Commercial moving checklist

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    Business moving is a challenge that starts a couple of months before the moving day and does not end after the move. It is a process that takes dedication, thorough planning, and efforts from all of your employees. Moving your office is not going to be easy. You should be prepared that is going to be even more complex than moving your home. Besides, commercial moving involves not only your employees but also your clients as well as taking care of your business deadlines that should not be interrupted. Our Manhattan Movers NYC wants to remind you of the best ways to cope with your business move. Get ready for planning, preparation and a lot of communication, because that is the key. Above all, the best way to stay organized is to follow this commercial moving checklist. Let’s make a perfect plan for commercial moving together.

    Commercial moving checklist for a stressless move

    Although business moving is demanding, there are steps you can take to keep things running as smoothly as possible. On the top of the list what you could do to ensure the pleasant move is hiring reliable commercial movers. Moreover, you should hire moving experts who have been helping businesses move all over the city and country for many years. We are proud of our office movers and so glad to answer your needs while you are focused on business obligations. And while you are busy making your clients satisfied, we will do our best to do the hardest parts of your move instead of you.

    Prepare your team for a stress-free office moving.

    Not only they will be there for you through the whole process but also they can provide you with useful advice. Our commercial movers NYC prepared this handy guide to help you get through the move without unnecessary stress. In fact, we created a business moving checklist for you as a reminder to keep in mind important facts before you even started. With our little help, you could coordinate logistics on time which means to prevent any unpredictable obstacles from happening during the move.

    Business moving checklist for couple months before the move

    • Setting a budget is one of the most important tasks from your commercial moving checklist. That will help prevent you from overspending.
    • Get quotes from several moving companies. Ask for moving estimates from moving companies that can service your area. After you get accurate moving estimates, compare them accordingly to your budget.
    • Determine if you need moving coverage or additional insurance.
    • Check your current lease. ¬†You may be on the hook for a deposit or fee if you break your lease early.

    Three or two months before

    • Confirm your moving date. After you confirmed your new office space, make a reservation with the moving company and secure other moving arrangements.
    • Notify your employees about the office relocation date. Begin decluttering unneeded documents, files, and office items.
    • Gather your team and draft a commercial moving checklist of your upcoming moving day together.
    • Notify local and international partners, affiliates, and suppliers of your relocation.
    • Identify and update company subscriptions, mailing addresses, and stationary.
    • Arrange for phone and internet installation.
    • Make a plan for setting up computers and IT systems.
    Commercial moving checklist
    Create a schedule for your upcoming move.

    Office move week

    • Write down emergency contact list with all applicable vendors.
    • Go to your nearest Walmart and provide packing supplies to your teams.
    • Provide recycling and garbage bins for employees to purge their desks and filing cabinets of things they do not need.
    • It is time for packing. Just follow your commercial moving checklist and avoid moving mistakes.
    • Ensure all boxes and electronics are appropriately labeled to ensure they will be a move to the right location.
    • Change locks, and access codes to secure the new building before you move-in.


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