Downsizing For Seniors in Manhattan: An Essential Checklist

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    Changing a spacious home or apartment for a much smaller one could be very beneficial for you. People tend to do it after making some big changes in their lives, or simply when they come of certain age. The entire process of downsizing is not difficult but it is essential that you have your checklist for it. With the help of best moving companies NYC you and your items will quickly be at the new location. So, let’s see what exactly you should know about downsizing for seniors in Manhattan and how to achieve it yourself!

    Know exactly what you need

    If you managed to get many items throughout the years, that means your home will not be easy to pack. Even more, downsizing will be a much more challenging task. what you need to do first is to set your priorities straight. Think about the place you will be moving to and how good it is for you. don’t forget to include your old habits and things you love doing on a daily basis. The new place may be smaller, but it should have the same amount of your personality tucked in.

    A mover holding the boxes
    During this process you should rely on movers, storage, and of course, your intuition

    Dealing with your items

    This is the step where the entire magic of downsizing lies. You will need to say goodbye to a certain number of them, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, your main goal is living in a smaller but neater place. Before you turn to Manhattan moving and storage companies, you should go through the inventory yourself. The easiest way to organize what you will leave behind is to, again, think about your needs. There will be many items that simply have no further use. These could be:

    • Old furniture set
    • Expired documents
    • Old clothes
    • Old books 
    • Dishes

    Of course, the list can go on and on, and in the end, it will be completely individual. When it comes to items you should use, focus on the most essential ones. Make sure personal belongings are packed on time, and that you have all valuables set on the side. Using moving boxes Manhattan will be a great option, as you can immediately pack the items you will be taking with you.

    The downsizing for seniors in Manhattan checklist should include storage

    Storage is a great tool for all kinds of events in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you are moving or renovating, having extra space is always good. Downsizing usually requires it, especially if you need more time to organize your items. In storage NYC you can keep everything that is still under your “review”. You will find it much easier to decide what you need and what not when there is plenty of time and options in front of you. Label the boxes properly and rely on storage for as long as you need.

    In a different scenario, storage can be used for items you will be taking with you. Once you find yourself in a new place, it may take some time to organize it. You will need to clean it, make a plan of where to place everything, and of course see if everything will fit. Sometimes it can be really hard to do this with boxes lying around and self storage Manhattan will be a perfect option. When you are sure that your place is ready, you can go and pick your items up.

    A granddaughter and grandfather looking at the laptop
    Let your family members help you with your downsizing for seniors in Manhattan checklist

    Know what to do with the rest of your items when downsizing in Manhattan

    The perfect checklist on downsizing for seniors in Manhattan can’t leave this one empty. Otherwise, you will end up with a smaller place, and countless boxes that you can’t place anywhere. Try to come up with a plan of what exactly will you do with these items. They can end up in one of the charity organizations in NYC, or you can simply sell them. If your budget is fine and you don’t have enough time, the first option is much better. But if you need a certain income for renovation or similar things, you can easily find buyers online. One way or another, your items will soon make someone else happy, while you enjoy your refreshed and neat home.

    Include the movers

    All of this is simply too much work for you to do it alone. And even if it wasn’t, being a senior certainly means you should enjoy this process as you deserve. Moving furniture NYC and other services will release you from all that hard work and you can focus on other tasks. Use this time to check the new neighborhood or to go through your inventory one more time. Once they arrive your relocation will officially begin, and you can wait for them in the new place. Avoid moving and lifting heavy items as you can easily hurt yourself. Leave all that to movers who have much more experience and skills.

    Ask family members to help you as well

    When this day comes, your family members should be by your side to help you with essential things. But even prior to that, they can do some important tasks for you as well. It will be much easier and more fun to go through your items with them. They may find something to take with them or have a suggestion when you find yourself in dilemma. Most of them will be there from day one, but the more job there is, the more of them you will need to invite. After all, this will be a perfect opportunity to celebrate old memories from your home, and successfully relocate them to a new one.

    A man closing the box
    Both items you will take with you and those you will not must be properly packed

    Follow the checklist and downsizing will be over easily

    Now that you have your ultimate checklist on downsizing for seniors in Manhattan, you can begin with the process. Stay relaxed the entire time, and consult professionals if you have some important questions. Don’t forget to include storage, as you will find it extremely helpful, especially if you end up with more boxes than you planned.


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