Category: After the move

December 31. 2022

Post-Move Paperwork: the List

Relocating your home comes with many things that you need to do. One well-known task…

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December 15. 2022

Best Christmas things to do in NYC

After the last two Christmases have passed in the fight against the Covid-19 virus, we…

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August 15. 2022

Small piano room ideas

Having a piano in your own home was considered one of the best things you…

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August 2. 2022

Living in Chinatown – quick neighborhood guide

Making a decision about your next place of living can be hell. There are so…

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June 29. 2022

New York apartment renovation challenges to look out for

Renovating an old place can be just as exciting as buying a new one. While…

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June 20. 2022

Tips for settling into a new community

You've come a long way in moving from one house to another. From packing to…

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June 11. 2022

How to spend the first day in your new home

Once you get to your new home, you will feel a burden lifting off your…

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May 31. 2022

How to settle in quickly into a new office space

Moving can easily take a toll on you. All the tasks that need to be…

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May 21. 2022

How to organize closets after moving in your Manhattan apartment

If you ever wondered how to organize closets after moving, well too bad you came…

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May 19. 2022

Marvelous Things To Do This May In NYC

New York City is a marvelous city with great things to do. Every time of…

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