Common myths about moving to Manhattan

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    NYC is probably one of the most popular places in the entire world. Many would like to live in the Big Apple due to all the opportunities and possibilities they can achieve in this city. In addition to this, Manhattan might be the most sought-after borough in New York City. Many people would wish to live in this part of the city. However, due to its popularity, people might have some misconceptions that would keep them from hiring Manhattan movers NYC and moving to Manhattan. For this reason, here are all the common myths about moving to Manhattan and to see if they are really true. 

    Too crowded and expensive 

    As it was mentioned before, Manhattan is an extremely popular place to visit. Spending summer in Manhattan would probably be one of the best holidays there to ever had. Because of all of these tourists, many people believe that Manhattan is overcrowded. And while you can’t really say that this is not true, you can still live quite comfortably in Manhattan despite the crowd. As you might know, Manhattan has one of the best transportation systems in the world so you can reach your destination in a short time. 

    In addition to this, many people believe that Manhattan is too expensive. Again, this is true to some extent. Manhattan is the most prestigious part of New York City. Therefore, the living costs in this particular part are more expensive when compared to the other boroughs. There are, however, affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan. You can also save money if you hire suitable moving services NYC. This way, the entire relocation to Manhattan would be cheaper than you expected. 

    Common myths about moving to Manhattan would be crowded streets
    Manhattan is a concrete jungle but you can manage it

    Common myths about moving to Manhattan – not for families  

    Connected to the previous point, many believe that Manhattan is not the place for raising your family since it is too expensive. Even if you want to start a business in Manhattan, you don’t know if it will succeed. Still, you need to support your family, pay your monthly rent which can be ridiculously high, buy groceries, and so on. However, Manhattan can be a good place for children since it has many kid-friendly parks where you don’t have to worry about their safety. 

    In addition to this, it is believed that Manhattan drivers might be the worst in the entire country. Therefore, many people are afraid to let their children alone because of all the bad drivers. It is not that Manhattan drivers are bad, it is just that there are many cars in the street. Among those hundreds and hundreds of cars, there are bound to be dozens of bad drivers. However, New York City has a safety program called Safety City that aims to teach children how to safely navigate the streets of NYC. 

    father with two kids
    Manhattan can be a good place to raise your kids

    Should you move to Manhattan? 

    As you can see, the most common myths about moving to Manhattan include the following. 

    • Overcrowded 
    • Expensive 
    • Not suitable for families 
    • Bad drivers 

    While there is some truth to these myths, it is nothing that should keep you from moving to Manhattan. 


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