Should you clean your new house before or after you move in?

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    When moving (no matter where and when), every person in the family have a lot of work. Cleaning old home and a new home is part of the moving process. Probably one of the most boring part. Maybe you are thinking about when to clean your new house? Before or after you move in? A lot of people have this doubt. It mostly depends on where you are moving. How?

    Local move

    When you are moving locally, you should clean your house before moving day. It is easier to clean when the house is empty, without the furniture inside. Also, when cleaning you can paint the walls or repair something you do not like. Clean it a few days before you move in. Probably it will be too exhausting for you, but you will be glad when you move into a new, clean, and fresh house, where you can put your furniture in. If you want to finish faster, ask professionals for unpacking assistance. They will reassemble the furniture and unpack your boxes.

    Long-distance move

    You will not be able to be in your new home before moving day if you are moving to another country. Moving your household items to another state, and finishing up the rest of the work is very hard. In this situation, you have two options.

    • Clean your new house after you move in. You can store your furniture in a storage unit for a day or two. It is a little bit hard to clean it with the furniture inside, but it is possible. Just organize your items.
    • Hire professionals to clean your new house. Every country in the world has cleaning companies you can hire. It is not too expensive and it can help you a lot after moving. Search it online, or if you have friends or family there, ask them to find a cleaning company instead of you.

    How to clean your new house?

    You can clean your new house by yourself, it is simple. If you are a senior and you are moving, the best option for you is to hire professionals. With a quick and simple guide, it will be finished fast. Here are some simple tips about where to start and how to clean. It depends on the type of new house. If it does have some furniture, you will have a little bit more work.

    Clean the kitchen first

    Start with the kitchen first when cleaning your new home. If you have purchased or rented a furnished house, first clean the refrigerator. Clean it well and deep. Spray it and leave while you are cleaning the rest of the kitchen. Do not clean just the inside. Clean the outside too. This is also a rule for a stove. So, clean an oven, sink, fridge, cabinets, and countertops. It is a good idea to make a cleaning checklist and you will not forget anything. A job will be easier if the house is all empty, but in most situations, it is not the case.

    Cleaning the kitchen in a new house.
    First, you should clean the kitchen because of the food.

    Cleaning a new bathroom

    If you will clean after you move in, pack in your essential box all the cleaning supplies (new and unopened). For the bathroom, you will need chemicals, but if you do not want to use them, baking soda and lemon or vinegar will work just fine. Clean the tub, toilet, and sink. Chemicals are not good for the environment, so if you are thinking green, a mixture of vinegar and water will work for shower doors. By cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, most of the job is already done. They are the most important part.

    Cleaning a sink in a bathroom.
    One of the most important rooms to clean is the bathroom.

    Clean the walls

    If the walls in your new house are not recently painted, you should do it. Nothing is better than fresh and clean walls. Some paints on the walls can be washed, but if you want to change color, wallpapers or paint is the only solution. If you do not have time for remodeling your new home, just wash walls with a mixture of water and vinegar. Make your new house feel like home and out something fresh. You can also decorate the walls by putting some photos, artwork or any other decoration.

    A man is painting the walls.
    If the walls are not painted recently, you should do it to fresh them up.

    Leave floors for the end

    In the end, you should clean the entire floors. In the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms, etc. A steam cleaner is a good cleaner if you want a deep clean. You can rent it or hire a professional to do it for you. Especially if you have carpets in each room. They are hard to clean unless you have a good machine for that. It is worth it to hire someone. sealed hardwood also can be steamed, but not if they are not sealed.

    Bucket with a water for cleaning the floors.
    Keep your floors clean and shiny.

    Hiring a mover is also part of the relocation process

    Before a moving day (immediately when you find out about the exact moving date) hire a moving company. It is highly recommended for every type of moving. A moving company must be reliable, reputable, and experienced. One of these companies is JB Movers Los Angeles. While you are cleaning, both of the houses (old and new), a company you will hire will transport all your household items. The most important thing is to check the insurance when researching. So, don’t worry about your belongings, because they are safe.

    We recommend you to clean your new house before you move in, if it is possible and if you are able to do it. If you cannot, you can always hire a cleaning service and they will clean instead of you. Moving is not a simple and easy process, but with a good organization and team, it will be definitely much easier for everybody.


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