Chinatown vs East Village from a student perspective

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    Life as a student is not easy. There are many matters that you have to think about now and it can easily become overwhelming. One of the decisions may be your next place of living. There is a common battle among students, Chinatown vs East Village. This decision needs to be based on facts that will help you a lot. After that, all you have to do is find a reliable moving company, like Manhattan Movers NYC, that will make sure you get to your new place of living with ease. So, here is what you should know about both of these places in order to make the right decision.

    Chinatown – a historical district

    One of the best reasons why you should consider Chinatown over East Village as your new place of living is the location. It is in downtown Manhattan which means that you are in the center of everything. Everything is close to you and you do not have to worry whether you will go to another place, even on foot. Students do not own cars, and you probably do not too. However, the commute is so good that you will get anywhere you need in no time. All of this sounds great and you may be tempted to call the Chinatown moving company that will handle your relocation. However, see what East Village has to offer and make a decision based on this!

    a busy chinatown street
    How to choose between Chinatown vs East Village?

    East Village – one of the prettiest places in NYC

    As the title suggests, this is one of the prettiest, friendliest, fanciest, and most captivating neighborhoods in the whole of NYC. Definitely when we compare Chinatown to East Village. You will have the chance to live in one hip and trendy place with lots of other students. Also, you are close to New York University which is probably your final destination.

    However, East Village is not perfect. The commute is not that great like in Chinatown so it can be a big con for many students. However, it should not persuade you to avoid this great place. Most people choose this place due to the proximity to NYU so it may be the prevailing factor. If this is the case, you should make sure to pick the good moving company East Village has to offer. Moving to this part of NYC can be hectic and you want to avoid any problems at all costs!

    tall buildings in nyc
    East Village is close to NYU, which is a big bonus!

    Chinatown vs East Village – no matter which you choose, you are in Manhattan

    This is an important thing to say. Manhattan is one of the greatest places in NYC and definitely a synonym for Big Apple. There are many great reasons why you should come and live here like:

    • diversity all around you
    • opportunities for everyone
    • the center of happenings
    • best nightlife
    • everything you need is there

    Also, if you choose to move to Manhattan, you will see that some of the best moving companies are located there. You do want to have an experienced moving company Manhattan has to offer because relocating within NYC is problematic. There are a lot of cons to this so you want to be as careful as possible! Once you decide who wins the battle Chinatown vs East Village, make sure to contact professional movers to help you with your move.

    Chinatown and East Village are both great options for students!

    There is no point in telling you what to choose. The key thing is that you should decide for yourself. Our goal was not to declare the winner of Chinatown vs East Village. The point is to give you insight into what to expect when moving to both of these places. After that, the choice is yours. But, whatever you choose, you are not going to make a mistake!



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