Category: Moving to Manhattan

August 14. 2022

Chinatown vs East Village from a student perspective

Life as a student is not easy. There are many matters that you have to…

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August 12. 2022

Is it easy to find an affordable Upper East Side apartment?

Whether it's your first time searching for an apartment or you have done it before,…

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August 10. 2022

How to find quick move-in homes in Manhattan

Looking for a perfect home can be challenging under the best of circumstances. However, when…

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June 25. 2022

Moving day expectations vs reality

So, you're going to be moving very soon. This must be a very exciting part…

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June 2. 2022

Should you hire professionals when moving a piano in Upper Manhattan?

So, you're going to be moving to Upper Manhattan. If you happen to have a…

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May 2. 2022

How to save up on your East Village move

Moving can sometimes be expensive, but there‚Äôs much you can do to reduce the cost.…

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March 27. 2022

Guide for entrepreneurs moving to Manhattan

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business in hope of making a…

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February 3. 2022

Having regrets about moving: what to do

Making the right decision is always hard, especially when deciding to move to another city.…

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January 30. 2022

Tips for making a decision to move to Manhattan

We could safely say that the majority of people in the world dream of living…

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January 18. 2022

How to organize a winter relocation in NYC

Do you plan to move across NYC this winter? Although you like sunny days more…

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