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Ways to identify bad landlords in Manhattan

Most people who decide to live in Manhattan rent their new place. It is one of the most common practices when you’re living in New York City. This means it should be fairly easy to find a good place for

The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Living in New York is what many people dream about. As one of the most expensive parts of the city, Manhattan is famous for its luxurious apartments, shops, and venues. If you can afford to live in this borough you

Avoid property damage when relocating to NYC

Planning a relocation is extremely challenging and stressful. Moving is not only about packing and transporting your items. You have to think about other aspects of relocation and prepare accordingly. In order to make your situation easier, you should find Manhattan

The 5 Most Forgotten Moving-Related Tasks

When you move, the to-do list tends to get long. In fact, many people even forget to make a list and create a timeline. No matter how near or how far you move, it’s never too early to start preparing.

Avoid and overcome moving day disasters in Manhattan

A moving day is probably the most stressful part of your relocation. Everything should be well prepared and packed before your moving day. However, some unexpected situations and disasters may happen. For this reason, it is important to avoid and overcome moving

How to organize a last-minute relocation from Manhattan

Moving is difficult. Your last-minute relocation from Manhattan entails the added pressure of packing up and leaving in a hurry. But worry not, as Manhattan Movers NYC have you covered, even in an emergency. Read on to learn a few

Long term storage tips

Are you considering renting a storage unit? Do you have to place your items away for a longer period of time? Whether you want to organize your living space or you have to move from one home to another, you

Things to do in Chinatown

NYC is a beautiful city with many charms. No matter what neighborhood you are relocating to with Manhattan movers NYC, you will be able to find many fun activities. When you are done exploring your new neighborhood, you should start

Finding an apartment in East Village

The decision to leave your current home and look for a fresh start in Big Apple is a huge step in your life. Whether you are made this decision for your carrier or education, you would not regret it. The

How to store fine art?

If you are a fine art and sculpture collector, dealer, or artist then you know how important is to provide certain conditions in order to save your art pieces. Most fine art pieces are delicate and fragile. Once you need

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