Change of Address in NYC Checklist

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    There are so many things that we need to do after the relocation that the ones that are most obvious need to be done we often forget. One of those things is changing the address. To change the address you actually need to prepare some stuff before the relocation. This may be the biggest reason why people have some difficulties after the move. So, if you are new in New York City and you have just moved with the best movers in Manhattan, check out what you need to do when it comes to a change of address in NYC.

    Change of address in NYC checklist

    There are many places and many people that need to be informed when it comes to changing their address. Depending on who are you living with and where you have moved from, you will have some different forms to fill in. But other than that, after moving with one of the best moving companies NYC has, you should make a checklist with places and people to inform.

    The number on the mailbox after the change of address in NYC
    Do not forget to inform important facilities.

    Checklist with places and people to inform

    Some of these institutions you have to inform sooner, others later, but overall, here is who must know that you have changed your address:

    • Post office – The best part of this is that you can do it online. You will not have to waste time finding the closest one and filling out some forms. It will be the same as filling out the moving quotes NYC is offering, just visit the USPS website.
    • Office – In case you are not changing your firm and your business, that you have just moved to another apartment, you need to inform them of the change of the address.
    • Bank – If you are renting a place, you need to give the new address to your bank.
    • Insurance company – For those who have insurance and they pay for it every month, you need to inform the company. The address will be automatically related to the ones in the bank if you are paying for it from the same account.
    • Internet service provider – the most important one for people who work remotely! You need solid and fast internet so that you can work from your new home.
    • Telephone provider and cable company – These are just the following utilities you need to take care of.
    • Utility companies – gas, electric, water, etc. New bills will come and you need to pay for them.
    • School – in case you are relocating with kids or you are going to a university.
    • Health insurance – for all of you who use health insurance, and visit doctors ad dentists, you should give them a new address.
    A person holding a letter in front of a mailbox
    Change of address in NYC will help you get your newsletter subscriptions

    Changing the address with DMV

    With the majority of the institutions and facilities we have mentioned, it is enough to just inform them about the change of your address. However, if you have a vehicle, the procedure is slightly different. First of all, it will cost you around $17.50 to change the address on your license. The Law in the State of NY says that you need to change the information about your address on any kind of driving document within 10 days. The process is simple. You visit the website, fill out the form, and update the address. The process is similar to a change of address in NYC with USPS.

    Don’t forget the most important people in your life

    There is one group of people you need to inform first when moving to Manhattan. And those are your friends and family. Informing them about your new place and your new address will make you feel comfortable and secure there. They will be able to find you whenever they need you. Plus, if you ever need anything, they will know where to come. That is why you should not forget them when you deal with a change of address in NYC.


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