The best restaurants in Manhattan

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    “New York, New York, I want to wake up in a city, that doesn’t sleep” Frank Sinatra. Locally, Manhattan is often referred to as The City. In other words, New York is the center of the world. Manhattan Island is loosely divided into Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown. The Fifth Avenue is dividing the island, to east and west side. It’s economic and administrative center and historical place too. They say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. On the other hand, Manhattan is so expensive, but we know how to find affordable housing in Manhattan. However, you cannot succeed with an empty stomach and good food. There are plenty of restaurants in Manhattan, but we have picked the best of them. In Manhattan, you have a large choice of cuisine. From French, Italian, Indian, to Chinese and Mexican.

    French restaurants in Manhattan

    Overhead shot on breakfast with croissants, coffee, oranges, juice, jam, apple and cutlery.
    Croissant, the best French pastry


    This is a French restaurant on Upper East Side. It is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, also it has gluten-free options. Then, the ambiance is exquisite, the food is delicious and portions are great. The menu is seasonal, including the finest meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

    Per Se

    Another French-American restaurant is Per Se, owned by Thomas Keller. It is in Midtown, vegetarian-friendly, wheelchair accessible, with great service. You cannot go wrong at Per Se, albeit you choose meat or vegetables. Boasting more than 2000 bottles complements the menu. It has 3 Michelin stars.

    Tree Bistro

    Romantic and cozy European restaurant in Manhattan, with great food and service, family owned and run. Also, it’s a popular place for special events or private parties. Tree Bistro has an amazing wine list, draft beers, great desert and cheese plates.  The delivery is free, so you can enjoy at home too.

    Gabriel Kreuther

    If you are in New York and want something to talk about for years, go to Gabriel Kreuther. In the first place, they have a delicious lobster, handcrafted chocolate, wine, and caviar too. Second, The interior is beautiful. Reclaimed wood beams surround the dining room, and on the walls, are hand-painted coverings. Gabriel Kreuther is the owner and chef of this restaurant. Feel the Paris in this Manhattan restaurant.

     Italian restaurants in Manhattan

    A pizza sitting on a table. Find your favorite restaurants in Manhattan and try something new.
    There is no person who doesn’t like pizza

    Bleecker Street Pizza

    This is Italian fast food restaurant in Manhattan. Probably, they have the best pizza and sandwiches you will ever eat. Also, an excellent customer service and speedy and free delivery to customers in the New York area. In one word, its modern interpretation of classic Italian dishes.

    Olio e Pio

    Three words can describe this restaurant: good location, authentic food, and great service. Inspired by the simplicity of Neapolitan cuisine, in the heart of Greenwich Village. House-made pasta, hand-stretched pizza, traditional wood-fired oven and rustic interior too, will blow your mind.


    Another European, vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Manhattan is L’Artusi. Their wine program featured a mostly Italian wine list, presented by region. Private dining opportunities are also available. It is the perfect location for social gatherings, business dinners, showers and celebrations, and many other events too.

    American restaurants in Manhattan

    A close up of a sandwich and fries on a plate.
    Burger and fries, unbreakable bond

    the nomad bar

    Gastropub with Americans favorite food, such as burgers and fries. Also, they make hand-crafted cocktails. The NoMad has the rooms too, so you can stay there and relax.

    Club A Steakhouse

    Even, this is American cuisine, they have gluten-free options. Red is the main color when you enter in this restaurant. The walls are full of black and white photos. Certainly, you will not get out hungry from this restaurant.


    Here you will get a simply prepared dish, seasonal ingredients served family-style. You can pick two or three courses and enjoy for relatively low prices. The delicious food is in your neighbor. On the other hand, this restaurant is good for families with children, business meetings, and special occasions.

    Asian restaurant in Manhattan

    A plate of Asian food on a table. There are a lot of restaurants in Manhattan, but only a few are the best.
    Asian food

    Momofuku Ko

    A popular spot for date night, including the ice cream and the kimchi. Asian Fusion eats, located in East Village. They are guided by the Japanese kaiseki. Also, Ko was awarded three stars by the New York Times.


    Another Asian restaurant in Manhattan is Buddakan. The restaurant itself is a huge and amazing room. It is perfect for your celebratory occasion or corporate event. If you love shrimps, scallop, beef, and roast chicken prepared in the Asian way, this is the perfect place for you.


    Are you looking for the best sushi, miso soup or sashimi? Momoya is a restaurant in upper west Manhattan, which serves Japanese food. It is noisy and busy and the prices are reasonable.

    There are a lot of great restaurants, but you should visit the best coffee shops in New York City too. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, there is cheap fun you can have in Manhattan. Of course, these are just a small part of Manhattan. Also, Manhattan has so much to offer.

    • Central Park – an urban park in Manhattan. You can run, ride a bicycle or spend time with your children. There are also courts for tennis, croquet, volleyball, and other sports. Get some fresh air in the big city.
    • Broadway theatre – the most Broadway shows are musicals, but they have performances too. So, don’t waste your time, and go there. After that, you can go to one of the restaurants in Manhattan. This has become an American tradition. Movies or theatre and dinner after that.
    • The museums and galleries – Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Ellis Island, Gagosian Gallery, and many others. Expand your knowledge and experience something new.
    • Shopping – New York is one of the main fashion scenes.
    • Clubs – Manhattan doesn’t sleep. Cielo, Greenhouse, Marquee, Pacha. You have a big choice where to go out and have some fun. Spend Saturday night in Manhattan.



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