Different types of moving boxes and their use 

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    So, it is official, you have made the decision! You have chosen a new home, and are on your way to moving to a new Manhattan address. With all the joy which that fact brings, you cannot avoid the part that makes the process slightly less joyous. All your belongings which you would like to bring to a new home should be packed and transported. That is a process, agreed, but with the right Manhattan moving company, not necessarily burdensome. There are a lot of various appliances that you could use to pack and which could help you during the transport, but the one that you for sure cannot avoid is a moving box. We will go through a variety of different types of moving boxes that you could use and how you should pick the ones you need the most.

    Moving boxes in an empty room.
    You will need all sorts of moving boxes when packing.

    Dividing boxes based on their size

    We will be sharing some advice on how to make packing experience more manageable and efficient, how to use a systematic approach and use it as an opportunity to declutter while packing, so you would not experience it as stressful and overbearing.

    Before you start, give it a thought and plan. Follow the system which will save you time and make the packing process much more efficient. Look at your belongings, pay attention to any specific items that you might have (piano, chandelier, antiques) and based on that you can estimate before you do the shopping of, for example, boxes you need.

    The most common different types of moving boxes, based on their size, are small, medium, and large boxes. 

    Small moving boxes

    These are typically 1.5 cubic feet and are famous as “book boxes”. As their name implies, small moving boxes are most convenient for packing items such as books. But they could also be used for storing other types of small and heavy items. They are also suitable for packing small appliances, cosmetics, CDs, shoes, etc. Do not let the size trick you since these boxes can carry up to 50 pounds.

    Medium moving boxes

    Normally, three cubic feet and known as the “all-purpose box”. These boxes are the most popular ones for people moving to New York. And it is no wonder that it is so, considering the fact that you could use them to pack various items and with much fewer limitations on shape, size or weight of the items. Medium boxes are convenient for toys, cans, dishes, lamps, and more! When you do the planning part, you will most probably come to the conclusion that you need mostly these types of boxes for your moving project. Keep that in mind when you do the shopping.

    Large moving boxes

    These boxes are 6 to 6.5 cubic feet. Although their size is large, they canæt carry more than 50 pounds. You should use them for light items such as pillows, clothing, blankets, large stuffy toys, etc. In case you decide to pack heavier items despite the limitations in weight, you can use a moving dolly to help the transport of your boxes.

    Scale measuring over 30kg.
    Don’t make the boxes too heavy!

    Special boxes based on their content

    Different purposes also create different types of moving boxes, such as:

    • Mattress boxes. These boxes are used to protect your mattress during your move. They come in various shapes and sizes, and if you decide to use them to protect your mattress, you can rest assured that you will find the adequate one (from size for cribs to twin or king-size). You do have an alternative way to protect your mattress from outer elements (in a plastic bag, for example). But the mattress box gives better protection.
    • Dish packs. Your dishes, bowls, cups, glasses, wine/liquor bottles could all be packed and easily transported in these types of boxes. You can use them to store the dishes. These boxes come with the dividers which serve as protection and can prevent breaking or any other kind of damage that could happen during your move. Also, be careful about their weight and do not over-pack them.
    • Mirror boxes. These types of boxes are designed for transporting fragile items, such as mirrors, artwork, and framed pictures. It is important to know that these boxes can be telescoped, which means that you can put two boxes together and easily adjust their size if required. Just make sure that you use a proper, strong tape to be certain that it’ll hold those items together.
    Mirror on a wall.
    Mirrors require special boxes.

    Other types of moving boxes

    • Wardrobe boxes. When it comes to packing your wardrobe, curtains, draperies, these boxes are very convenient and utterly the best possible choice. Why you might wonder. Well, the main benefit you get to have when using these boxes is that your wardrobe (or curtain for example) would not be wrinkled, because there is no need for folding any of it during the transport. Also, it is good to know that there are two types of wardrobe boxes.
    • Hanging wardrobe box. You use them for hanging items since they function as a wardrobe and include a metal bar.
    • Lay down wardrobe moving box. This box does look like a dresser drawer, and you can use it for packing items that you do not want to fold more than once.
    • Custom crates. Sometimes, there is a need for a customized moving crate. When packing objects that require special attention, such as artwork, chandeliers, anything fragile or bulky, this is when you should consider the idea of using such boxes. Consulting your moving company is always the best idea though. They can help you decide whether this is a solution you need.

    Although packing and moving is no one’s favorite activity, to make the process easier for yourself, you can do the planning and the research – start from there. Then, equip yourself with moving boxes that you’ll need, find a good moving company in Manhattan to help you during the process, and you are on a great path to your new home.


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