Finding a job in Manhattan – Tips and Tricks

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    Manhattan is considered to be the economic center of not only New York but of the world! That is why according to many surveys, the majority of college grads rush to this spectacular place every year, in an attempt to become true New Yorkers some day. Little do they know that there are many obstacles between them and this flattering status. Finding a job, and finding it quickly, usually is the biggest problem they have to face. That and finding affordable housing in Manhattan. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that will make finding a job in Manhattan in a short period of time seem like a piece of cake.

    An extended hand when sealing the deal after finding a job.
    Finding a job in Manhattan does not have to be such a difficult task.


    Being organized is crucial when finding a job

    Organized people are successful people! Or so they say. This statement seems to be the truth since we all know how important it is to be able to organize our time efficiently. So if you are trying to find a job, sit down with a piece of paper and organize your thoughts. First, you need to figure out which types of jobs are acceptable and which types are not. Secondly, think about all the different companies out there. Are there any you would specifically like to work for? Put down all of these pieces of information, along with the material you need for applying.

    Do the research

    After shortlisting a couple of companies and positions, the next thing for you to do is to look them up online. The more you know about the company, the better you will look during your interview. Find out about the company`s past, future plans, employees, what the interviewer is looking for etc. Moreover, think beforehand of the questions you can ask the interviewer. Asking smart questions during the interview can be the most helpful thing when finding a job.

    A light bulb in a drawn bubble.
    Make a list of smart questions you can ask during the interview and wow your interviewer.

    Be social when finding a job

    People are different. Some are social butterflies by nature, and others prefer to hang out with their pet. However, when looking for a job it is of great importance to put yourself out there.  The beauty of socializing is meeting new people. People who might potentially have relevant information about new job openings. See where we are going with this? And the best thing is that there are so many different places where you can be social and enjoy it, such as:

    1. Coffee shops, which are a perfect place to hang out when looking for work.
    2. Finding a job will be made easier when visiting sports clubs and joining sports teams.
    3. Dog parks are also a potential place to search for work.

    Place number one for finding a job – Coffee shops

    New Yorkers love spending their time in local coffee shops. Often they do business there, with a cup of hot beverage in their hand. Which is completely understandable, since New York has some of the best coffee shops around. You too can get all the benefits coffee shops can offer. By staying there long enough, you can overhear so many useful things. If you are lucky, you might find out different information about the business world, such as any upcoming interviews, job openings, and business strategies. Furthermore, coffee shops are always occupied by freelancers, such as writers and producers. We are sure they are more than willing to engage in conversation and let you in on their success stories. This is why coffee shops are a place number one when trying to find a job.

    A cup of coffee on the table in a local coffee shop, where finding a job is easier than in other places.
    Finding a job is easier when done with a cup of coffee.

    Place number two for finding a job – Sports clubs

    This one might be particularly suitable for men. New Yorkers don`t spend all of their time in the office. They like to relieve their stress in one of Manhattans’ many sports bars, over a pint of beer and their favorite sport. If you too enjoy a good game, this is the perfect place for you to find a job. You never know. There is a chance for you to make friends with some of Manhattans` finest businessmen.

    Another thing that can help you in your pursuit of work is becoming a member of a certain team. Many of Manhattans` businessmen are regular members of different leagues and teams. By socializing with them you can have fun while making important business connections.

    Place number three for finding a job – Dog parks

    Dog parks are a bit of an unusual place where you can find work. However, you would be surprised how many New Yorkers take their pets out for a regular daily stroll as a part of their morning routine. So, if you too have a dog don`t wait up! Take them for a walk and socialize at the same time. This way both you and your dog can make a new friend. Only yours comes with some handy business connections and information!

    A dog that is running.
    Dogs are our best friends!

    Create a fascinating resume

    A simple thing as a resume can make or break the situation. That is why it is of crucial importance that your resume reflects well on all of your skills and abilities. Make yourself look good, while at the same time being truthful. Probably the best idea is to have your resume developed by a professional consultant, someone who has experience and knows what the employers are looking for. Remember, a good resume can open so many doors for you, so this is no time to be frugal. Good luck!

    We are all familiar with all of the benefits of living in Manhattan, as well as the downsides. Contrary to popular beliefs, finding a job in Manhattan does not have to be such an impossible, lengthy process. With a bit of luck and knowledge, you too can find your dream job in this wonderful place. What are you waiting for? Don`t let your dream job slip out of your hands! Do the research, socialize and arm yourself with a good resume. It is as simple as that!


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