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January 3. 2022

Best NYC neighborhoods for artists

The population of artists in NYC is much larger than you would expect. And NYC…

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December 18. 2021

How to find a studio apartment in NYC

If you are looking to relocate to New York City, chances are that you are…

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October 30. 2021

Where Are New Yorkers Moving To

You might wonder if someone lives in NYC, that person has no desire to move…

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June 16. 2021

How to handle moving out of NYC?

It's finally time to leave your NYC home. For some, it's more difficult than for…

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December 27. 2020

Moving from Manhattan to Jersey City

Are you looking for a way to escape the high prices and fast pace of…

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December 5. 2020

The Pros and Cons of Retiring in NYC

When you think about retiring, usually it is a peaceful small town with clean air and…

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November 26. 2020

Moving from NYC to a small town

Life in the Big Apple is not for everyone. There is a good reason why…

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July 3. 2020

Moving from NYC to Florida

Although living in the famous New York City could be amazing, you've decided to move.…

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June 15. 2020

Things you must do in NYC this summer

Moving to New York City finally? How long have you been dreaming of this? Now…

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March 25. 2020

Benefits of moving to Soho

Are you moving to Soho, or do you know someone who is? If that is…

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