Cleaning a storage unit checklist

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    Although an organized and clean storage unit is something that we all wish for, sometimes we just bring there all those things we want to get rid of. For just a couple of visits, your storage unit can become crowded with so much clutter. Even if you are aware of this mess, it is hard to find some time to clean and organize your storage. Regardless of the size of your rented storage NYC, you will need several hours to organize and sort out your things there. But if you don’t want to look at all that clutter every time you visit your storage, we will be glad to help you to prepare for cleaning out your storage unit. For that reason, we did create this simple cleaning a storage unit checklist. All you need is to follow the steps we will remind you of, so let’s do it!

    Prepare for this project by creating a checklist for cleaning your storage unit

    Whether you need to clean out just one single room inside your home or the entire house, it is hard to conduct without a clear plan. This is because certain things you need to do while cleaning are time-consuming and draining. For less than an hour, you could become completely lost and without the energy to proceed with your activities. The situation is pretty much the same when it comes to cleaning your storage unit. For instance, it will be enough to open just one moving box full of different things and you could become distracted from your cleaning plans. But our experts for moving and storage NYC will help you get back on track and finish your job successfully. And there is nothing that will help you more than our cleaning a storage unit checklist.

    A checklist on the top of the moving box
    Don’t forget to keep your checklist handy all the time.

    Some people enjoy cleaning and organizing their space, and others just don’t. Whether you are among the first or the second group, certain things will make this job for you easier. If possible, plan out this project during the weekend or vacation. Also, it will be helpful if the weather is nice and the sun is shining. This will definitely give you more energy for all activities you need to take to clean out your storage unit. Also, in case you plan to move your home with the help of residential movers NYC, don’t postpone this task. Even if you know you could spend your weekend doing something more interesting, once you do this you will get rid of one considerable annoyance in your life. So, let’s see all steps you need to take while following the cleaning storage checklist.

    Make a full inventory list – the first step of cleaning a storage unit checklist

    Have you decided to clean out all your possession in your storage unit for just a few hours? With some planning, you can conduct it smoothly. But if there are just too many items in there, you could easily toss something you forgot is placed there. Once you realize that you did throw something important in a hurry, you will be disappointed. But if you stick to our cleaning storage unit checklist you will avoid such a mistake.

    A woman creates cleaning a storage unit checklist
    Your task will become a breeze with our cleaning a storage unit checklist.

    So, the first thing that you need to do is to create an inventory of all items you have inside your storage. This list will help you see what things you are working with during this cleaning action. Also, this list will help you not to toss some things you would rather keep, but you can overlook by mistake. Also, this list will be helpful when you need to determine what packing supplies NYC you will need to organize your unit and get there some free space. All in all, once you make a list of your storage inventory, you can easily keep track of all your items. Whether you plan to toss useless items or just want to sanitize your storage unit, making an inventory is inevitable.

    It is time to divide and sort out your items and do the cleaning

    Even if you spend the entire day packing your storage inventory, if you don’t throw anything, you won’t get extra space in your storage. So, identify things you don’t want to keep anymore and put them aside. Although you can rent another storage, our experts for storage unitsĀ  Manhattan recommend you first organize the one you have at your disposal. Before you start cleaning floors and shelves, it would be ideal to empty your storage unit. And once you bring all your inventory out, that will be an excellent opportunity to sort out everything. To clarify, here is what you should do:

    • Follow your inventory list and take the items out of your storage unit, group (of items) by the group;
    • Take items from your shelves, too;
    • Gather proper cleaning supplies you did purchase at the Walmart store;
    • Clean floors and wipe off shelves and other surfaces in your storage unit;
    • Keep following cleaning a storage unit checklist and take time to sort out items you did take out;
    • While you are waiting for your floors to get dry, determine what items you would not back in the unit.
    A mountain of boxes in the storage
    Take everything out of your storage

    Keep your plans in mind and prioritize

    There is no one that can help you better stay organized than your friends or family members. Sometimes they know about your plans more than you do. So, they will be there to remind you of things that you could forget about. Your friends could encourage you to say goodbye to the useless things that present the clutter inside your storage unit. Also, they probably know your relocation plans and will lend you a helping hand to get clean your storage unit before you bring more of your items there. All in all, this simple cleaning a storage unit checklist will simplify your upcoming plans. We wish you have fun and make your storage unit sparkle!


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