Challenges of relocating to a new city alone

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    Every move is challenging, especially if you are moving on your own. However, in order to move stress-free, the key thing is to recognize which challenges you may face and prepare for them in time. Relocating to a new city alone can either be the best or the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Let`s make moving to Manhattan on your own the best thing by following our simple guide. No matter what the challenge is, just have faith in yourself that you have what it takes. Remember, thousands of people are moving on their own and having fun while doing it. Nothing is impossible, and you will have the perfect opportunity to get to know who you truly are.

    Piggy bank.
    Budget is one of the challenges that you may face when relocating to a new city alone, so start saving money.


    One of the first challenges that you will come across is definitely your budget. When moving with someone you get to share the cost, but relocating to a new city alone does not imply this. That is why it is important to set your budget and stick to it. Calculate how much money you will need for transportation, housing, visa if necessary, additional costs, etc. Put it all on paper and see where you stand. If at this point you do not have enough money for everything from the list, eliminate the things you do not need. And by all means, start saving money. You can easily lower your moving costs, so do not worry about it. Here are a few suggestions that will help you:

    • Get rid of what you do not need – And we mean it. Bring only the things you will actually need and use in your new apartment. The price of your move will largely depend on the weight of the shipment. So, the fewer things you have, the cheaper the move will be. Donate, sell, or throw away all the old, broken, and useless things. This is also an excellent way to come to terms with the move and letting go of the past.
    • Save money on packing supplies – You do not need to buy all the packing supplies that you need. Take a good look at what you already have in your home. Use bags and suitcases instead of moving boxes for clothes and books. Or, go to the nearest grocery store and ask for some moving boxes. Use towels, linen and old newspapers instead of moving blankets and packing peanuts. Think outside of the box and save money.


    When relocating to a new city alone, you are free to choose your new apartment that will fit your needs. Why is this then a challenge? First of all, you need to see if the apartment is within your budget. And, then finding an apartment that is in the location that you want, provides you with enough space and fits the price. We suggest that as soon as you make the decision to move you start searching for the right apartment. Sometimes, the quest can last for weeks so it is never too early to start looking for it. Of course, you can always find an apartment and decide to remodel a house or an apartment, but it would be best to find exactly what you are looking for. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to speed up the process:

    A nice home that will help you overcome the challenges of moving to a new city alone.
    Find the perfect apartment that will fit your needs.
    • Ask friends for recommendations – If you know somebody in your new city, get in touch with them. Ask them to recommend a good neighborhood, where the prices are not through the roof. And, who knows you might find yourself a roommate.
    • It would be ideal if you can visit the new city and get a sense of what you can expect – Once you find your new apartment, you will not have to worry about packing services, as they are one of the top services that you can receive.
    • Search the Internet – Sit comfortably and go through ads about renting or selling a house/apartment. The most important thing is not to give up, even though you do not like what is on the market. Your perfect apartment is waiting for you.
    • Hire a real estate agent if want to purchase a house or an apartment – Follow these tips when hiring a professional real estate agent and you will not regret it.

    Loneliness is the biggest of the challenges to relocating to a new city alone

    This may be the biggest challenge of them all when relocating to a new city alone. Having no one in the same position as you, making such a big change in your life, can get lonely at times. When you get tired or frustrated, it would be good to have someone around you. Well, the good thing is that you can overcome this challenge as well.

    • Don`t neglect your social life just because you are moving -Moving requires a lot of time and organization. But, if you start on time, it is pretty easy to still see your friends over a cup of coffee or watch a movie together. At least a couple of times a week, spend a few hours with your friends and family members.
    • Don`t spend a lot of time indoors in a new city – If you get lonely after the move, the worst thing you can do it sit inside the house. Get out, join the gym, go to the park, meet your neighbors. All it takes is a little bit of a positive attitude, and soon you will meet new people.
    Woman on a beach alone.
    You will not overcome loneliness if you do not get out every day.

    Relocating to a new city alone has its set of challenges, as we already mentioned. But, none of these challenges is too hard or non-avoidable. Just take each day as it comes and do not take everything too seriously. Remember that this period will pass too and you will overcome every obstacle that comes your way. Good luck!


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