Challenges for first-time Manhattan renters

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    Manhattan could be a scary place for newcomers and young people. It’s a huge and very popular place with so many people whether they are residents or visitors. However, this should not scare you away from your intention of living in Manhattan. Sure, it will be a little confusing and even a little bit scary at the beginning. But that is completely normal as you would feel the same in any other place. For this reason, you should continue planning your move with Manhattan movers. However, you should be prepared to overcome the difficulties of a renting world in Manhattan. There will be some challenges as renting market in Manhattan is like nothing you ever encounter. For this reason, here are the challenges for first-time Manhattan renters and how to overcome them.  

    What kind of challenges for the first-time Manhattan renters you can expect?  

    New York City is a very popular city among the Americas and foreigners alike. Additionally, Manhattan is the most popular part of NYC but also the most expensive one. As there is a lot of competition for apartments and homes in Manhattan, the prices are higher than in other smaller places. Naturally, everyone wants a nice home in a great location. For this reason, you should prepare a big budget for renting an apartment in Manhattan. But to compensate for the cost of renting, you can use cheap ways to move to Manhattan.   

    Now it’s time to find your first apartment in Manhattan. There are a few things you should pay attention to when trying to rent an apartment in Manhattan. You should do the following.

    • Look in advance  
    • Find a reliable real estate agent  
    • Prepare a ton of documents  
    • Don’t lose hope  
    Challenges for first-time Manhattan renters for big buildings
    Prepare everything you need in advance

    What kind of apartment exists in Manhattan?  

    There are many different types of apartments in Manhattan. The most common are micro-apartments, convertible, studio and alcove studio, one-bedroom, and classic six. These all are small apartments with one room or two. You won’t have a ton of space and storage options. For this reason, you will have to think about downsizing and living in a limited space. Additionally, the smaller apartments are first to be rented out as they are more affordable. For this reason, you should book and start your search at least a month in advance.  

    Now comes the hardest and challenging part of renting in Manhattan and that is preparing documents. No matter how hard and thoroughly you prepare, you will almost certainly miss some documents. The list of documents required to rent an apartment in NYC goes almost indefinitely. But you can gather them all if you start in advance.  

    a building at the corner
    You can find a lot of different types of apartments

    How to deal with landlords in Manhattan?  

    One of the challenges for first-time Manhattan renters is dealing with landlords. For this reason, you should know your rights as a renter to avoid unpleasant encounters with your landlord. You have the right to ask for heat, hot and cold water, security, and good lighting. The landlord should be responsible for fixing damages, painting the apartment, and providing normal living conditions. Also, the landlord doesn’t have the right to barge in the apartment whenever he or she likes. They should first announce themself before coming to the apartment. 


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