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Things to do in Lower East Side

With its history and culture, the Lower East Side is one of the more interesting parts of NYC. It’s a part of the city filled with beautiful creativity and places of art. It has developed a lot in the recent

Tips for finding reliable movers in Gramercy

Do you need to move to NYC? Then, you should get professional help. It can be extremely stressful to organize relocation without hiring Manhattan movers. NYC is a huge city with millions of people, traffic, narrow streets, etc. For this

Where to find free moving boxes in NYC

Where to find free moving boxes in NYC, you ask? The answer is simple, they are everywhere. But you’ll have to be quick because you are not the only one hunting for them, especially during the peak moving season. That’s

Nolita vs East Village

Do you plan to move to NYC soon? Don’t worry, you are making the right choice. NYC is a beautiful city with many opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, rich or not, NYC is a place for

How to Estimate Moving Costs

Moving is often quite expensive. People usually start preparing their budget for at least four weeks in advance. In order to prepare well, you should get a couple of moving quotes. This way, movers will tell you the approximate price

Office packing checklist

Are you moving your offices soon, and looking for ways to stay organized? You’ve come to the right place! Manhattan Movers NYC know everything about office moves, and we know what you need to pay attention to. The office packing checklist

Moving while sick – tips and tricks

Moving is not the easiest task even when everything is going right. But if you’re feeling under the weather, that can make your relocation even harder. In fact, you may even want to delay the relocation if you can. If

Moving fine art long distance

Are you moving fine art long distance and looking for additional tips to keep it safe? You’ve come to the right place! Manhattan Movers NYC have years of experience in moving art of all kinds. There are numerous actions that

Moving from Upper Manhattan to East Village

Are you moving from Upper Manhattan to East Village soon? We’re happy for you! Manhattan Movers NYC have decided to share their experience on the matter. We know that planning a move, no matter the distance you need to cross,

Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves: Pros and Cons

When you are moving, it is important to choose your moving day carefully. However, most people cannot pick their moving date due to various reasons. These reasons might include rental lease ending, new job starting, and so on. Still, you

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