Coolest parts of Manhattan: complete guide

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    It is a fact that there are many stunning neighborhoods in Manhattan. Depending on your criteria, you might encounter a variety of different places you find interesting there. Manhattan is home to top-notch museums, theaters, music venues, trendy bars, and restaurants with delicious food from all over the world. Certain areas are renowned for and specialize in particular characteristics. For instance, there are magnificent museums on the Upper East Side. Soho is famous for its tasty food. Regardless of what you need and search for, you will definitely find one of the coolest parts of Manhattan that suits your needs. Once you have made the decision, make sure to contact one of the best Manhattan Movers NYC to assist you with your relocation.

    Upper East Side

    In case you like beautiful and luxurious places where you will need to spend lots of money, rest assured that the Upper East Side will not disappoint you. Upper East Side is one of the largest neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is a tremendously rich area filled with high incomes and huge spenders. Many celebrities live in this part of Manhattan. Therefore, some apartments and houses in this area are among the most expensive in Manhattan. In case you are not a fan of expensive neighborhoods, Upper East Side is not a suitable choice. Moreover, if you’re on a tight budget, you might need to give up on choosing Upper East Side as one of the coolest places in Manhattan where you could move.

    A great place for families

    Although it is quite expensive, there are other aspects that make the Upper East Side quite enticing for families with children. Namely, it’s one of Manhattan’s greatest neighborhoods for families because it has many great schools. For instance, Brearley School is one of the top private schools on the Upper East Side. Although it might be a bit pricey, it is regarded as one of the most popular private schools. In case this one is too expensive for you, there are many more choices. If you are interested in family life and work, you will find this area of Manhattan to be one of its coolest districts. There are many reasons for this. Namely, it offers Central Park, numerous fantastic museums and galleries, as well as an abundance of dining and drinking options.

    a family walking in a park
    Upper East Side is one of the coolest parts of Manhattan and is suitable for families

    Once you have decided to move there, make sure to hire one of the most reliable Upper East Side movers. These movers provide thorough relocation advice. With them, you will be able to inquire about everything you need. Their customer service is outstanding. The experts are at your disposal and delighted to assist you with anything you need. If you have thought that moving will be a terrible and time-consuming experience, make sure that these professionals will change your mind right away!

    East Village

    East Village is a neighborhood in Manhattan that is just as diverse and interesting as Upper East Side. It is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan for a wide variety of people. With people from all over the world living here, the ex-pat community is fairly large. Like all the other neighborhoods, it offers a wide variety of restaurants, great nightlife, and delicious food. In case this place is your choice, make sure to get in touch with one of the most reliable and trustworthy East Village movers. With them, your relocation will be efficient and smooth. You will be ready to explore the area in no time.

    A wide variety of attractions

    There are many attractions in East Village that you might like. To begin with, you could visit the Ukrainian Museum. One of the largest collections of Ukrainian art in the United States can be found there. Moreover, you could also visit the Museum of the American Gangster. There, you can learn about the underworld criminality that gave rise to the phenomenon back in the 1920s during Prohibition. This museum features images and illustrations of many of the most well-known gangsters of the 20th century. It also shows the details of their lives and crimes and the weapons that mafia members used.

    On the other hand, if you are a fan of nature, you could go to Tompkins Square Park. They have restored the area, and it is now a 10.5-acre park that is beautiful and dog-friendly. All things considered, you will never be bored in this wonderful neighborhood.

    a woman sitting on the bench thinking about what the coolest parts of Manhattan are
    If you are a nature lover, you will love living in East Village

    Before you get to enjoy all of East Village’s attractions, make sure to think of contacting one of the best and most affordable movers NYC. Apart from reading the moving reviews, these professionals suggest that you compare at least three moving companies. Only in this way will you be able to determine which company is suitable for you. Moreover, you can do a background check and check the quality of the services of these affordable movers you have selected. Therefore, you will have to perform a thorough investigation if you really want to find top-notch professionals to execute your relocation.


    Gramercy is undoubtedly one of the calmest and most tranquil neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is a peaceful paradise that has painstakingly planned architecture around the whole area. That is why Gramercy is one of the most exclusive and coolest parts of Manhattan. Since it is quite famous, it draws several famous people and celebrities. Just as is the case with Upper East Side, there is a huge demand for apartments and homes in Gramercy, too. Therefore, moving there is more difficult than it first appears. However, in case you opt for the best moving service NYC, you might be able to relocate there in no time.

    This is one of the safest neighborhoods

    In case you need to relocate the entire family with children, the safety of the place you have chosen might be of utmost importance to you. Namely, Gramercy is one of NYC’s safest neighborhoods. That is why moving there gives you peace of mind about your security and safety. You can reach Gramercy Park quickly, thanks to the calm and secure surroundings. On the other hand, the surrounding areas offer convenient options for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Whether you like peace and quiet or are a fan of exercising, Gramercy is the ideal getaway for you. This place is also perfect for those who enjoy living the “high life” because it is close to but separate from busy Manhattan.

    a security guard standing on an escalator
    Gramercy is one of the safest areas in Manhattan

    Apart from choosing the best destination, you will need to choose the appropriate Gramercy movers to handle your relocation. These professionals will offer all the possible assistance and advice. If you are still wondering why Gramercy is the perfect place for you, make sure to consider the following reasons:

    • There is a variety of options when it comes to both private and public schools.
    • The nightlife in Gramercy is amazing. If you like to have fun at night, this might be one of the coolest parts of Manhattan for you.
    • Many people are moving to Gramercy every day.
    • Some of the best restaurants in Manhattan are in Gramercy.
    • It is easily accessible and close to many other Manhattan neighborhoods.


    Many people’s favorite area in Manhattan is Soho. This is the case because of a variety of reasons. To begin with, Soho offers a lot of interesting sights and activities. It offers a bunch of designer shops, supermarkets, boutiques, and other stores. It is usually crowded with tourists, especially on the weekends. Even though it is quite congested, Soho is a lovely neighborhood to live in. There are many ways to explore the streets both early in the morning and in the evening. You will always find it interesting and exciting.

    Breathtaking architecture and delicious food in one of the coolest parts of Manhattan

    First of all, Soho is famous for its stunning cast iron buildings with narrow, graceful columns and huge windows. People have used cast iron for many years in the construction of bridges, building beams and columns, and decorative components. Cast iron’s main benefit was that it could cover more space than masonry. It provided more open floor space, as well as more light. If you are a fan of architecture, you will love to live there. Before you move there, do not hesitate to hire one of the best Soho movers to assist you with your relocation to Manhattan and make it smooth and exciting.

    a row of buildings in Soho
    Soho’s architecture is one of the most attractive aspects of this part of Manhattan

    One could find excellent food and beverages in Soho, too. You can’t go to New York without trying a delicious cronut, a hybrid of a croissant, and a donut. You could try it at Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street. Namely, this is the bakery that invented this fantastic dessert. If you are not a fan of desserts, make sure to visit one of the first and best pizza places in New York City. Fanelli’s café on Prince Street will not disappoint you. All things considered, if you like to have fun and try some of the best dishes, Soho is one of the coolest places in Manhattan!

    How to decide which of the coolest parts of Manhattan to move to?

    Manhattan is both the administrative and economic center of New York. This is due to its location in the middle of the metropolis. The city draws a large number of tourists every year from all the boroughs. Apart from being very popular, Manhattan is also quite interesting. It offers many attractions and activities that attract a large number of people who decide to move there. Since there are many different neighborhoods in Manhattan, the choice becomes even more challenging. However, in case you prepare well and do thorough research on all the parts of Manhattan, the task will be much easier. First of all, make sure to consider some crucial criteria.

    a man working on a computer thinking about the coolest parts of Manhattan
    There are many coolest parts of Manhattan

    Cost of living

    No matter which part of Manhattan you opt for, you must bear in mind that it will most likely be pricey. Due to high prices, you will need to make thorough and detailed financial calculations about living in this city. Although the place is quite expensive, you should have little trouble finding work. To try to save more money, think about the moving prices as well before moving to Manhattan with a reliable moving company.

    Know what to expect

    Deciding to relocate to Manhattan requires a plan that includes steps such as locating a job, a decent place to live, learning more about the neighborhood and a variety of schools the area offers, etc. The point is to learn about all aspects of living there and find one of the coolest parts of Manhattan. Before contacting moving services in Manhattan, make sure to have your desires and possibilities sorted out.

    a woman thinking about the coolest parts of Manhattan
    Preparing in advance will help you find the coolest parts of Manhattan where you could relocate.

    There is something for everyone in Manhattan

    Each area of New York is different and provides diverse living conditions. The overall costs will vary based on the place you choose to move to. Whether you opt for Soho, Upper East Side, East Village, or Gramercy, you must be aware of the cost of living in each neighborhood. Moreover, pay attention to safety and crime rate in each part of Manhattan. Attractions and entertainment are also important factors when choosing the coolest parts of Manhattan. All things considered, because each neighborhood is distinct, be sure you’ve done your research. Do not forget that choosing appropriate movers also plays a crucial role. In case you have chosen true professionals, you will have no issues moving to any of the neighborhoods in Manhattan. Moreover, you will have more time for yourself and your family.




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