How to pack small appliances

There are many things we need to consider while moving to a new home. Relocation is a stressful process for everyone involved. Not only that we have to know how to pick the right moving service but also, we need to pack our home. Packing is very important and usually time-consuming. Especially when we consider all the small items that need special care. Relocating your clothes and furniture is straightforward, but what to do with gadgets and small appliances? With good preparation and organization, packing can be easier than you think. We bring you useful tips and advice on how to pack small appliances that will make the whole moving process smoother. Continue reading “How to pack small appliances”

How to stay in shape during relocation process?

Whether you are an active and physical type or not, moving will require your body to be strong and reliable. Lifting and carrying large and heavy boxes can take a big tole on your muscles and wear you out significantly. Not to mention all the stress which goes with the process itself. There are several ways to ensure you are fit and up to the task. In order to help, we will give you some advice on how to stay in shape during relocation that is upon you. Continue reading “How to stay in shape during relocation process?”

How to move a hot tub?

Ok, you have finally found the perfect new house and it is time for relocation. But do not think that the hard part is over. Even though moving is very exciting and fun project, there is a lot of preparation you need to make. And if you plan to have a smooth relocation, you need to plan everything ahead. Especially if you are moving for the first time.  One very important thing you need to do is to learn how to hire reliable moving specialists. They will help you to safely relocate even the heaviest items you have. Like a pian. Or a hot tub. If you are planning to move a hot tub, you shouldn’t even think about doing that without professional help. In order to help you prepare for a safe hot tub relocation, here are some useful tips. Continue reading “How to move a hot tub?”

Alternatives for Manhattan storage

When moving to Manhattan, you will be asking yourself plenty of questions and you will have a lot of doubts. Most of all, there will certainly be a lot of chaos around you. The moving process to your new Manhattan home will not be that easy. But finding the best Manhattan storage solutions is the beginning of the adjustment processStorage is a great option in many cases – when you have too many things at home or if you are moving to NYC temporarily. But before you get to find the best alternatives for storage Manhattan and organize your stuff, you should know how to prepare your belongings for storing. We are about to give you some good tips and ideas that you could use for finding good Manhattan storage units. Continue reading “Alternatives for Manhattan storage”

Manhattan moving supplies – all you need to know

In case you were wondering, relocating to Manhattan will not be cheap. If you haven’t started saving up and doing research on how to shave some moving costs, time to start. If it so happens that you’ve already secured your new residence and the services of a reliable Manhattan mover, you’re almost there. Now comes the next step – packing for the moving day. This is a process of its own – making of list of items, getting rid of some of the clutter, categorizing, labeling etc. But before you get into all that, you need to get some Manhattan moving supplies going for you. And this is where we come along to tell you where and what to look for. Continue reading “Manhattan moving supplies – all you need to know”

How to pack clothes for moving to Manhattan

It is very stressing to move your home. It’s especially stressful when moving to such a big city like Manhattan. Being that you have some additional issues to take care of so you wouldn’t have troubles on your moving day. But let’s be honest, the most stressing job is getting packed… The easiest part is packing some big items. Like your wardrobe, your couch or your tv. They are heavy, but you just need to put them into the truck. What really can ruin your day is the part when you pack clothes for moving to Manhattan. That’s truly a difficult part. If you’re lucky, and your wife is a packing freak, like mine, well, let’s just say you’re happy as hell. But if that’s not the case, you better learn it. You’ll see how useful it is to know how to pack clothes for moving to Manhattan. Continue reading “How to pack clothes for moving to Manhattan”

How to pack your office for Manhattan move

An entrepreneur, or a freelancer, has an additional headache when it comes to moving to NYC. Besides moving home, he/she needs to move the office too! And moving an office takes the additional preparations and efforts. First, you need to make sure you’ll have enough space for your office items in your new home or a place you’ll rent to work in. After that, given that the office might contain some special machines, you need to know if Manhattan movers you’re about to hire have the abilities to move them. Also, you need the knowledge of how to pack your office items and secure them from damaging during the transportation to The City. Don’t worry. Visiting our Manhattan Movers NYC website you’ll find some useful tips. For example, in this article, you’ll learn how to pack your office for Manhattan move!

Moving guide for business people:

How to pack your office for Manhattan move

Before you start, discover how to pack your office for Manhattan move
Find out how to pack your office for Manhattan move

When hiring movers in Manhattan, the first thing that occupies your mind is how to save some money. Or at least that’s what people we asked said. One of the best ways to trim Manhattan moving costs is to pack your items by yourself. Therefore, when you’re moving your office, you should pack the boxes yourself. This is something you could do, and by doing that, you’re avoiding the expense of leaving that job to professional Manhattan packers and movers. Every penny saved during the relocation to The City means one penny more for the beginning of life in the center of NYC. And it means a lot, New York and especially the NYC borough of Manhattan is a very expensive city! Hence, let’s learn how to pack your office for Manhattan move:

  • Learn how to secure important items from damaging- The know-how is the most important thing in every job. Get to know how to pack your office for Manhattan move
  • Prepare the packing items and material- Get the supplies so you could properly conduct the packing of your office.
  • Carefully pack and label your office stuff- Be very cautious while doing the packing, the safety of your items is at stake.

The knowledge is one-half of the job done

Nobody knows everything. So don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know how to pack your office for Manhattan move. It’s something the most of the people that never moved don’t know. So, is it more important not to feel the embarrassment of asking someone for help, or having your items ruined or damaged? We all know the answer. Have a look at some youtube video, ask a friend of yours or ask the professional mover. It doesn’t matter what source you’ll use to find out how to do the packing of your office for your Manhattan moving day. Wha really matters is to do it right. Especially when it comes to packing the electronics.  Get to work and start the training of how to properly pack your office.

for the packing, you need the packing supplies

You need packing supplies to properly pack your office for Manhattan move
You can’t pack your office for moving to Manhattan without packing supplies

To properly conduct the packing, you need the proper packing items and materials. In order to save money when moving your office to Manhattan, which is the goal if you’re gonna pack by yourself, we suggest you use previously used packing boxes. It saves you money, and it doesn’t make any difference if the box is new or used just once or twice. Talking about the supplies for packing the office prior to the Manhattan moving day, here’s what you  should prepare:

  • Packing boxes
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape
  • Wrapping material
  • Packing paper
  • Labels
  • Markers

Talking about the boxes, the size and the number of them vary a lot. It depends on the size of your office and the number of items how many boxes will you have, and what their size should be. But here are some examples we took from our clients:

  • 500 sq ft office: 6 small, 6 medium-sized and 6 large boxes
  • 1000 sq ft office: 16 small, 16 medium-sized and 6 large boxes
  • 2000 sq ft office: 16 small, 29 medium-sized, 9 large and 3 extra large boxes

The size of the boxes we’re mentioning here are standard:

  • small:            16”x12”x12”
  • medium:      16”x18”x16”
  • large:            18”x18”x24”
  • extra large: 18”x18”x28”

Now, this is just for the orientation. You need to check if you need all of these boxes, or you even need more. But, to prepare well for the packing part of moving your office to The City, we suggest you collect all the packing material on time! And to make a checklist of all the packing supplies you need. That way you won’t forget anything before the packing starts!

Packing your office for moving to manhattan

Now, it's time to pack the office items for relocation to Manhattan!
Now get up and pack your office for Manhattan moving day!

The real deal – the actual packing of your office items. Before you start, make a checklist of your office items. That helps not to forget to bring something. Here are the steps when you start to pack the stuff from your office:

  • Unload the desk and the shelves
  • Disassemble your office furniture and your office machines. Prepare everything to get packed. Before disassembling, take a photo of how everything should look like after you reassemble it.
  • Sort out the items- put like with like.
  • Be careful and pack all the important documentation in a secure place!
  • Put the items of the same size in the same place, so you could pack them in the same box. Save space!
  • Be especially careful packing your computer and the other sensitive machines.
  • After you feel in all the boxes, label them and make sure you visibly mark the content, so nothing gets damaged, and not a single important box is lost.
  • Let the Manhattan professionals for your office move do the loading and unloading part. Save yourself troubles of not doing it the right way and losing your items due to lack of your moving competence.


In the end, we will get back to the very beginning. Learn how to pack each important office item. When discussing how to pack your office for Manhattan move, we can’t know what are the items your specific office contains. So that’s your part. We wanted to make sure you understand how to prepare for office packing before you move it to Manhattan. Follow these steps, and you can’t possibly be wrong. But if you’re not careful enough, or you forget something, you could find yourself in a hurry, and therefore in a problem. That’s why we’ll emphasize again the importance of creating the checklists. For your office items as well as for the packing supplies. Forgetting any of two aforementioned would make you angry with yourself!

Packing tips for Manhattan move- Make your packaging a piece of cake

How many times did you go on a vacation and had problems while packing for a trip? Well, imagine what kind of problem it is to pack for moving home to Manhattan. Being that it’s a really big deal, we decided to help you. Every advice is worth when it comes to such a big job as packing the whole home. So here we shall provide you with packing tips for Manhattan move. We used the experience of our personnel, together with our clients’ experiences. Summarising those stories, and extracting the most important facts we got these packing tips for Manhattan move. Read on and find out what to do to remove or at least reduce the stress during the packaging for the Manhattan moving day.

Save yourself time and nerves – use packing tips for Manhattan move

All of the following are pieces of advice in case you’re not hiring professional movers in Manhattan to do the packing. This isn’t some kind of a bible. These tips don’t guarantee the fastest packing ever, nor they promise the least effort possible. They are just recommendations based on positive and negative experiences of people having the same job as you- packing for a move to The City. We made sure to provide you with the best suggestions on how to prepare for the process of packaging for moving to NYC. Therefore, here you’ll find the following packing tips:

Before you start the packing process:

  • Leave yourself enough time to follow the packing tips for Manhattan move
    Before the start of reading the packing tips for Manhattan move- make sure you have enough time

    The best time to start packing for moving to Manhattan- When to start the preparations for packaging process so you could make everything on time

  • Make the checklist of your belongings- This helps you not to forget anything
  • Bring only necessities with you- Decide what’s not moving to Manhattan with you
  • Get informed about the transportation of hazardous items- Maybe you’re not allowed to move some of your items
  • Arrange help for the packing- Make sure you call everybody on time, so they could help you with the complicated packing process.
  • Collect the packing items before you start packing- This is probably the most important of all packing tips for Manhattan move

During the packing process:

  • Be very careful and concentrated during the packaging- Secure your items so nothing gets the opportunity to damage or break
  • Do the packing in stages- Start with the least used items ending up with the stuff you use every day
  • Label the boxes noticeably- To make the content of the box obvious for professional movers

After the packing:

  • Enjoy the time with the people you love- Whatever job you do, don’t forget to have fun at least when it ends.

Packing tips for Manhattan move before you start the packaging process

When to start the packing your stuff moving to The City?

The best time to begin the packing, at least the planning on how to pack, is the day you decide to move to Manhattan. Because it’s really a tough job. You need to plan it well. You also need to make sure you have enough time for everything until the moving day. Because, when the moving day comes, Manhattan moving company isn’t gonna wait for you. They’ll come in the agreed time and expect everything to be ready for the moving.

Checklist of your belongings to pack for NYC move is very important

Make a checklist so you don't forget to pack something for moving to Manhattan
To make sure everything is packed to be moved to Manhattan, make a checklist of items you want to move

The first thing you should do before the packing is to make an inventory of everything you own. Of course, the most important is to make a checklist of those items moving to Manhattan. Without this document, all of the packing tips for Manhattan move would be unimportant. Because if you do the packing right, and forget something back in a previous home, the packing process will never be successful.

Decide what’s worth transporting to Manhattan

While making a checklist, you could, and you should, decide what’s coming with you to NYC. Being that almost every family has the items keeping to use sometimes. And that sometimes never comes. So it makes no sense to pack and pay for moving those items to the New York borough of Manhattan. Also, deciding not to bring some stuff, you could sell it online or arrange a garage sale. That way you could earn some money, besides saving for not transporting the clutter.

Hazardous items transportation to NYC

If you own some of the hazardous items, before you pack them for Manhattan relocation, make sure it’s no forbidden to transport. So if some of them require special allowance, or can’t be transported, you’re not gonna pack them. Otherwise, if you don;t find out, you could pack them, and forget where they are. So if the police stop you on your Manhattan moving day, you could break the law and have potential problems with the authorities.

Organise your friends and family coming to help you with the packing for Manhattan move

After you made a checklist of items to pack for transportation to Manhattan with you, you know the volume of the job. Therefore, you know how many friends you need for help. Call them immediately after you plan when you’re gonna do the main part of packing. Because they should have that in their plans. Otherwise, they could have something else. And that way you could easily end up without help on such an important day.

Get the packing items before the start of packing for moving to New York

When packing for moving to Manhattan- use previously used packing tools and save money
One of packing tips to save you money when moving to The City is to use previously used packing supplies

To conduct the packing, you need the packing supplies. It’s such a small step in the packing process, but without it, you can’t provide any packing. Therefore, this is another from packing tips for Manhattan move that we would emphasise as one of the most important. Here is what you should collect:

  • Moving boxes- Different sizes of boxes useful for packing. Have in mind the various sizes of your items, so you should get the number of each size of boxes according to that information.
  • Packing tape- The widest and the thickest tape shall certainly do the job
  • Blankets, newspaper, bubble wrap- For wrapping various items needed extra protection during the transportation.
  • Scissors- There will be so much cutting during the packing process (packing tape, newspaper, boxes,,,)
  • Markers- To mark the boxes
  • Labels- For labelling of the boxes

Extra tip: Get previously used packing supplies, but make sure they’re still usable. Because this way you could save money. You may ask your friends and family to borrow you everything not meant for one time only use. And the moving boxes you may find in some storage, of in the supermarket.

Packing tips for Manhattan move during the very packing process

Take care to pack everything right before it gets transported to Big Apple

If you’re focused during the packing, and you learn how to pack every kind of items, there’s a great probability that everything will remain undamaged. But in case you’re sloppy or careless, you could end up crying over spilt milk. Hence, prevent the troubles by being smart and careful. If you don’t know how to pack some fragile items to get them safely to New York City, read it on the web. And make sure you respect every advice. You want to pack everything to get to Manhattan safe.

Divide the packing process into the stages

By doing this you’re making sure to pack your items for moving to Manhattan in advance and avoid all the stress.  Also, you’re making yourself comfortable and leaving less job for the big packing day. So when planning on the moving in stages, you should first pack the items you rarely use, and surely not intending to use until moving to Manhattan. After that, pack the stuff for another season. Such as skiing equipment or winter clothes in case you’re moving during the summer. After that pack the larger items and put them on the bottom. And leave the most important items, those using every day, for the big packing day– the day or two before Manhattan moving day.

Mark the boxes so everybody may see what content is inside

This is especially important for fragile items (such as the dishes) or the items that could easily damage during the transportation (for example the TV). If you label the boxes in the right manner, the Manhattan professionals for your move shall pay special attention moving them. On the contrary, if you don’t mark the boxes, the personnel of the Manhattan moving company couldn’t know what to be careful with, and that’s how the most of the damages are made. Also, if you’re using previously used boxes, make sure you over tape the previous labels. So they wouldn’t make a confusion.

After all the hard work on the big PACKING day- leave enough time to have fun!

This is as important as all other packing tips for Manhattan move. You’re moving. Therefore you’ll be away from your neighbours and your friends. Being that they’ll be the ones to help you on the big packing day, have fun with them, It’s not like you’re gonna see them soon. And those moments will you remember once you get settled and experience a nostalgy in your new home in Manhattan.