damage the thing in the process. Furthermore, if you can disassemble the item, then you truly are in luck. If you can somehow make it appear smaller, then the task ahead of you might not be so difficult after all. In case you need to store large pieces of furniture, using vacuum bags for the cushions or the bits of it with stuffing is a great idea. Disassemble the rest of it and you won’t have to worry about anything. To sum up:

    • use the original container
    • be careful not to damage the item 
    • disassemble all the parts you can
    • use vacuum bags where appropriate 

    These are some general guidelines you should follow when storing large items. However, depending on what you’re storing, this might not be enough. There are a couple of pieces of advice we still have to give, which concern various kinds of items that you could store. In any case, finding about moving boxes Manhattan residents use for just such occasions is always a good idea.

    In order to store furniture, you need to do some disassembling first

    Of course, if you’re moving furniture NYC has a lot of moving companies that you can count on. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them. Even if you just need to store your large pieces of furniture away, then it might be a smart idea to contact them. Most moving companies offer to assemble and disassemble your furniture as their own unique service. Rely on such services to make your life easier. However, if you’d prefer to take care of it alone, there are a couple of steps you can take that will lead to a neat and tidier home. If you’ve kept the manual, then you’re in luck. However, if you haven’t, don’t worry. Simply use charts to help you and label even the smallest piece. Pay attention not to lose anything, and put the screws of the same shape and size in one place.

    a couch
    Storing furniture can be quite challenging. However, if you need help with disassembling, you can always count on the help of professional movers.

    Tips for storing bulky items can help even with the most challenging of cases

    Of course, if you have something that’s a bit more complicated, then you need to put in the extra effort. For example, storing a pool table could be a tad more difficult. If you’re a pool table fan, you know how much fun it brings to the game nights. However, moving or storing it could require just a bit of extra attention. Follow the general rules of keeping the table elevated when storing it and don’t forget to remove the ball pockets from the table first. It is very important that you start right. Removing the rails and the felt could prove a bit challenging if you’re not skilled at using a wrench. However, it’s only with the slate that you actually need the help of another person. Calling the pool table movers NYC relies on is also an option. Remember to wrap every pool table piece when storing it!

    The piano can also prove to be quite challenging to store, so you should consider hiring professional movers to help you

    However, if we’re talking about items that pose the biggest challenge for storing, we have to talk about a piano. A piano is one of the most difficult items to relocate or store. You might as well start browsing for piano movers Manhattan residents rely on in their hour of need. One of the first rules when storing a piano would be to make sure to choose a climate-controlled storage unit. Even though the cold alone won’t damage the piano, it can cause it to go out of tune. Furthermore, it is possible that you won’t be able to take care of it without retuning it again. In addition, you should be aware of the fact that the piano needs to be stored the right side up. Your service providers should also know that, but you could point that out to them just in case they don’t know.

    a piano
    Storing a piano is definitely not of the easiest tasks you could have chosen for yourself. However, we offer some useful tips for storing bulky items that could help you overcome this challenge.

    Keep in mind that you might need to reuse these bulky items soon

    Now that you know the best tips for storing bulky items, you shouldn’t have any difficulties storing whatever you want. It’s the general rule of thumb to disassemble whatever it is to make it take up less space. However, there are exceptions, like the piano. Disassembling it will result in you not being able to use it ever again, so be mindful! Furthermore, you should always keep in mind that hiring professional movers is always the safest option. It’s best to leave the more expensive items to the people who have a lot of experience and know what they’re doing. Therefore, one of the most important pieces of advice we could give is to think about the value of the items you’re storing. It’s definitely a better idea to pay extra in order to protect valuable bulky items that you might need in the near future.



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