Exploring NYC after moving there

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    There are a lot of reasons why a person would move. You are either hunting for a new job, or you are moving to a new office. Maybe you are moving to college, or moving with your family. You can even be in need of starting fresh and taking a second chance in your life. Whatever the reasons, you will, eventually, need to get used to the place you moved to. And if that place is New York City, then you are in for a treat! For everyone with Manhattan dreaming, they already know just how busy and crammed this place can be. But if you know nothing about New York – then where were you this whole time? You will need to go exploring NYC after moving here, so today we give you the things to do as a new local of the best city in the world!

    How to hit the ground in New York City

    The first thing you will want to figure out when you want to explore the many things the City can give you is to figure out how you will transport. Luckily, New York has a variety of options here as well. One of the easiest things you can do is to simply walk around. Parts of the city – especially Manhattan – are well organized. The streets and avenues follow a clear name and numbering schemes, so you will know where you are at any moment – as long as you know how to follow the grid. However, one thing to remember when you want to go exploring NYC after moving here is that you need to move fast. If you need to stop for a moment, step to the side and let people through!

    A NYC pavement.
    Walk around NYC to see it up close.

    The other option is to get a MetroCard. Those living in some of the best family neighborhoods in Manhattan and those in the boroughs will probably find this the easiest to do. The metro is cheaper than a cab, and it will also get you to places pretty fast. It also runs non-stop, so you can catch it at any time of the day. And even though there are maps on every corner, most of New Yorkers will be happy to help you as well if you need directions. There are also apps you can use, so look into those as well to save some time!

    Getting fuel for exploring NYC after moving

    Of course, in order to rush around the City, you will need some energy. Lucky for you, there is not a corner in NYC that you will not be able to get something to eat or drink. And one of the most famous things that keeps the City that never sleeps running is coffee, of course! However, don’t fall into a tourist trap and rush into one of the famous coffee chains that you can find everywhere. Locals avoid those by far and large! Instead, search online for some local places which will offer freshly roasted beans and similar good stuff! Some will have pastry, too!

    Coffee cup and beans.
    Coffee might as well be the local drink of NYC!

    When it comes to food, nothing can beat the local food trucks. What’s interesting is that don’t just offer grilled meat! There is a variety of foods from almost every corner of the world, and they are all worth exploring! And when it comes to cooking at home, you should always go local! There are farmer’s markets around the city, where you can buy fresh produce of all kinds. If you are moving to NY with your pet, though, you might not want to have them join you while¬†exploring NYC after moving. There are meat and fish too, and your loved ones might want to misbehave, so avoid that.

    What do you do for fun in New York?

    The real question is – what don’t you do for fun in the City? There is just so much to see and do around, sometimes you might feel sorry you can’t get everywhere! But what are a must when exploring NYC after moving?

    Well, the first thing would be to visit Times Square and see a show. And even though you might think that locals don’t spend their time at one of the world’s best-known tourist attractions, keep in mind that there are many cultural benefits for everyone here! However, don’t do what tourists do and rush to buy a ticket at an office! There are many websites that will offer you discounts and similar deals. You can also ask around some of the best NYC neighborhoods for young professionals – your new neighbors will probably give you some good advice about what to see, as well!

    Times Square is a must see when exploring NYC after moving.
    See a show on Times Square!

    Finally, after professional movers such as Chieftain Van Lines Inc get you to your home, you can also pay some museums a visit too. Again, you should play this smart – and do what all the locals do. Since you are living in New York now, you have the luxury of visiting these during off-hours. So, simply wait for a weekday morning and you will be able to avoid the worst crowds. You can also consider becoming a member of a museum if you are there often. Not only will you be skipping lines, but you will also be supporting the arts. Finally, finish off exploring NYC after moving by visiting local galleries in Chelsea or SoHo – these are free, and you only need to figure out when they open their doors.


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