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    August 28. 2018

    How to make friends after the move?

    If you just moved to another city, you will want to make friends after the…

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    August 14. 2018

    10 public libraries in NYC you need to visit

    You have just moved to Manhattan, and naturally, you are looking at various things to…

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    August 9. 2018

    Moving to Minnesota 101

    Minnesota is a great state for relocation. The residents are very friendly and acceptive for…

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    August 2. 2018

    How to choose the best long distance movers in NYC

    Finding the perfect movers for the relocation was never an easy job.  Especially now, when the moving…

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    July 26. 2018

    Moving to Florida 101

    Are you looking for a change of scenery? Is your current job getting boring, are…

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    July 21. 2018

    What to expect when moving from Queens to Manhattan

    Moving from Queens to Manhattan can be full of challenges. But nothing that is unsolvable,…

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    July 15. 2018

    Moving to Canada 101

    If you are moving to Canada from any part of the world, the first thing…

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    July 10. 2018

    Decorate your Manhattan apartment – tips and tricks

    So, you did it. You moved to Manhattan! You found affordable housing in Manhattan to…

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    July 5. 2018

    How to move a hot tub?

    Ok, you have finally found the perfect new house and it is time for relocation.…

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    June 28. 2018

    Moving from New York to New Jersey – how to pick the right city?

    There is a constant rivalry between New York and New Jersey. The majority of New…

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