Moving from New York to New Jersey – how to pick the right city?

There is a constant rivalry between New York and New Jersey. The majority of New Yorkers cannot imagine ever moving home and living in New Jersey. However, for those of you who can, know that you have made a good decision. Only time will tell whether it was the right decision for you, but it can never be a bad one. So, if you are moving from New York to New Jersey, pay attention. Here is what you need to know when picking the right city in this state. Continue reading “Moving from New York to New Jersey – how to pick the right city?”

Advantages of moving to Manhattan

If you are planning to move to New York and you are wondering what might be the perfect place to live, this article will introduce you to the advantages of moving to Manhattan. Whatever the reason for relocating is: job, family, education or just fun and discovering new places, this city will certainly suit all your needs, especially Manhattan, the center of the Big Apple. Continue reading “Advantages of moving to Manhattan”

Pros and cons of living in NJ while working in NYC

Is  New York City really the greatest city in the World? Well, the opinions are divided. Really loyal New Yorkers would probably never leave behind the perks of living in one of the most popular cities in the World. However, in a quest for lower rental rates, spacious living space, and lower living expenses even some of them are secretly considering moving to some of the nearby NJ cities.  For some families living in NJ while working in NYC was the perfect combination. However, life-changing decisions, like moving out of the city have its upside and downsides. Depending on your requests, this will most likely be a situation where you will need to compromise. Therefore, make sure you are familiar with all of the aspects of living in one state while working in another before packing your bags. Continue reading “Pros and cons of living in NJ while working in NYC”

Manhattan or Queens – which one is for you

This is a guide for those who are planning to taste the big apple for the first time or perhaps move from another NY neighborhood. Relocating to New York City is a unique and challenging experience, whichever borough you choose. We are comparing Manhattan and Queens, two well-known boroughs that seem not to have much in common. Before you choose Manhattan or Queens, or any other borough, gather as much information as you can. Continue reading “Manhattan or Queens – which one is for you”

Moving from NYC to St. Paul

You are thinking about, or you have already decided that you’re moving from NYC to St. Paul very soon? You are in the right place. This is a big change, so you should know everything about the move itself and the differences between these two cities. We will help you with all of the facts you need to be aware of when moving to one of the Twin Cities, and also give you some tips and tricks on how to move and choose the best of Twin Cities moving companies. Continue reading “Moving from NYC to St. Paul”

Moving to Bergen County

Moving to a new area like Bergen County is a major event in your life. That’s why moving to Bergen County requires a lot of planning. You need to coordinate all the moving steps, to find the best moving services NJ, to find the right home, research the best public schools, etc.

It can be very stressful to find a new place to call it home. But, don’t worry. With our guide, your moving to Bergen County will be less complicated. Continue reading “Moving to Bergen County”