Do you need to tip movers in Manhattan?

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    After thorough preparations and many completed tasks, moving day has almost come. All that you need to do right now is to plan out your big day and prepare properly. Luckily, you have made the right decision and did enlist professional movers to perform your move. After your Manhattan Movers NYC arrive, you will be all packed and ready to leave your current apartment. The only thing that bothers you now is the question do you need to tip your Manhattan movers. Since your moving team will make your life easier and get you comfortably moved, you wonder is it appropriate to show your appreciation with a tip for your movers. If they do a greater job, is it okay to give them tips? Of course it is and further in this article, together we will see how much and when. Let’s prepare you for the big day!

    Prepare yourself for the day of your move and consider if you need to tip movers in Manhattan in advance

    Before the day of your move, you want to prepare properly and don’t overlook any of the things that you are supposed to do. For that reason, you are with us right now and reading our tips on moving to Manhattan. As we said, your decision to hire professional movers is wise. In a city such as Big Apple, moving home is a huge undertaking. And there is no one that can help you to get through it better than our reliable moving professionals. As you believe everything will go smoothly, you want to be prepared to award them. Still, it is not one more task you need to take care of, it is not required. Tipping your movers is your choice and a way to show them that you appreciate their work.

    A person thinking do you need to tip movers in Manhattan on a moving day while looking at movers.
    Other people’s experience will help you decide do you need to tip movers in Manhattan.

    An ideal way to prepare to treat your movers right is to find out what other people usually do. So, our local movers NYC will share with you what your previous customers did when it comes to tipping. Although tipping movers is a less common occurrence than tips at restaurants or hair salons, most people decide to tip movers at a flat rate or to give them a percentage of the total moving cost. That means you will not make a mistake if you tip between 5 and 10% of the total move cost or tip $4 to $5 per hour per mover. Regardles of the amount you opt for to tip movers, make sure to divide it evenly between the team members helping with your move. If you do so, your movers will appreciate it very much.

    What to consider while you wonder whether you should tip your movers

    There are no two same moves and two same movers in any company. That means your move could be truly challenging for your movers or not at all, you cannot know that. One thing is for sure, trained professionals such as our experts from moving company Manhattan do this job every day. Sometimes they have to do the heavy lifting, pack fragile items, and plan logistics on the same day. On other days, they face less stress due to their expertise, and knowledge but also fewer tasks they have to care for.

    Pay attention to the details of your move

    Many reliable movers are ready to cater to your moving-related needs and do as better job as possible. And you want to be fair and show your gratitude for the job they do for you. Nevertheless, tips for your movers should reflect the level of services you receive. Here is what to consider:

    • Be realistic when it comes to the situation prior to their arrival. How organized your belongings are? Did you sort and label all your moving boxes? In case your boxes are not ready, your movers will need extra time to coordinate them. If they cope with this complex task easily, you will get an answer to the question should you tip movers in Manhattan.
    • It is all about details you should notice. If the weather conditions on the day of your move are horrible, your movers will need to put in a far more effort than regularly. When they do an excellent job despite bad weather, you will probably what to give them the tip they deserve.
    • Be aware of the size and complexity of your move. If you know your movers will be responsible for many tasks you are not sure how to do, be also ready to reward their efforts. They will take the stress out of your move and enable you to focus on the other aspect of your move. For that reason, you may wish to be generous and give them a good tip.
    Two movers carry furniture downstairs
    Consider what tasks your movers will need to do and how complex those tasks are.

    When not to tip your movers

    Even if you just want to be fair, you should not decide on tipping before the day of your move. Although tips for your movers are customary, they are not mandatory. This is especially important when it comes to careless movers who don’t do their job as they should. This means you should not prepare tips right after you get moving quotes NYC. Firstly, let your movers do the job and tip them accordingly. So, prepare to adjust your tips for the movers. Or, you can decide not to tip your movers if they:

    • show up late on the day of your move. Although New York is known for traffic congestion, you will need to reschedule your plans because they are late;
    • damage your belongings or your new apartment;
    • unload your moving boxes to the wrong rooms of your home;
    • take a lot of breaks and to the job too slowly;
    • are not professional and friendly.
    A broken pot near the window.
    Will you tip movers if they don’t treat your possessions right?

    In conclusion

    There is no planning ahead when it comes to tipping your movers. Only after your professionals finish the job, you will know do you need to tip movers in Manhattan. All you can do is have some cash ready for the big day. Nevertheless, we hope you will have a smooth move and want to tip your movers generously at the end of the day!


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