Finding movers in Chinatown – how-to guide

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    A part of a well-prepared moving plan is finding movers in Chinatown NYC in a timely manner. And we all know that a good move plan is a base for calm and relaxed relocation. With such a plan, you will go through the moving preparation step-by-step. And you will know exactly what to do. As well, it is equally important that you know when to undertake particular actions. So, finding the right Manhattan Movers NYC is one of the first things you should do. You might be doing part of the preparations on your own. However, even if you don’t use Chinatown movers’ full services, you can count on them. Whether you need some packing advice or good packing materials, they will help. So, let us see how to find such reliable and trustworthy movers.

    When finding movers in Chinatown you can walk the Canal Street looking for offices.
    Moving to Chinatown is a good idea but the process of getting there can be tricky without help.

    Basic ways of finding movers in Chinatown

    With so many moving companies in Chinatown, it is necessary to do research. There are various ways to do it. One of the most recommendable is to ask the people you know. Maybe your family and friends were hiring Chinatown movers recently. So, they will be able to give you detailed information. If not, you should do some online research. Keep in mind that good moving companies have their own websites. The website of a reliable moving company should include at least:

    • Info of all the services that they offer
    • Calculator for basic cost estimation
    • The office address and multiple contacts (phone number, e-mail, etc.)

    Disregard all Chinatown movers without such information. This way, you will get a list of movers that you should research further. Ideally, the list will include up to five or six companies.

    Check the online referrals of the selected Chinatown movers

    The next step is to check online referrals of the selected moving companies. That is easy. Simply use the google search and type the name of the company. The search will list the sites where the company is mentioned. So, you can open them and read the referrals. This will give you the possibility to compare the quality of companies’ services. Also, keep in mind that there will always be some dissatisfied clients. So, if you find just a few unfavorable comments, don’t take them seriously. However, if the company has too many bad reviews, cross it out. Also, you may notice long, uninformative, and too general referrals. Regardless of whether they are positive or negative, be careful. If the exact same text repeats on several websites, such referrals are not genuine. So, disregard them.

    Making opinions based on referrals

    When checking referrals of a Chinatown moving company focus on one-time referrals. The customers will usually post their referrals to the company’s website. Eventually, they may post them on one of the platforms, like Yelp. Such referrals will describe the details of the actual relocation. They will talk about work and the attitude of the movers. Such kind of referrals you can trust. And such referrals will help you to notice and cross out the scummers.

    Ask the selected movers for the on-site moving cost estimation

    By now, you should have a list of Chinatown movers with genuine and positive referrals. The next step is to give them a call and ask them for on-site cost estimation. The companies will send someone over to check the amount of the things you are moving. They will also check:

    • How many heavy and bulky items do you have
    • If they have to carry things up or downstairs
    • How close they can park the moving truck

    Lately, instead of having people coming to your home, you can ask for a virtual home check. So, you may go around with a cell phone and show the estimator all that he asks to see. This way of an on-site check is even faster. Either they provide traditional or virtual checks, ask for written cost estimation. 

    People on a video call.
    Organize a virtual meeting with a moving company representative.

    Meet the representatives of selected Chinatown movers to discuss some more points

    The representatives you can meet in person in the company’s office. Or you can ask them for a video conference. The important thing is to have a chance to ask some questions directly. Such questions are:

    • For how long the company has been in the moving business
    • What services are included in the cost estimation
    • What additional services do they provide and what are the costs
    • Do they have their own employees or taking a daily labor
    • Are they staff trained and experienced
    • What kind of background checks do they do before employing new staff
    • Ask them to show you the licenses and insurance papers
    • What percentage of lost or damaged goods does the insurance covers
    • What is their cancellation policy
    • How do they resolve complaints

    All local movers Manhattan know the importance of such questions. And they will gladly answer them all. Moreover, they will provide you with all papers related to their registration, insurance, etc.

    Compare the answers of Chinatown movers and make your choice

    At this point, you already have enough information. So, you can compare the movers. When doing so, take into consideration a few factors like:

    • Cost estimation
    • Services the company provides
    • Insurance policy
    • The general impression you got during the interview

    All this should help you to make the right choice and hire the best and most reliable Chinatown movers.

    Packed boxes and a piece of furniture ready for moving.
    Hiring Chinatown movers is an important part of moving preparations.

    What remains is to sign the Bill of Landing with your Chinatown movers

    The Bill of Landing is the most important document you will sign with your movers. In this document, the moving services Manhattan NY will list all your possessions. They will also make it in a correct and clear way. In case you are not familiar with legal documents, you are free to hire professional help. Once it is signed, keep your copy safe. Also, be sure that reliable movers will never ask you to sign the blank document.

    After hiring the right moving company, you can complete moving preparations

    Once you have made a deal with the right moving company, you can complete your moving preparations. During that period, you will be free to contact your movers for advice. Or even to ask for some additional services. You will have someone to address your preparations issues. Also, all that will give you a sense of security. And, it is a welcome feeling in a period of tension caused by preparations.

    After packing successfully, you are ready to move to your new home

    Finding movers in Chinatown is not something you do every day. Nevertheless, it is essential to avoid shady movers. And following our guide, we are sure you will know what to look for. You will also be able to notice irregularities and avoid making wrong decisions. It takes a bit of time and research, but it will help you to find reliable movers. And have a smooth and relaxed relocation to your new home.


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