Chinatown Neighborhood Review

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    Reading reviews can be of help when making important decisions, and choices, even when it comes to moving. This time we will introduce you to one more wonderful neighborhood in New York that may be your new home. We will reveal a lot of details, and interesting facts, but also reviews of the inhabitants of this place. If Chinatown is your choice for moving, you can always fully rely on Manhattan Movers NYC. And now, we will present you the Chinatown neighborhood review, which will help you see why this place is your ideal choice. So, here we go!

    Welcome to the Chinatown!

    Do you know how and when Chinatown was created? It’s common knowledge that the boundaries of New York neighborhoods were constantly changing, and are still changing today. But in the previous decades, no neighborhood has pushed its boundaries as much as Manhattan’s Chinatown. Chinatown used to be a small enclave around Pell, Doyers, and Mott streets, and today, after several decades, it has grown considerably. Today, Chinatown covers the place where Little Italy used to be in the north. And at the same time occupies a large part of the Lower East Side. In 1859, about 200 Chinese lived in today’s Chinatown, and today that number has grown to 14,336. And yes, today’s population isn’t only made up of Chinese as it used to be. Because in 1859, immigration laws didn’t allow families to join New Yorkers.

    Chinatown street
    Chinatown is a neighborhood in Manhattan that has grown exponentially in the last few decades and expanded its boundaries.

    So, in order to better understand the way of life in Chinatown, and before you find your Chinatown movers, you must familiarize yourself with this small but very interesting neighborhood of Manhattan. And we will help you with that. Through the Chinatown neighborhood reviews of its residents and visitors that we have singled out, you will have the opportunity to find out firsthand what it’s really like to live here.

    What Chinatown neighborhood review consists of

    So, Chinatown is located in Manhattan and this district is what makes Manhattan exciting and unforgettable. China is 1357 miles away from Manhattan, but only 8.1 miles separate them from their way of life, culture, customs, food, and other things. And if you’re wondering what Chinatown looks like, here’s the answer. When you exit the Canal Street subway, the first thing you will see is a neon light store. As you wander around, you’ll come across vendors selling fake designer bags. When you find yourself in the narrow streets of Chinatown, where there are heaps of different products in shops and stalls, you will feel as if you have traveled a whole 1357 miles away from Manhattan. Around you, you will be able to see juicy ducks hanging in the windows, but you will also be able to find a lot of restaurants and enjoy Chinese cuisine.

    So, the main characteristic of Chinatown are:

    • Best place for food shopping
    • Neighborhood with the best restaurants
    • A good place to live

    Chinatown is the best neighborhood for food shopping

    What is characteristic of Chinatown is that it’s fairly well stocked with popular and traditional Chinese groceries, but most Chinese-style supermarkets lack standard American groceries like bread, butter, yogurt, milk, etc. Also, in Chinatown, there is a specialized Thai place on Mosco Street. Here you can buy everything you need for Thai food, such as Pad Thai, coconut curry, Thai iced tea, etc. If you want special tastes, visit Chinatown.

    Market place, part of Chinatown nighborhood review
    Some of the popular and traditional Chinese groceries can only be found in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

    Chinatown is a neighborhood with the best restaurants

    When it comes to the best restaurant, opinions are divided. But, if we start with the type of food, then it will look like this. If you like soup and dumplings, then the best restaurant for that is Joe’s Shanghai on Pell Street. When it comes to Chinese barbecue, the best restaurant for it’s Big Wong on Mott Street. If you want to try the famous Japanese-style cheesecake just a few steps away on Mott Street is Keki Modern Cakes. What is specific about Chinatown is that here you can eat all kinds of Chinese food, all from different provinces of China. If food is what attracts you, start looking for the best movers in Manhattan and start your move. Because in addition to all these restaurants, many more different flavors await you to discover! Chinatown really is a paradise for those who enjoy different flavors.

    Chinatown is a good place to live

    It is a fact that Chinatown is considered one of the best places to live. Especially when it comes to family. Education opportunities are excellent, and residents say the best schools are in District 2. Some of the best schools in Chinatown are Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, Townsend Harris High School, and many others. When it comes to housing options, you have many of them, but most are apartments without elevators. Rent is around $1,570 per month, while real estate prices are $1,243,443.

    Chinese lanterns in Chinatown
    Chinatown neighborhood review can tell you that the culture in this part of Manhattan is distinctly different compared to the whole of NY.

    Are you moving to Chinatown?

    So, until now, through the Chinatown neighborhood review, you have been able to get to know this place and, based on the reviews of its residents, understand what kind of life is represented here. If you want to move to Chinatown, we advise you to find moving services in Manhattan NY that will be of great help to you. And we also want to tell you that you will really enjoy this neighborhood and have the opportunity to see a lot of new and interesting things. Don’t wait for too long, and don’t hesitate. You can really enjoy different benefits in Chinatown, so better sooner than later.



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