DIY pool table disassembly – yes or no?

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    After you decide to move you start planning and preparing for relocation. Relocating to another home can be overwhelming. It would be great if a moving process could end up for a day, but that is rarely happening. There are just too many tasks and obligations that need to be done. However, if you own a giant pool table, you may need more time and effort than usual. Perhaps, you may find yourself struggling with the following decision. Should I move a billiard table by myself and try to save money? Or should I hire professional pool table movers NYC and let them do this complex job instead of me? Well, DIY pool table disassembly has many advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you what you will decide. We are here to consider the pros and cons of such a venture.

    DIY pool table disassembly – Should you do it or not?

    Although it may seem easy, the billiard table disassembly could be extremely difficult. Every owner of a pool table will agree that it is not about a decorative item but also a piece of furniture that has an emotional value. When it comes to moving your pool table, try to consider all the details. For sure you what to move to Manhattan trouble-free, but you are concerned about your moving budget, too. For this reason, it may seem that DIY pool table disassembly, packing, and loading could save you a lot of money. Besides, you don’t have endless time to disassembly your billiard table and set for moving. Should you risk and try to do this by yourself?

    DIY pool table disassembly - yes or no?
    Consider your needs and make the right choice.

    DIY pool table disassembly basic tips

    In case you are going to disassemble your billiard table yourself, you should know how to do it. Our Manhattan movers NYC will share with you the basic tips on DIY billiard table disassembly. No matter the shape and size, the same principle can be applied to almost all of the pool tables:

    • Unfastening the pockets. Remove the ball pockets and the side pockets. Choose properly tools and take out the fastening elements.
    • Disengaging the rails. Do it separately. Loosen and remove the bolts and slide it out carefully. Separate and protect all parts and make sure not to lose them while transport.
    • Removing the felt. This may be the hardest part of the DIY pool table disassembly.
    Billiard table
    Are you ready for DIY pool table disassembly?

    Benefits of hiring a professional pool table movers

    Although you learn some DIY pool table disassembly, you’re still not sure. What if you damage your old, high-quality table? Not only you will need a lot of money to repair it but also need a lot of patience and nerves to cope with stress. Additionally, you probably know that antiques can be worth a lot of money. Damages to them will be difficult to repair as parts may be difficult to find or of lower quality. If you own an older, high-quality billiard table, better not risk moving it yourself. It can cost you a fortune, indeed. As you may realize, there are so many reasons for hiring professional pool table movers. Insured and registered at FMCSA, your trustworthy movers could provide you with a safe move. Well-trained and skillful, they have moved billiard tables so many times and know how to save you money, time and peace.


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