Can you keep a pool table in a garage?

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    If you have moved recently or are planning on relocating soon you might be wondering where to put your pool table. One of the places where you can store it is in a garage. But can you keep a pool table in a garage? Is that a proper place to store it? We are going to take a look at a few key things you need to do to safely put your pool table in a garage. Furthermore, we’re going to mention the importance of hiring reliable moving professionals such as Manhattan Movers NYC to assist you with your relocation.

    Can you keep a pool table in a garage if there is a lot of humidity?

    The majority of pool tables are made of wood. While wood may be treated to resist humidity, it is still going to be wood. Over time while your pool table is stored in a garage with lots of humidity it will warp and crack. Furthermore, if the humidity is really bad it can also cause mold to grow on different parts of your pool table. High water content in the air can cause resistance to the balls.

    The lifespan of your pool table felt will go down significantly because of high levels of humidity. Therefore, before storing it in a garage, make sure that you tackle the humidity. If the levels of humidity in your garage are too high, then it might be best to look for other storage solutions. Make sure you look for safe storage units Manhattan has to offer. Most of them are climate controlled. This way humidity will not be a problem, since the humidity levels are going to be optimal.

    drops of water on the window
    Can you keep a pool table in a garage? This can largely depend on the humidity levels

    Consider extreme temperatures

    Aside from humidity, extreme temperatures can also impact your pool table. Whether hot or cold a pool table is not going to be immune to extreme temperatures. The cushions of your pool table are the most susceptible to extreme temperatures. The cushions can harden when exposed to heat or even cold for longer periods of time. Replacing cushions is possible but it can become costly and if extreme temperatures are a problem, it might be best to look for a storage NYC to store your pole table. The aesthetics of the table can be affected by dry weather and extreme temperature because any leather attached to your table will, over time, dry out. To avoid this, make sure your garage is well ventilated, has an AC, and doesn’t get too cold during the winter months.

    Can you use your pool table if you store it in your garage?

    Where you use your pool table is sometimes irrelevant, but it is important how you play. Temperatures in the garage can change and sometimes this can make uncomfortable or unbearable conditions to play pool. Most people turn to indoor activities during the cold winter months. So, if you plan on doing this as well with your pool table, make sure the garage is well prepared for the winter months and can accommodate a comfortable pool play. If you are already preparing your pool table for the move, enlist the help of experienced pool table movers NYC to help you.

    a man playing pool
    Playing pool should be comfortable, fun, and exciting so ensure your garage space can provide this

    The best ways to protect it

    If you want to use your pool table for a long time you need to learn how to keep it in good condition. There are a few good ways you can help protect your pool table:

    • Insulation: One of the most efficient solutions to all of the problems listed above is to insulate your garage. Put insulation on three walls and help keep the area cool during the summer months. This also goes for warmth during the winter.
    • Floor covering: If you have a concrete floor this will not help keep the temperature steady. This will mostly be a problem during the winter months. However, it is a relatively easy fix. There are plenty of different garage floor coverings that are available and the majority of them will help you keep your garage at an optimal temperature.
    • AC unit and heater: A simple window unit or portable air conditioning is a perfect solution for handling an AC system in your garage. These systems will be able to handle both heating and cooling and provide perfect conditions.
    • Dehumidifier: If you know you’re moving to an area with high humidity chances are your garage is also going to be affected. A dehumidifier can help you protect your pool table from moisture damage as we’ve mentioned above. AC systems can also help you remove the humidity from your garage entirely.

    Once your garage is ready and prepared, complete your relocation process with the assistance of a reliable moving company Manhattan has to offer.

    a woman playing pool wondering can you keep a pool table in a garage
    Make sure to prepare your garage well before you decide to store your pool table

    Move your pool table with reliable and trustworthy movers

    The process of moving is often long and complicated. If you have a particularly sensitive item in your inventory such as your pool table, relocation might be harder. Therefore, it is important to be ready for it on time. By enlisting the help of trusted and reliable movers you are securing a safe and successful relocation. This goes for all of your items including your pool table. It is highly recommended to pack and relocate an item such as a pool table with the assistance of experienced movers in Manhattan, NY. They know how to handle bulky and delicate items.

    The answer to the question can you keep a pool table in a garage is definitely yes. However, as you can see you need to match all the conditions listed above. This will ensure that your pool table lasts you for years. 



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