Common misconceptions about hiring movers

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    Moving is not something that we do on a daily basis. That’s why we want to be prepared and fully organized. The first thing that we wonder about is if we should do it on our own or if we should hire a moving company. We heard many awful stories about those companies and also, there are many misconceptions about hiring movers. Myths are various. They are scammers, hiring them is expensive, your things will get lost, the list goes on and on. Fortunately, nowadays there are many great moving companies. And if you live in NY, here you can learn about some of the best moving companies NYC has. Continue reading and let’s bust those myths.

    A guy standing beside a white van of a moving company. People often have many misconceptions about hiring movers
    There are many misconceptions about hiring movers – actually, hiring them is a great idea.

    Hiring moving companies is costly and it’s cheaper to move on your own

    Many people are trying to save money when relocating and they believe that moving on their own is a better choice. But, in reality, if you hire a moving company the whole process will cost the same. Or it will be even cheaper. People forget that there are many hidden costs. There are many things to spend money on such as renting a truck, buying appropriate boxes, fuel, all kinds of packing supplies, and so on. Hiring a moving company will definitely ensure a stress-free move.

    Some of your belongings will be damaged or lost forever

    There are many accidents that can occur while moving. But most probably, more accidents will happen when you move on your own. People who work in moving companies are professionals who have the right equipment, so there is less chance for incidents to happen. What is more, they are paid to get your items safely to another location and to make you satisfied. If the opposite happens, they will most likely lose their jobs. You can rely on their professionalism.

    A man holding a box
    People who work for the moving companies are trained and professional

    Misconceptions about hiring movers and packing: You will be responsible for packing everything

    This is another huge misconception. We all know that the worst part about moving is packing. Packing is exhausting and after packing there are still some things to do, such as labeling and taping. What is good to know, is that moving companies offer packing services as well. Some moving companies provide packing services, which means that they will handle everything for you. That includes including inventorying and labeling, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

    You cannot know which companies you can trust

    Nowadays, you can check almost everything and everyone, at least with the power of the Internet. If you are having trouble with determining which moving company is reputable, the simplest thing you can do is google it. You will probably find some reviews and comments of previous customers. Also, if you live in New York City, check these local movers Manhattan area offers. Keep in mind that hiring a company with a good reputation and long history of operating is always a wise solution. Sometimes, you can ask your friends for some recommendations, as well.

    All moving companies are the same and have a similar way of operating

    There are many misconceptions about hiring movers and this is maybe the most common one.  But, remember, not all moving companies function in the same way. They don’t have the same services, products, or the same history of professionalism. For this reason, it can be difficult to compare them, especially when it comes to comparing their moving quotes. And then again, there are going to be some that are fraudulent and unprofessional, as well. Also, there are various moving services you may need. For example, if you are in need of an office moving you can check these office movers Manhattan has to offer. Do your research before moving.

    A moving company will try to take advantage of you and scam you

    One more common misconception about hiring movers is that all moving companies plan to trick you. Not all moving companies are the same, even though there are some rotten apples. And, unfortunately, there are many people who had bad experiences. That’s why it’s essential to know whom you’re hiring. Many moving services Manhattan NY has are reputable and professional, so do your research and read reviews. Contact your movers ahead of time to ensure there will be no hidden fees.

    More misconceptions about hiring movers and packing: All tapes are the same and any box works just fine

    It’s super important to have the right boxes when packing. You need boxes of different sizes and they need to be sturdy. Otherwise, your boxes may break open if they crush and your belonging can be destroyed. Packing tapes are also of the utmost importance. People believe that any tape will do the work, but in reality, is not really like that. You will need packing tape which is specially made for cardboard which means that it is the best for packing. Good thing is, that some moving companies offer their own packing materials and boxes, so you won’t have to worry.

    A man taping a box
    Moving services often provide tapes and boxes, so you don’t have to worry about anything

    Misconceptions about the best time for hiring movers: It’s best to move during the weekend

    The majority of people think that the most effective strategy is to move on Fridays or weekends. Obviously, the weekend is the time when we have the sparest time. In reality, this is not such a good idea. Just like you, many people hire companies for the weekend, the demand is high, which can mean that you will pay some extra fees. However, no matter what day you choose, it’s always a smart choice to hire a moving company.

    Get the help of the moving companies

    Moving can be rather exhausting. Especially in huge cities such as New York. However, it doesn’t have to be. By hiring moving companies, you are going to get help from professional and trained people. You will be settled in your new house in no time and your luggage is going to be safe and well-packed. And remember, find out facts about the moving companies you want to hire, not the myths! We hope you enjoyed reading about common misconceptions about hiring movers. Now that you know the truth behind them, you’ll want to start looking for a moving company too.


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